Saturday, May 21, 2016

Oh Lawd I got 99 ...Talking Apocalypse Blues

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What we all have to understand is that in a time of apocalypse, the essential force is a force of revealing, uncovering, exposing ...and that means the truth will come out. It will come out sweet and wonderful and filled with joy and promise for those who love and seek the truth and carry within them; joy and promise.

On the other hand, the tormentors and abusers at whose hands we have, in the majority suffered, know that their time is short. For whatever the reason, we have all made contracts with one side of the force or the other. I will not comment upon whatever the motives were. That is not my affair. My affair is to understand how the game itself is played... and it is a game; so to speak... some say it is a joke. I am more of the opinion that it is a conundrum, or a riddle that is only solved by the acquisition of the requisite amount of Love. In tandem with that one must possess Understanding. You'd think this would all be a matter of common sense but common sense is in short supply these days.

Regardless, 'they' know their time is short. They know it is all coming out and it's not like this is the first time it has happened. For all I know, chosen aspects of the almighty... splintered into expression in search of itself... switch roles in alternating dramas. You know? Like this time, you'll be on that side of Armageddon and next time I will be on this side. The thing is... no matter when you come to Armageddon, independent of which side you are on... the battle is already won.

This is why I try to keep in mind how little I know and be honest about that, even if I have problems being honest about other things; not that I'm aware of that in any comprehensive way but I've found over the course of being me that I've not always been up to the mark. God knows I have tried ...but sometimes I have tried in the wrong direction; maybe you know what I am talking about?

We've tried to stress certain aspects here... again and again and again... and again and, uh huh... again ...and those aspects are that this is all a play... a movie... a demonstration of purpose for the purpose of demonstration. Shakespeare showed this in his work and one must keep in mind that Shakespeare was a nom de plume... just like, 'la plume de ma tante est sur la table'. I don't know who my aunt was in that case but I know the pen is on the table and names are as often definers as they are terms of concealment.

There is all this uproar in the common mind these days about, “What are we going to do?” Don't kid yourself, people are either worried or could care less and most of them are worried or... they have some measure of faith in something that they rely on. Change can come swifter than a goose going overhead in the night while you are sleeping. Given the state of consciousness in these times, that could just as well be happening in the daytime as well but... neither impact on the speed of the geese. They're pretty fast; like an expression of time flying.

If the fire is a woman
Who's dancing in your spine
and you're restless with the fever
and your blood has turned to wine
Don't you think there might be magic on the wind?
Don't you think there might be magic on the wind?

Can you ever reach the place
Where you're gone without a trace?
Can you ever leave the moment to itself?
You're a dreamer and a dream
That's been sleeping in the sea
You're just a memory of freedom
That's forgotten to be free

Time is flying like a falcon
On the dark side of the moon
Trying to catch the dove of morning
Just to keep the night in tune

Don't you think that Sphinx is laughing
at the double headed coin?
That doesn't know the riddle
Where the head and the tail are joined

Time's your servant not your master
It's the middle of the road
You just spin those moments faster
Till the hands of time explode

Time is flying like a falcon
On the dark side of the moon
Trying to catch the dove of morning
Just to keep the night in tune

or something like that; falcons... doves... geese... metaphors, similes, analogies. It makes you wonder, or it should. I am mystified over and over again at the reality of people not wondering and people don't wonder as much as they should. Time is flying and almost no one wonders about that until time has flown, then there is all kinds of time to regret and sometimes none at all. It's funny how it all works out and often not funny at all. It really depends on perspective and position; assume the position... or? Let the position assume you.

For all the BS written by those identified as philosophers, very few of them spent all that industry without there being an angle and therein lies the problem. You can't be a real or unbiased philosopher if you're running an angle. You can use angles, as many legitimate philosophers have but you can't have your philosophy hang on an angle because then you are just a businessman in philosopher clothing. You're just a merchant then. I've got nothing against merchants. I count on them for all kinds of items but philosophy is not one of them.

Mr Apocalypse is going to move into Nova-state shortly. One has to remember that he has stages of being and they are progressive ...but aren't all stages of being progressive, when they are not regressive? At the moment he's operating (and has been) in small ways. Yes, it has been a bit pedestrian for awhile and it has also been inconsistent, as with the truth about 9/11 being done by Israel and Israel firsters, where some of us know the truth but most of us don't. That is all going to change. The truth is going to come out because Mr Apocalypse is a pressure launderer. He squeezes the stains out. He is going to begin squeezing individuals who are in the know about what happened here and what happened there; about what happened on 911 and what didn't happen in the Holocaust. It's going to come out and it thrills me. It gives me a keen edge of excitement. It's not just going to be about the wider details of material questions, many of these are proliferating across the web each day now ...but it is also going to be about who we really are. It is going to be about the deeper meanings of the divine and our relationship to the divine and that has been an area of serious obfuscation for a long time, as the meaning has been perverted by those who have milked the populations for their fealty and their wealth.

These new understandings are going to come from spontaneous internal awarenesses that will begin in locations far and near and like a contagion it will spread through the one mind and there will be no stopping it.

People are going to begin to see right through the politicians and priests and the real faces of those who have preyed upon humanity are going to be revealed for what they are. The masks are going to come off and people will instinctively know in a place that casts out all doubt much they have been deceived and the power of this is that those who have operated as virtual vampires will have no defense, for they will know within their own hearts and minds what the truth is. This is the particular phenomenon that, according to scripture, causes men to cast themselves into the sea. There's a backwards metaphor in that, if you can spot it.

Apocalypses don't just start off across the planet and then stop at a diner and the battery goes dead or the starter dies or it runs into a semi on the highway. The apocalypse runs on technologies we don't possess and it runs through everything, nothing runs into or through it that isn't demolished, or changed into something utterly different than it was. Apocalypses are relentless and cannot be halted or diverted.

The reason for all of our confusions and uncertainty is based on our unwillingness to accept that everything is and has always been under control. We find this hard to accept because appearances hold sway over our sustained attention and our imagination. An informed and controlled imagination is one of the most powerful abilities that one can possess.

The systems of ageless wisdom are breathtakingly beautiful at a certain point of progression and they are always around, should the curious be inspired to look and persist in their inquiry. The force of material distractions is also something to be reckoned with. How many could continue against such deception without the assistance of angels? There are real angels and false representations. The latter seems to enjoy communicating with the mediums of the new age. When the new age comes it will appoint its representatives, prior to that we get crystal swinging gunslingers with massage and Reiki certificates. There are miracle workers among us but they don't have glossy public relations campaigns and they don't show up on Oprah.

Hold fast to what is true and it will hold fast to you.

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