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The Stink Tanks, NGO's and Super Pox of Bat Shit Crazy Country.

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I would have to say, as is usually the case with most things manifesting out of the smoke filled boardrooms of Satan; "I don't know." I only feel atmospheres but atmospheres on the material plane, all have some degree of smoke, mist, or funny reflections in warped mirrors. It is the nature of the times; deception is everywhere. You hear one thing. It means something else and behind that is something else and eventually you come to Babylon astride the Beast.

Mark Glenn is a warrior for the right side of things. At least that has been my experience of his work. He is articulate and possesses finesse and an admirable depth of thought. I haven't had much interaction (none at all actually) over recent years but due to the widening gyre, things do fall apart and have been doing so more and more in these times of dispersion and dissension. In any case, due to an associate of his, I was sent this article and it has given me cause for thought. I hadn't put it together anything like that but I am a babe in the woods when it comes to the understanding of what these people get up to.

I don't know if these things are true or not but I can't argue with the writer's logic. From my place of observation, all of these front men and women are liars and not to be trusted but it could well be the result of my not getting it. From my place of observation, nothing less than a spontaneous revolution in the human heart and a dawning awareness upon the captive, collective mind is going to have any real, any positive, or any lasting effect and that can only be accomplished through the will of the ineffable and the appearance of the avatar into the slipstreams of human thought. This is all I have been able to come up with.

I recognize that my kind of thinking and the conclusions I come to are not expressions of the general trend of thought in a time of dense materialism but it is what I am left with

I read an article about Trump recently where someone was questioning his foreign policy acumen and the person responding from the campaign said that, on the contrary, Trump meets weekly with his advisers and policy wanks (or is that 'wonks'?) and experts from Stink Tanks who inform him about what is what, according to the agenda of the Stink Tank. What most people don't get about Stink Tanks is that they are put together to come to certain conclusions over and over, regardless of the real facts. They adjust the facts, they shape the facts, to suit the points they want to make and big money is behind most of these Stink Tanks. They are like NGO's and Super Pox. Super Pox is not like Small Pox, it is much bigger and more pernicious and it doesn't just scar your face, it scars your soul.

We used to have a song lampooner who came around here. He was pretty good. He could take that Pretenders tune; “Back on the Chain Gang” and do something like “Back in the Stink Tank” ( uh ah... uh ah...)

Bat Shit Crazy is a pandemic. Read this. Read it carefully and observe how the words are formed to the ends which they are directed. Note that this is Stanford University. The whole world is under siege at the moment from agents of The Bat Shit Crazy Brigade. They seem to be everywhere but they are not. There are pockets of normalcy all over. Of course, normalcy is a PC no no and you have to conceal this trait if you want to get along in many places, like at universities, large companies, in politics and here and there... here and there.

It is unlikely that anyone is allowed anywhere near the political arena unless they are owned, one way or another. Sometimes they are only owned by their own pride and arrogance, or vanity; that plays a bigger role than most people might thing but not as big a role as self interest. Self interest is at the heart of political ambition and always has been.

I am sure, it is true, as it is true in medical schools and law schools that there are all kinds of fresh and shining faces; minds filled with the prospect of idealistic enterprise on behalf of the needy and less fortunate. The same is true of politics at the inception of one's entry but... that soon gets washed out of them and I have seen it over and over. Arrangements and deals are at the core of politics and you get nowhere without quid pro quo.

Of course, exceptions occur and I celebrate that but the nature of the world is that few pass the tests upon their humanity that weed out the sincere from those corrupted by the process. That's all going to change at some point in the not too distant future, circumstances will demand it. See... here's the thing. When a person is going wrong, or a nation is going wrong, it is unlikely that it will suddenly, out of the blue go right. The same applies to a culture. When a culture is headed into Bat Shit Crazy Country it is not going to suddenly find itself in the middle of the bat shit and, washed in guano, rise like the dead on judgment day and soar into the heavens as if they were right all along. They weren't and they won't. What it is is 'purpose of demonstration'. We are in the times of 'purpose of demonstration' and that is a metaphor for judgment day.

There are all kinds of Bat Shit Crazy and this is one of them. Sometimes Bat Shit Crazy comes about through contagion and sometimes it is genetic. On certain medical forms they ask you if any member of your family ever went bat shit. As far as I know, I am the only member of my family to exhibit symptoms that the bat shit crazy consider crazy. I'm not sure if that is an example of 'really' crazy or sane ...but unrecognizably so because Bat Shit Crazy is the new sane.

If you are watching then you know what I mean. The problem with the truth, or- should I say; the major problem with the truth is that it takes you places you wish you didn't have to go. This is one of the reasons that people don't go. The truth does not take you where you want to go, or where it is convenient for you to go. It takes you to the truth and the truth is the enemy of darkness and disorder, unless the truth is about the exposure of the agents of darkness and disorder and that, of course, makes it the enemy of them anyway. The truth does not seek to be the enemy of anything. It just happens.

Caravans cross the world in all directions. The caravan of truth goes in only one direction, no matter what direction it goes in and there are always dogs barking as the caravan moves on. These are not real dogs, although dogs do bark at caravans; at least that is what certain poets have said. These are more those 'dog in the manger' types. They are not going into the manger but... they are not going to let you go in either. These dogs are often angry because they know that you are going where they fear to go. They are angry at what your journey tells them about themselves. They are angry that you are still around when you shouldn't be because they live in fear of a mortality they cannot escape but imagine they will and they don't understand how you can still be around having walked into the unknown and back again. This unknown is the unknown country of the self and it terrifies those who fear the discovery that awaits. There is no kinder nor profitable return on existence than to walk this road, or ride in that caravan.

Somehow, Love and truth are inextricably woven together, as are all of the qualities of the ineffable that radiate upon and through each other in some mystical manner and out of which the real world precipitates into the consciousness of those who seek to dwell there. It is unfortunate that so many are content to live in Bat Shit Crazy land and pretend they like it and hope that the darker angels of feral recognition do not see them, or that in the lottery of life and death, their number does not come up but... it always does, sooner or later. To live in fear is no life at all.

So many of us are dead long before death claims us. We fall into repeating loops of expression and nothing new happens except for the inevitable that awaits the fearful and falsely committed to whatever distractions are employed to deter one from the uncertainty of transformative change; change which is the cornerstone of eternity and out of which immortality is achieved. Change renders us unrecognizable to our former selves, again and again and again, as we rise into the image of our own glorious being. which has forever been guiding those who give a shit and are not bat shit. There are other forms of madness that are inescapable for those who aspire to that truth, which they are ...and which lies hidden under a material cloak. One can be blind and still see quite well. Sometimes a particular blindness confers a sight that is routinely unknown in the worlds of darkness where so many think they can see and cannot see.

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