Monday, July 4, 2016

Pop Goes Elie the Weasel round the Burning Mullberry Bush.

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Today is the Fourth of July; traditionally it is a day of drunkenness, car wrecks and fireworks accidents. It is a day of countless flags waving from balconies and an endless streaming of porcine nomads pulling large carts filled with food, beach chairs and sundry, up to the boardwalk and down to the beach where they lay in melanomic splendor for hours, dreaming of something that remains a mystery to me because I am out of the loop. The Fourth of July is a celebration of many things that no longer exist, such as human rights and a constitution (written by Tom Paine) that got used as toilet paper by a cabal of nine vultures, who feed on the steaming entrails of a disemboweled society, which is now schooled in sodomy and cross dressing for the purpose of utter chaos to come … and then some.

Elie the Weasel died some handful of hours ago. He was a monumental fraud. Of course, just about everything connected to the golden heifer calf he and his cronies have been milking since they first came up with the idea in the First World War, is a fraud.

I have a severe handicap and it truly is a handicap in this world. I go where the truth takes me. For most people, their world is defined by and is an expression of 'what they want to believe', as well as what they 'have been conditioned to believe'. Because of this I have gained little and lost much, at least in the material sense. I would much rather that the truth had not turned out to be the truth but... what does one do when many, many hours of research end up proving the same thing from every angle you observe it from? Here is where conscience renders one into a variant of Prometheus. It seems one is damned if they do and most assuredly damned if they don't.

When I am compelled to explain why I find something to be bullshit; specifically in this case, I point to three powerful facts that cannot be argued away, or filed as mere opinion. Two of these are reported in this link and all of this information can be found at many another source. The first is evidence taken from The Jewish World Almanac and the second is The Official Red Cross document. Some things are even harder to understand than Chinese algebra. How do you claim a figure of six million when you have reduced the number of deaths at one camp from 4.5 million to 1.1 million and still have 6 million?

It has been admitted that 'the gas chamber' at Auschwitz was built in 1949 and every other gas chamber tale has been debunked since, including the one at Dachau. Even known liars have publicly admitted there were no gas chamber execution sites. Ah... but Visible; what about all those eye witnesses at Nuremberg? This is how they came by all that witness testimony.

We are providing a few links. We can provide hundreds and more documents than anyone has time to read. Unlike the usual scoffers, cinder-block heads, professional liars, motivated Satanists and agenda junkies, we have studied the matter enough to have a degree in it. Of course, as we have often maintained here, we only have to convince ourselves. If the rest of you are content to swallow lies and blame your indigestion on bad pasta, go ahead. It is not my concern what position another takes on a matter. That is 'their concern'. If you are comfortable furnishing the living room of your life with ridiculous lies, so be it.

We have no intention of saying that people did not suffer and die in concentration camps. Typhus is not an easy way to go. We have a problem with inflated math and fantastic lies that have been disproved many times by scholars who took the trouble to do so. No one made lampshades or soap out of concentration camp prisoners.

Do I think Hitler was a nice guy? No. Do I think the Nazis were humanitarian angels seeking to make the world a better place? No. Do I think the truth is other than we have been told? Yes. Do I think the allies were more vicious than the Nazis? Yes. Do I think the Zionist Jew slaughter of tens of millions of Russians and others stands as a far more gruesome and actual holocaust than the professional victim holocaust? Yes. Oh... there is more than you can read on the subject. Do I believe that 66 million were killed by the Bolsheviks, or 50 million, or 20 million? I have no idea but I do know it was in the tens of millions. This was accomplished by those who claim they are the victims of that other holocaust. It surprises me that they didn't take out a trademark patent on it.

There is a talk show circuit where known and exposed liars trot around the world shilling bullshit for money and to maintain a myth.

By their works ye shall know them and all anyone has to do is look at what Israel has been up to since it came into being. One should surely consider that Israel and it's alliance with the international Satanic network were responsible for 9/11.

While Americans load up their SUVs and head out to some culinary bacchanal and tell themselves they are celebrating the day their country became the free and noble democratic light of the world, their freedoms are being systematically stolen by the same people who have repeatedly done it in places worldwide for hundreds of years. There is a war on against the traditions of all the Shmoos and Teletubbies who are seated round the picnic tables today. I call them Shmoos for a reason.

It amazes me how controlled people are by what they 'want to believe' and what they 'refuse to believe'. The truth is that the truth is inconvenient. The truth is a serious annoyance when a lie provides so many comforts that the truth will take away. When lies have become the universal currency of people living in denial because their appetites and desires take precedence over their integrity and vigilance, the truth is a pariah dog. In a world, seemingly controlled by merciless prevaricators, the truth had better watch it's ass, especially in a time when everyone else is watching someone else's ass.

If anyone doubts the level of depravity that the recent generations have fallen to, one only has to look at the state of the culture and what passes for music, art and entertainment. It's right there in front of you but you can't see it with your eyes closed. The country is being herded through the paddocks and stocks to the killing floor. Physical death is one thing. Spiritual death is quite another. When people fear truth then both their courage and their vision will abandon them.

To make it against the law to question something is proof positive that there is something being hidden. In this case it doesn't matter if you can prove it or not. The law states that you can't question or deny it, regardless. It doesn't matter if it is true or not. Ernst Zundel was sent to prison for telling the truth. Not only that but they sent his lawyer to prison for representing him. More than you will ever have the time or inclination to read about this is there to be read.

I will not go in fear of these feckless fools. I don't care how powerful they seem to be or think themselves to be. I don't care how many guns and lawyers they have, or how much money or influence they may or may not have or wield. My fate is not in their hands and I know this.

I would have chosen another course for myself, if I had had a choice but... I did not. I am incapable of betraying myself in this manner. Regardless of what these positions and inquiries have cost me, it is worth it. It is one thing to have to stand in the dock and defend yourself, as I have done more than once, it is something else altogether to have to defend yourself before the kingdom throne and explain why you turned your back on the truth so that you might ride off on the back of a lie, or slither into the underbrush because serving the light came at too high a cost. There can be no greater cost than to sell off your inheritance for a mess of pottage.

Yeah... today is the Fourth of July. Today we celebrate our freedom but that's a sham. There is no freedom when you are chained to a wheel and where you have surrendered your liberty in the false hope of a non existent security. It doesn't get taken from you. You give it up. No one becomes a slave until they cease to be their own master. Like the country western song says, “If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.”

Around here, we don't say things we can't prove. Anyone who can explain to me how all these links and documents are untrue and how the official fables are true is welcome to try. I know it can't be done but you are welcome to try, knowing you will only serve to prove the points that have been made around here for so long.

Somehow I feel that by this same time next year, this world is going to be a very different place. How different and in what ways, well... that's up to all of us.

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