Friday, May 13, 2016

Those Precious Tender Skinned Prima Donna's of the Material Plane!

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Holocaust!!! Holocaust!!! Bwak Bwak!!! This did not happen. The other ones that THEY DID, did happen. Gas Chambers!!! Bwak!!! Bwak!!! Gas Chambers!!! Welcome to Lying Sack of Shit Radio-24/7 Nitrogen rich radio....keep in mind that the bullshit flows like the Mississippi, except that it is wider.

One of the most powerful weapons for social change and blows against The Empire is satire. This might be due to the fact that the devil cannot abide scorn and The Devil is the principle force behind repression of human liberty and the thousands of ills that assail humanity, every time Satan and Mammon get together with their minions, to foment chaos and disorder in a runaway dream world of Materialism, where harmony and true order go out the window.

People can and have been arguing until Doomsday's Break about the how and why of the matter. It is what it is and it is obvious that it has something to do with the cosmic will being involved in setting the scenery for a particular series of events as teaching instruments. When we think of Karma, we usually think of something personal as it applies to each of us but... there is a great deal more to it. There is group Karma and national Karma and race Karma and religious Karma. There is planetary Karma and solar system Karma. Even the universe has Karma. Some of this is temporary and time sensitive and some of it stretches beyond any possibility of measurement. The best posture for any mind that wishes to comprehend to the extent that comprehension is possible, is to recognize that there are things beyond the reach of their mind and that furthermore, there is only one mind and nothing positive or lasting can be achieved until one understands this and accepts it for what it is.

The separated mind that we all believe ourselves to be in possession of and in some cases are possessed by, is an illusion that is counterpointed by the greater illusion that it operates within. One will remain in this greater illusion as the puppet of circumstance for as long as they believe themselves to be a part apart from the whole. The one mind is the mind of the cosmic consciousness and we can share in that to the extent that we do share in it. We can become a living expression of it, as it demonstrates in the singularity of our individual aspect. The idea of being swallowed up in something so much greater than ourselves scares the Charles Dickens out of us but that is not what happens. We lose ourselves only to find ourselves. We discover that we are not what we thought we are but rather more a projection of what ineffably thinks we are.

Much of what takes place in this world is not what it appears to be. In these times, much of what takes place is an artificial construct that is created to set an unnatural tone... under the guise of an actual social concern and as you read this piece of pandering propaganda, you'll note that the big concern is that something like this would impact on LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ individuals and our endless victim industry moguls, the Jews. No one apparently gives a shit if anyone else finds themselves south of this condition. It's those precious and tender skinned prima donnas of the material plane that demand and deserve all our concern. Everyone else better take a number and sit in the dark somewhere. You want to always be safe and never alone? Be an island of safety and love being alone ...and you will always be safe and never alone, even when, as seen from outside, you appear to be alone. Invisible space is more populated than visible space.

George Carlin has a remarkable way of presenting his thoughts...

... and nails certain social issues in a direct and irrefutable manner.

He comes across as a virulent atheist but it's the church he has a problem with. It is always the manifest church that forces those with a mind to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Nothing is more real than god and there is no possibility of the perception of the real or the unreal without god. We are all god to some degree, consciously or unconsciously because it is only the force of what we cannot comprehend or define that makes it possible for us to be here in the first place.

This is a world of bad magicians and clumsy dancers, giving a poor demonstration of the possible by our inability to get out of the way of what is attempting to express itself through us. The whole point of existence is to allow a free passage of the divine through us and... the bottom line is that something is going to come through you regardless. You WILL BE expressing something, across the bandwidth of what seems to exist as potential in all of us and it will be defined by the intention of it. It's force and you get to determine the line of the flashlight, which determines what it illuminates. Yadda yadda, right visible? Uh... yeah...

As you know, we screen films here; sometimes for entertainment and sometimes for something deeper and sometimes... just to see what is out there. Presently we are screening, “How to Be Single”. I don't think I have seen a film this bad in a long long time. It is excruciating. The writing is so bad that it should be considered a capital crime. This is how The Tribe sees existence and it is filled with those Freudian associations that exist only for The Tribe because everything he came up with was self reflective of that demon-graphic. It doesn't make any sense to me. Scatology has its place now and again and so I am guessing that coprophagia does as well. This is a buffet of the latter. This is one of the clearest expressions of the level of sickness in this culture that I have yet seen. I'm turning it off. Whew! Thank God. Where was I?

My feeling is that I'm not going to screen anything else for the rest of this posting. They are really doing a number on us. For myself it has zero impact but I am thinking about all the people I have to pass by every day for whom this is the standard of what they understand about how it is supposed to work out here and... it doesn't work. Oh... it works for the purpose of it, which is not good news for the people that buy into it. There are all kinds of emptiness in this life. Some things, like space, are important and necessary. Some emptiness is created as a result of an ever widening gulf between what we are and what we seem to be. I'm supposing that is what made it possible for existentialists to gain a foothold in reality manipulation. Maybe Dada really is some kid looking for their father.

I'm not here to make a judgment call on what anyone should be doing with their lives. I am here to determine who and what I seek to have express itself through and upon me. The alternative options in this time are dreadful. If what I saw in that film is any indication, dreadful is a fairly tame way of putting it. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Step by step and moment by moment, the aggregate of deceived humanity comes closer and closer to the abyss and that is the intent of the herders of the common mind. I've seen it said many times in many different ways by various oracles who have said, something like, “you must walk in all ways contrary to the world”, or implied that if everyone is swimming downstream, you must swim upstream. It goes without saying that this makes you look crazy to everyone else. Does that matter? That is for everyone to decide on their own.

In the end you have to come to terms with yourself because, as Omar Khayyam said, “I sent my soul into the invisible, some letter of that afterlife to spell and... by and by my soul returned to me and said, “I myself am Heaven and Hell.”

It looks like people are some form of weaver or macrame artist and they are spinning their own versions of a following existence out of the fabric of their thoughts words and deeds ...but who taught them how to work the spinning wheel? Who taught them design? Who manifested the focus of their passions and desires? Was it some internal and intuitive drive, or was it impressed upon them from some dark locus of the lower astral? How many ever bother to ask these questions?

Sooner or later, every living thing has to come to terms with the conditions of its existence. Rocks and trees and animals have a certain linear potential. Sometimes they are not rocks or trees or animals but only dreaming in that guise for a time as the result of circumstances earned upon the back of previous circumstances. However, when you are human or more, it's no longer linear, except when it is. It doesn't have to swirl down the toilet and wave goodbye, once your contribution has been presented in the moment of its passing. There are so many possibilities that 'limitless' comes to mind.

Don't settle for the inevitable because nothing is until it is.

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