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Love is the Skeleton Key of Existence, don't put Horns on the Almighty.

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The wind is howling across the tundra and though that is par for the course out on the tundra, we are not on the tundra and it is not winter but yet I can see the timber wolves slinking through the pines. I take from this that we are living in a metaphor, meaning we are moving from similitude to plain speech and this is interesting since there has been very little plain speech and likely to be less of it shortly as the liars move to spin ever more terrifying, vertigo inducing, stomach churning, cliff edge dancing verbal diarrhea that makes Angel Falls look like sidewalk runoff.

Here's the latest from Sack O Shit Central. They don't like Trump and this creates a strange dichotomy because I surely don't like 'them' but trying to like Trump is no easier. What kind of a moron wants to deny Muslims entrance to the country; given how many are already here? I can understood enforced border controls but since the oligarchs are behind most of the immigration to begin with, it gets harder and harder to understand what is going on. When I say the oligarchs are behind it, I mean they are either creating the need to immigrate, or forcing the issue for the purposes of mongrelization and economic chaos. Please do not misread my use of the word, 'mongrelization' (if there is such a word), I am not a xenophobe, a misanthrope or a racist. I'm using the word on behalf of the stated intentions of those seeking after the destruction of certain cultures and we know who that is by now.

You can say that Trump has a point, essentially, about the immigration problem and other things but... you will note in every case that it is clear he is pandering to the fears of a certain American demographic. Now... what is the term for someone who works the fear angle with the population? The term is, 'demagogue' and that is what Trump comes across as to me. Perhaps the end result is worth the route taken, perhaps not. It might seem that Trump is coming in contrast to a particular most dangerous snake or... it could be, 'both ends against the middle', or it could be that two evils do not result in a common good; something to that effect. I don't know. What I do know is that there are events in the wind that have yet to appear that are going to have a more profound effect on the game than anything so far seen. We are at a critical nexus where certain Satanic elements are in their end game phase.

I find it hard to get into the pro and con, as well as the analysis of circumstance and motive. These things are relative to a material mindset and I don't have one but... I have to talk about something as I look for a portal to segue into a discussion of the only subject that really interests me and which is responsible for my being blackballed from all the big atheist news-gathering sites. I'm a little annoyed at myself that I didn't take a hike from all of that in the first place. My overall numbers are down only by half from those halcyon days of wider recognition. What this means is that the people who want to find you will find you and the rest only come across you in passing anyway, often enough saying something like, “oh... it's that guy again. I'm not interested in all that metaphysical horseshit. I want a plate of meat and potatoes and a fat sturdy mare to ride.” off into the sunset, except the sun never sets. The sun might be a metaphor too, as far as I know.

I'm guessing that is going to work for a segue. Looking back on my own existence, it becomes ever more clear to me that I never loved anyone or anything the way I love the ineffable. I may not have done a very good job of it but the reality of it is undeniable. Sometimes we need to grasp the truth of something more than we need for others to understand us. Whether other people understand us or not is secondary. The primary concern is that we understand ourselves. We can achieve this in a critical inquiry into the steps we took to get to the place we are at. We are not all headed in the same direction. We might all, eventually wind up in the same place; given the authoritative teachings of legitimate and enduring scripture. Not all faiths teach this but... in their inception it is possible they did, before they got folded, spindled and mutilated by those who turned these religions into ATMs. or... turned these spiritual teachings into religions.

Religion is necessary within cultures, during those times when the general consciousness is incapable of being aware of the instinctive truth of being. One need only read Lao Tzu to see how it can be in times before the general human interplay, sank into the morass that we see today. In times of material darkness, sometimes you need certain glues to hold the whole thing together, even if the best thing is for it to fall apart. It's one thing to say something should change period and it is another thing to be in the middle of it when it changes. I am no revolutionary in that regard. My only revolutionary impetus is a revolution in consciousness and once that is effected the world is of no concern whatsoever. The world as we think we know it is a projection of our minds. Change the way your mind sees and identifies and you change the world; at least that portion of it that you inhabit.

There is a song that runs through my head now and again...

Most people probably think of it as a romantic tune. For me it is the embodiment of my love affair with the ineffable and one can get the sense of this in the first two lines of the song. It doesn't get mentioned again but it sets the tone for my own understanding of it and which leads to “make me do for love what I would not do.”

What most people who claim or feign a love for the almighty seem to have a disconnect about is that the almighty is concealed in every form and can be released as the divine, if love is applied. Love is the skeleton key of existence. When I say love, I mean, Love. Our idea of love and our capacity for it is defined by the quality of our understanding of it. Those who know that the greatest expression is to give yourself away will always find themselves given back. “For he that will save his life, shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life for my sake, shall find it.” “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

I think of the protections of the almighty as being akin to the love of the mother for her children/offspring. If you have ever come across beasts in the wild with their cubs then you know what I mean. I have had the good fortune to see the situation before I got into range. God manifests in a variety of personalities and is adaptable to your preference. Those beloved by the mother are watched out for and Heaven help the one who seeks to injure them. There are karmic costs for every single act that can be performed or imagined. It is no different than a massive department store where every item has a sticker price. The world, after all, is a department store. Most of us simply wander through it. Some of us have credentials to get back into the offices and up in the hanging rafters of the drop ceilings; mind you don't put your foot through the acoustic tiles!

No one can touch you without permission but... who controls the permissions that have to do with you? Into whose hands have you given over the power? This is what the powers of the transitory are most employed at; making you think your livelihood and survival depend on them. It does not, unless you think it does; thinking makes it so. Everything that manifests in your life experiences, comes out of your mind and whosoever is in command of your mind, commands your circumstances, or... appears to. Stand guard at the gateway of your mind! The twin poles of relative identification of the nature of the indwelling are chosen and employed by the mind which creates the image. Fear puts horns on the almighty. Love displaces that. No force in the universe is greater than Love and the quality of one's love determines the nature of experience. I've learned these things through bitter experience. “I came back to let you know, I got a thing for you and I can't let go.”

Put yourself under the sheltering wings of the omnipresent spirit, which is also the indwelling spirit. The ineffable is ALWAYS present but we are not always PRESENT. This is why we are told by so many of the more profound teachers that there is no past and no future. There is only now and there will only ever be now and anything that happens will happen NOW. Of course you have heard that time is a river. Life is metaphor. Life is also a dream, until you wake up but... who is it that wakes up? What are you upon awakening? Are you what and who you were when you were dreaming and even when you think you have awakened, might you not still be asleep? We've all had those dreams where we thought we woke up, only to find out we were still dreaming.

There is no wonder that is like the wonder of the divine. Having had even a taste of it is enough to ruin your taste for everything else. We will leave you with these thoughts for the moment and the moment only occurs now.

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