Wednesday, July 20, 2016

In Pursuit of Everlasting Praise of the Everlasting.

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The media does not like Donald Trump. That is reason enough to like him. The level of sabotage is impressive. I have never seen the like. When one factors in some of the surprisingly stupid things that Trump has said along the way, you have to wonder what is going on. He never had to say most of these things. He went far and away beyond what could have been indirectly implied and instead of so many of the damning specifics, he could have been more general. It isn't possible that he has been guided by and surrounded by morons, despite the barbarians, obviously, being inside the gate. That speech gaff, supposedly lifted whole cloth from the fatuous and lying words of Michelle Obama, was certainly engineered by disinfo specialists.

We said, long ago that Trump could well be a stalking horse for Hillary. It becomes more and more evident that that is the truth at some level. The whole truth can often be more complicated than the pattern of a Persian carpet (visible closes his eyes and sees 8 year old boys in Isfahan weaving them). It seems that we can never know the whole truth about anything, unless we were right there and there is no guarantee of that either. You may be sure that an undercover agent was responsible for the accused plagiarism in Melania's speech and the necessary recipients were informed of it as soon as it was concluded. I think I am going to go ahead and vote for Trump. I doubt he has my best interests at heart but I suspect he is more about doing business than making war. This is why the munitions manufacturers and all the rest of the pig in the trough specialists are working overtime and as indirectly as possible to derail him. One thing about the man of destiny meme; when it is supposed to happen it happens and I know they got a whole bunch of Hillary depth charges set to go off at the right moment later on. Unfortunately, there are government and Israeli banker financed acts of terror to go off at the same time. I don't think you have to worry about martial law, unless it looks like Trump will win and he needs to think about employing the same jackals that put Bush the Stupid in the White House.

You will note, hopefully as did I, the amount of contradictions in that last paragraph (grin). I am nothing if not consistent. Oooyah!!! Some of you know the difference between 'Oooyah' and 'Hooyah' but that would make you ex-military like me. I think I was supposed to be a soldier and... what do you know? I am.

Once I was on LSD in Washington DC and sitting on a Persian carpet in a friend's apartment and there was a teapot there because we had had tea and I picked up the empty teapot and- for reasons unclear, began to pour from it upon the carpet and a stream of paisley's came out of it and holographically merged with the carpet. It was a riot of color. I think this qualifies as a digression, though it be a backhanded digression. My backhands were always solid and powerful, especially when I was performing them on my own mind.

Being schizophrenic does not have to be a liability. I have probably defined this (in my own understanding of it) once before but it would have been a long time ago now. Most people have a fence around their consciousness, for good reason. They're reliable and predictable but... reliable and predictable is a massive highway of souls led to perdition ...because they were reliable and predictable and these are the cows 'they' milk for the fulfillment of their pernicious agendas. In some cases there is precious little fencing at all and I used to see these people in some of the institutions where I was a guest of the state, because my fencing was not reliable or predictable. Then there are those whose fencing is down in certain locations and that is where the light of god comes streaming through. It is that point at which inspiration enters into the equation. It is the gateway of genius and all genius of a positive kind is not only a gift of god but an expression of the same.

All true and sincere artists avail themselves of this portal ...but the author of all greatness is anonymous. Anonymous is the origin of many great acts and words; I have seen his name attached to many things. Schizophrenia is only a liability when you don't get out of the way and let it have its way with you; keeping in mind that I am talking about positive expressions of it ...because the darkness will also come through entry points as well. This is where discipline and cultivated reserve come in handy.

Every handicap that life lays upon us can be turned into an advantage if we have the right amount of surrender and courage. For those who took the more self-involved route, Everybody wants to Rule the World...

...but no one ever does. No one ever does. There have been some spectacular failures. Napoleon bled his country white of the lives of young men. It's all Sturm und Drang down here. However there have been real heroes and some of them are on the way right now as I write these words.

As some of you know, I am a student of history and I have read accounts of the lives of those who have impressed me. What most people don't seem to get is the degree of difficulty that some of these people went through to fulfill the commission laid upon them and... make no mistake, we all have a commission laid upon us. We might, in a number of instances, never even realize the opportunities given to us to do whatever it might have been because life and appetite got in the way. Some of the saddest words in our language are, “it might have been.”

I think sometimes of the people I have offended and.. sometimes intentionally, though it might not have looked that way. I had one thing in mind at the time, will they forgive this, or even better, will they see it for what it is and grasp that they were valued enough for it to have been performed on them? In no case yet has that happened, which was proof enough to me that it needed to be done. I have forgiven far worse injuries upon myself and never even thought about it. You can't get much done here if you don't offend someone. You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.

I watch the parade of impostors and pretenders as they pass before my eyes and I always remind myself that “there but for fortune goes you and I.” I also remind myself that it is better to be known as a fool by your immediate associates than to have it shown to you on the stages of the world. Anyone who ever gets anywhere spends a great deal of their time, “Running Against the Wind.”

So many of them have no idea about the cost of their actions. They think they are one and done here. I beg to differ on that account. I KNOW different. Everything in life is an investment so... I guess in the literal sense I am a stockbroker and a hedge funder. It is just that my investments differ from what is usually associated with those occupations. It's never too late though, not until it is too late. Sometimes all you have to do is Turn the Page.

I've lived this whole reality more than I might have wished. The almighty painted a pretty picture of it when he convinced me to come down here when I didn't have to. As much as I trust the almighty, I don't trust him at all (grin). He gets his will done. No one is more persuasive.

I kind of figured it out earlier. No matter how complex might be the environment of your industries and no matter how complex you might be, given the nature of your task, seek to be A Simple Man.

Sometimes the older the wisdom, the more powerful the result of living it.

I've tried today to accompany what's been said with some of the works of artists who had a profound effect on me. I don't know how great the impact was on me; the music I got to hear. I do know that I heard a lot of it differently than most because I always saw things in terms of the ineffable. At times my behavior seemed to indicate otherwise ...but I don't see how you can truly love the almighty without going crazy.

This song by one of the people I have loved the most in this life is to me a song about the almighty, not some kind of otherwise romance.

I tend to see everything in terms of the ineffable. If it inspires me or it makes any kind of sense, yeah, it is about the almighty and living breathing god and I know he/she is right here because he/she/it lives in me. It lives and breathes in me and I can only pray as I do every day that the measure of that increases. It is my only ambition. I used to be conflicted about this. I was younger then and dumber than I wish I had been. I'm not conflicted now. If you survive all the shit that gets thrown at you, you get your priorities clear. As that great man of the hour of the brief time he lived in said, “When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.” Everyone ought to be informed of the truth that the time will come when they are no longer here and I believe what will be uppermost in their mind at their passing is; “What did I leave behind me? What is my legacy?” It is something to think about.

Van Morrison was one of the most hated men to ever be in the music business. He was a monster ...but, you might think it is just like the man who wrote “Amazing Grace” and sometimes the tales you hear are not the truth, as in the tale of the slave trader who wrote Amazing Grace. I was one of the people who bought into the heartwrenching story that was going around. Was it true? Was it a lie? I don't know. I don't know who is behind the latest revision. Usually the truth is somewhere in between all of the stories. As I like to say, the truth is at right angles to everything else.

Morrison found God in his own fashion and composed that brilliant album, “Avalon Sunset” in which this song was included:

I try to remind myself to tell God how much I love him/her/it. It is amazing that still... sometimes a whole day might go by before I remember. That I remember at all, counts on my behalf, still, until I can remember all the time and shake the very stars of heaven with my passionate declaration, I will not be satisfied. None of us should.

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