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Weasels in the Collider and the Turning Wheel of Fortune

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When I first saw this headline, my immediate thought was, “How did an international banker or multinational lobbyist get into CERN? Imagine my disappointment when I found it was only a common weasel. When you play god you have to expect to encounter an act of god at some point; metaphysically speaking.

Talking about weasels, there has been this argument making the rounds that transgender types are harmless and also a good source of Vitamin D. Apparently there is more to the whole dynamic than we are being told. It seems that seeming to be transgender opens a Pandora type of box when a certain element begins to pose as one. I don't know if there are all the examples of this that I have seen recently, referenced in this article. One site had a list of dozens of examples of this sort of thing. I will make one point and leave it at that. Whenever one departs from basic and ubiquitous human expressions of the serpent force, as it manifests on the manifest, the urges become diversified and amplified, as time progresses, because the level of desired satisfaction cannot be reached, ergo the need for variation becomes increasingly intensified.

One can make a host of ancillary arguments in support of this. People who pursue money as an end, never have enough. People in the pursuit of power, never have enough. People who are unconsciously driven, in general, never arrive at the hoped for destination because, not knowing what that is, it is impossible to visualize it, which greatly counts in terms of actualization. I am referring to 'driven' in a narrow sense and as something other than 'aspiring', or 'inspired'. I often think about the words of Jesus Christ when he said, “get thee behind me Satan.”. This is the driving force but there is more to the matter than might appear. It could be that the force, associated in a limited and confused way as the devil, drives all of us but it is in our hands which direction and to what end we are being driven and that accounts for 'intention'. I recommend studying the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card;

On the left hand side of the wheel you see the serpent force descending. On the right hand side you see what appears to be a devil ascending and at the top of the wheel you see a Sphinx. I'm not going to get into the minutiae of meaning that attends all of these things. I would rather make certain statements and trust the reader to come to certain conclusions. The devil is god as he appears to the wicked. Intention defines the meaning of everything according to its direction and objective. There is only one force and it is defined according to the quality and values that give it expression through the mind in consideration of it. (Damn I'm good- grin).

The four fixed signs of the zodiac are at the corners of the card. However, they all have wings. This implies a particular level of expression of these forces. Here is a good essay on the meaning of the card; up to a point. Of special meaning is the term at the end of the piece; “By transposition, the letters of TARO in the outer wheel may be arranged to make the following five words: ROTA TARO ORAT TORA ATOR, which means, “The Wheel of Tarot speaks the Law of Nature.” Ator is an old Latin form of the name of the Egyptian goddess Hathor.”

Before anyone gets on my case for the use of what appears to be the Hebrew Alphabet, there is no such thing. They appropriated this from another culture, most likely as the Chaldean Flame Alphabet. Ageless wisdom is ageless and more appropriately exists in the realm of symbols, rather than letters and words; of course, some letters are symbols but here we enter into the complexity of history as it has been distorted in the lens of those manipulating it for their own purposes.

These days a lot of ancient symbols have been expropriated by malign agents of the darkness. Intention defines the meaning of symbols and both agents of the light and agents of the darkness employ the same symbols and forces toward different ends. The forces of light are the keepers of the keys and the forces of darkness seek to steal and to corrupt whatever they can get their hands on. In times of material excess, certain external lodges that are charged with degrees of safekeeping of esoteric truths become perverted toward ends they were not originally created for. Such is the case today. Minds more limited in respect of deeper perceptions, tend to regard certain ancient mystery schools as always being of negative intent in respect of humanity. This is hardly true and regardless of the perversities of the moment, there are true and enduring fellowships that have been around since before recorded history. It is simply that in times of darkness, the servants of light retreat into sanctuaries and when they serve in the mix of what is euphemistically named as civilization, they are very often cloaked and for good reason. “Who was that masked man?”

All this jockeying around has a point and that is that the universal serpent force takes the shape of everything we see and is expressing itself through every one of us in various ways. It is the enduring force behind all of the transitory shapes of existence. As The Man on the Beach told me; “God is a serpent and this is his dream.” Those who seek to manipulate existence for their own pernicious ends always mess with two things, human sexual expression and the Family Unit. From there they can drive the culture into decadence and depravity. It's what they do.

They also foment wars and seek to determine the nature of the productions of industry and they deceive the gullible among us into being canon fodder for the one and drones of the other. There is nothing new about any of this. It's been going on for awhile. It is the natural state of the age we inhabit. In times of greater light, it is all very different and times of greater light are coming. The darkness is in retreat and it never seems so pervasive, nor is it ever more seemingly dangerous in appearance than when it is in retreat. Part of the game that they are engaged in with all of the other agendas; their end of it, is to take as many of the foolish and deluded with them when they go. They are behind the effort to drive humanity into the darkness. It is all a game, or a competition if you prefer.

Don't ask me why it is all like this. For whatever the reason is, those in the position to decide the manner in which life is expressed and the dimensions it moves through and exists in have made the determinations. I have heard that it's all a joke and that nothing really means anything because it is all a dream and the only meaningful thing is waking up from it. Within the dream, humanity pursues many objectives and this it does over and over again in different permutations of the same and none of this means anything except when one becomes free of it; “in the world but not of it.” The roots of the lotus burrow deep into the murk but the lotus rests on the water and the Buddha rests on the lotus.

Deeper meaning can be found at any point but it is unlikely to be found in an argument or culture war about who gets to use which bathroom. The product realized in these locations are all waste products. These have their place in the scheme of things; consider Mighty Nitrogen, however, there are finer considerations to be had and personally I am inclined in other directions after other concerns. To each their own, I suppose.

We are in the last gasp of a dying age. It is not just the end of an age but the end and beginning of a grand cycle. What awaits is transformative beyond human imagination. It is riddled with portals of access and egress, not to mention potential for regress ...but I am not talking about real estate contracts here.

One of the most persistent delusions going has to do with what is trumpeted as important and what is really important. Given the potential for a quantum leap in consciousness, as it most certainly exists for any one of us in these times, I'd say it is a no brainer, 'if you only had a brain.'

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