Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Welcome to Samskara Land

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There are some fine writers out there that combine the finesse of precise articulation, honesty and courage combined. There are not many of them, of course ...but there are some and this is one of them. We haven't mentioned Mr. Apocalypse recently. What I would like to assure the reader of is this... Mr. Apocalypse is real and Mr. Apocalypse is coming and he is coming like the second coming, within the being of those of us, fortunate and unfortunate enough to live in these times. The second coming is coming in our hearts and Mr. Apocalypse is coming in our minds. It's like one of those dual threats on the football field like Rob Gronkowski and Martellus Bennett are going to be, only this qualifies as a dual blessing on the playing field of life. The avatar is bringing the light of enduring love up through the deep and hidden chambers of the heart and Mr. Apocalypse is playing that divine calypso rhythm on the sounding board of the human mind. It is what it is and if you can't see that by now you cannot be accused of being an early bloomer.

There are some bad people out there and you can call them misguided or deceived. I call them someone to be pitied or someone I am grateful to for not having to be them and to play that role. There are quite a few names, certainly George Soros is near the top of the list, even if he is a Rothschild buttboy, he is fully committed but... at that point you have to be committed or they won't use you; regardless of their deception, creations like Morgan Stanley, Rio Tinto and others, they were all committed. I sometimes see them as ranks upon ranks of doom bound lost souls in three piece suits marching in formation with the understanding that it is worth it in the short term to suffer in the long term and this gives new meaning to the vocation of hedge fund manager, or junk bond junkie. There are sharks in the water but there are bigger sharks around and Leviathan ain't no rookie when it comes to swallowing things whole.

I have to admit that I am stunned more often than not at what people buy into without giving it a second thought. I doubt even Leviathan could swallow some of these things whole but they do. However, Mr Apocalypse is on the set and if you can't see the humor in so much of this, no one will ever accuse you of being an early bloomer. If you can't see that all these vain- 'me first, you later, maybe...' false self loving dilettantes are being set up in a long con, then no one can accuse you of seeing what is right in front of your eyes. It reminds me of all the people that throw away the singly most important thing they possess and who also insist that a garbage filled empty lot is just that, instead of a great opportunity. We're all empty lots as far as that goes. If we only knew the difference between weeds and flowers and understood too that it is usually what we call weeds that have the greatest medicinal powers. There is good to be found everywhere, depending on your ability to see it. Welcome to Samskara Land. It's not just terrorists that make you wear a blindfold, especially when it is of your own creation.

I used to have a lot of friends, then it turned into an Agatha Cristie thing with somewhat less than Ten Little Indians. Real friends are hard to come by and friends with benefits even harder to come with... but when you get to my age you stop thinking like that or you will soon be dead or wish you were; in any case, what do I know? Maybe Hunter Thompson actually did kill himself.

Let's face it folks, the guys who do these things have crafted it into a science by this time. Of course, I work in an industry with limited face time. It is not like anyone is paying attention to the fact that Israel did 9/11 or that I have been saying it since I had acne; even though I never did; must be good genes, if you think that having your progenitor as a Macon dirt farmer who never got out of 6th grade is something to brag about. Well... all it takes is a good PR company but you still have to be able to afford it.

So... now we are hearing about the Saudi's again. Guess who is behind that? Well... I declare, it's Chuckie Schumer. Well, my goodness, I just have to see that Lite Beer commercial with Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan again; even though I have yet to see it in the first place. I wouldn't call either of them lite. Then again, when your ass is for sale, nothing is off the table. Aren't Rogan and Schumer both Pentecostals? I digress.

Right... right... quakes in Ecuador, far more numerous but of a lower wattage; quakes in Japan. I am guessing that the pollution went up high enough to warrant taking out Japan. Can I get a brace of Akitas before that happens? Could this be visible's idea of a spiritual Nibiru? I am probably digressing all over the map but that could also be the reason you haven't seen a posting in awhile. Occasionally I do lose my way, but at least I was headed somewhere in the first place.

Now... if my calculations are right, something is up in a big way. The only way to suppress a revolution is to confuse the people driven to it. Of course, divide and conquer is not a new concept. You would think, after all this time, that people would catch on ...but in a country where Beyonce's crotch thrusting can be confused with a statement about The Black Panthers, it should make you think. This is not Kant's 'Critique of Pure Reason' that we are talking about here. It's not even a fireside chat where Schopenhauer is mentoring Nietzsche. Apparently clear reasoning always leads to passionate reaction at some point. Am I digressing again? It is always possible.

I'm guessing that people are either lost in space about the dialectic or mostly comfortable about having shit served to them warm. Me... being who I am and not having more than an elusive clue about who (whom?) that is. Is it just me or is it getting warm in here? When you are really schizo and someone tells you to get a room, you all go. Group rates? Forgetaboutit. This is where season passes become relevant. I would really like to do something about the Dali Lama's Rolex. I'd like to melt it down and pour it over his head like that wild horseman did over the head of the brother of the Dragon Lady in Game of Thrones but... more digression.

Then again, you can sit in the front row of Eckhart Toll Booths lecture if you don't mind spending a few hundred bucks to listen to elementary hypnotics and look good around Ken and Barbie. What do you think Tavistock would charge me to learn how to do that? They would have to pay me a fuck lot more to go through it. Is it just me or is it getting warm in here? I would like to think it is the result of romance in the air but I suspect foul play. Well, I'm not going to hold it against Robert Cray. After all, he wrote this too.

But I digress. We are at the turning of the age. It is not my fault and it is not yours either. I am thinking about my friend Liz from LA. It kills me that there is nothing I can do. There is little I can do in so many situations and believe me... situations are coming. You will be horrified, shocked and delighted by what is coming, depending on your disposition. In the long run, it all works out. It might take awhile but it all works out.

I miss a few people... probably more than you think but in this hour of dread and uncertainty... in the early hours before dawn when I come into consciousness fully awake and I sit there looking at the terrible specter of my own face in the mirror of my mind, I think about all those great souls that I have known in this life and I just keep being inspired., I keep pushing on as I surely should. For all of you out there who feel like I do, don't let them get you down. And say a prayer for Liz and all of us facing an unknown dawn, of awakening and awareness. As many times as my heart has been broken, I never seem to learn. It is kind of like being a ten year old kid. I just don't seem to get it and by the time I do, somehow it is later than I think.

In any case, to paraphrase Bilbo, I love twice as many of you more than you think and less than half of you as well as you deserve.

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