Friday, August 12, 2016

In the Age of Head up the Ass and the Avuncular Sweet Uncles of Prosperity.

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Hmmm... Jim Sinegal is at it again, trying to improve the world. The guy is in his 80's but he is tireless. What he has done with Costco over the last couple of decades is impressive. I'm not all that much into material things but I appreciate excellence and every effort that has the good of the human race at the core of it.

Then there are the usual suspects, getting away with it at the moment. I've been thinking about the Avatar meme, which is supposed to be prominent in these times. More and more it seems to me that the avatar is the sum of its parts and not some individual force as has been the case in earlier times. Way back, civilization was confined to a few locales and all of them interplayed with each other, as was the case when the teachings of The Christ made their way to Rome, or the teachings of the Buddha migrating to China. Then there is the curious projection about Pontius Pilate being born in Scotland and you can find theories that Christ came out of the UK and had some connection to the Arthurian legend. I used to have a TV show in New York and these two fellows would appear on it now and again and with charts and graphs and what all, they would argue about how the whole Christian tradition came out of the UK. They were pretty well armed with all sorts of theories. I used to roll my eyes on occasion. I wasn't very polite (grin).

In any case, like we just said; 'the sum of its parts' and that is why I have always speculated that LSD was one of the attributes of the avatar; an item held in one of the avatars four hands. It certainly changed the face of modern cultures, influencing the arts and nature of the communications of the time. The other main feature of recent times and generations is, Mr. Apocalypse. He is to be seen ripping the camouflage and coverings off of all that has been concealed for so long. Long standing trends of applied confusion, the shenanigans of the high and mighty; lies, lies and more lies, being torn out into the antiseptic daylight of a world in transition.

We have mentioned what we have today to point out that no one knows exactly what happened at any particular time in history. When we look at the blatant lies that are the main product of the media these days, how can we have any certitude about what happened a hundred years ago, or a thousand years ago? Not all lies are constructions of malice or dedicated self interest. Sometimes it is the result of a faulty imagination or a poorly functioning intellect. We are not so luminous as once we were in former yugas. We are in the Age of Head up the Ass. These days when some important toadstool shakes some nickels out of their millionaire and billionaire pockets it is all about; “Look what I did for you!”

There was a time when Bill Gates was handing out 5000 dollar checks for playgrounds and whatever the Hell his wealth apology was and the press finally decided to go after him for being a cheap sonofabitch. Following this bout of bad publicity, The Gatester decided to give all his wealth away but only after he is dead. Of course, he has been dead for some time, so I don't know just how the math works out in this regard. Fast and furious followed on the heels of this as Warren Buffet and all the rest of the avuncular, sweet uncles of prosperity followed suit. Any fool would know that this is all some kind of tax dodge and by the time they get around to it; who knows what the final result might be.

Hypocrisy seems to be one of the more bountiful fruits being reaped these days. A good example is Prince Charles with his World Wildlife Protection scam. They just shoot and kill and drink and bugger but since it is the public on the receiving end and they are senseless, I guess it's okay. I think it was that great humanitarian bulldog, Winston Churchill who said that the British Navy was founded on buggery and the lash; no telling which one came first. If you are a student of history, you know how truly cruel the English have been; to the Irish, during the Opium Wars, in the time of Dickens and certainly of late in the gratuitous murders of hundreds of thousands abroad, at the behest of London bankers. I try to grasp the import of these things and so many another horrific slaughter from Rwanda, Indonesia to Leopold of Belgium. East Timor, The Sudan, Idi Amin, Pol Pot... the list is much larger over the last handful of decades. Here's a list. God help us.

The sheer scope of the misery is beyond the imagination of most all of us. Then there are the plagues and terrible political escapades of Mugabe and so many other world assassins. There is the Mossad, at work in countries around the world, who are engaged in the sport murders of so many and always... there are the lies and justifications that do that Lady Macbeth hand washing thing with all those, “perfumes of Arabia.”

I try to see beyond it all to that glimmer of the hope of light approaching. Only the ineffable can bring about the necessary changes in consciousness. It is beyond the scope of any soul here, save for the invisible rishis, who are always at work in the backdrop behind the veils of appearances. We are seldom aware of all the selfless and compassionate souls who labor in unified harness for the salvation of this tormented world. The hands of the cosmic clock go round and round, while the painted harlots go up and down (with apologies to Joni Mitchell).

These days, the worst of us are worse than we might ever have imagined they could be and the better representatives are either afraid or distracted. There is no measure of right and wrong anymore, unless you are not 'connected'. Then we have some variation on 'too bad for you.' The bad guys, well... they got the wind of vultures beneath their wings. They have a carrion scented deodorant. It is as if something really did crawl up and die there. One reaches out and one reaches in but there is no sustainable purchase in either place. One's hands come away and stink of putrification is on them. It is like trying to hold on to a zombie well past their sell by date. You have to move silent and in solitary directions, hoping that either night, or the darkness of collective ignorance will conceal your flight.

I wonder sometimes what I am doing, calling attention to all of those things that few want to hear about. I should be traveling with the circus I think, or operating as an usher in a revival tent. I'd like to preach the message of Jesus Christ but I see what it got him and I see what happens when you are not after the money. Seriously, I don't know what happened to Jesus Christ. I've heard a lot of theories and I don't trust the historical record. If all they have done is lie, regardless of whether it is William Shirer or Bertrand Russell... I'm trying to recall someone who did tell the truth. I'm guessing Martin Luther would qualify and Solzhenitsyn. You really have to use a trained discrimination to come to any objective awareness anymore. The truth is a troublesome conveyance. Whatever fear attends your piggy back ride avocation, you're going to find yourself at a disadvantage.

My friends, I will cut it a paragraph or two short today. I've got something on my mind but I won't know what it is until I step away from this. I might not know then either but at least I'll have the advantage of less interference. May you find shelter from the storm in these times of trial. Surely the light will break at some point.

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