Thursday, March 17, 2016

From Summers of Love to Summers of Rage.

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It's one of those slow news Thursdays, which are not much different from any other slow news day. It just happens to be Thursday so it gets the prefix. This creates a dilemma for me. What do I talk about? We've already talked about nearly everything, backwards and forwards. We might have made some points here and there and we might have missed the point now and again but at least we showed up and one of my least favorite movie directors of all time said that that was the larger portion of success at anything; you simply show up.

Ted Cruz has gone all out on Monsanto as world savior. This caused him to take a massive hammering in the polls, which is as it should be and The Dark Act got shot down, surprisingly enough. Mr. Apocalypse's hand is all over the place these days. Obama wants to put yet another Noahide junkie on the Supreme Court. Trump is going to give a major speech to AIPAC. The more things change but don't change, the more they remain the same.

For reasons known only to themselves, many of the larger alternative websites, websites we used to be linked on, until we started talking too much about the ineffable and not conforming to the unknown requirements of these webmasters... who are now exhibiting all kinds of strange behavior; not the least of these is the gung ho Trump cheerleading that is going on at each of these sites. The way they are arranging their headlines is interesting. Oh... it could all be easily explained as simply an expression of their sincere political beliefs but it doesn't explain the outright ignoring of all the combustible statements being made by Trump.

Now... at various college campuses here and there, black activists are calling for white genocide and also saying that if Trump is elected there will be mass insurgencies to plunge the Untied States into social chaos. Some of these events are already in the planning stages. It's being said that the Trump Circus is working to the advantage of Clinton. Then it looks like someone who used to be affiliated with Cruz is now working for Trump and there is some kind of hot and bothered sex scandal about to break on the Cruz campaign.

One can reasonably predict that anything is possible to happen in this climate of acrimony and smoldering rage. Into the midst of it all comes the money of Satanist George Soros, pushing for race wars and any available confusion that can be generated. One of those summers of rage is definitely on the menu at the moment and it is also to be expected that forms of violence are being plotted by the CIA and all the other alphabet agencies that are under the control of the Mossad, or at least heavily influenced by it and the Banker Crime Nation of Israel.

It's like watching a movie. Everything taking place is so predictable. At various points behind the scenes, powerful individuals and groups are pushing from various points to various ends. All that matters to them is that they get what they want by whatever means are necessary.

Huge change is in the air. In some cases this is due to the force of vested interests, trying to either maintain control over what they already have or trying to get more and more of what they don't yet have. From another direction there is the force of a large body of the public that is pressed up against material circumstance and which is frustrated, frightened and angry. Another source are the cabals in the dark shadows of the astral plane who are in command of the first group mentioned and who exert some degree of force on everyone, except those who are influenced by the realms of light. The realms of light are in a greater command of everything than any other concern but... people are made free to make their own choices and people are easily deceived and this accounts for why things are the way they are when they don't have to be. Smoke and mirrors... smoke and mirrors.

Any clear eyed and reasonable person who is also in possession of a certain level of intelligence knows how messed up Trump is. The incendiary statements that he makes are all designed to feed off of the public outrage and dissatisfaction. He is whipping the crowds into a frenzy and the Israeli driven socialist drivel of Bernie Sanders is set up in counterpoint to Trump. This leaves Hillary as the real winner which is the intention of the divide and conquer, Hegelian operatives that set it all in motion and manipulate it toward some desired end.

Trump's campaign message and inflammatory rhetoric is all designed for specific purposes to create the kind of setting that will usher in a state of fascism and if they can generate enough conflict they can create chaos and then come down on it with all the repressive tactics that they are convinced are at their disposal. This is happening world wide at the moment and the tactics from gratuitous wars, to massive migrations to economic pressures are all easily seen.

Crazy is the new sane. The flat earthers are showing up again and foaming at the mouth about all kinds of things, including using the word, 'heliocentric' as a profanity. They are not showing up here though because they are no longer permitted to comment here. This might account for the rage in their tone. We are not going to provide a forum here for what is unquestionably lunacy. Still, we take some amount of satisfaction for working them up into a lather. They must be feeling the heat of the apocalypse on the backs of their necks.

It doesn't matter what the bad guys want and it doesn't matter how deceived the public might have been up to this point. It doesn't matter how much power it appears that Monsanto possesses or what Goldman Sacks gets up to. It is not in any of their hands and their grip is losing purchase by the day. This is the last gasp of the passing of the corruptions of this departing age. Of course eggs must be broken for the omelet to get made. Hard things will come to pass because too many people have their minds hard wired to long standing prejudices and walls of denial that WILL BE broken down. This cannot happen with tenderness and caring by the force of change that is presently operating. This force has a divine imperative and it will succeed in every way that it is meant to and nothing can stand against it.

If one resists this force of change, the steamroller will run right over you. One's relative suffering will be determined by the level of their resistance. This seems clear to me and so I am disposed not to resist or engage in tilting with windmills, or imaginary opponents, or groups of pissed off partisans of whatever temporary flag of manufactured outrage they have mustered under. The dialogue between segments of society has become increasingly caustic. People are angry. In many cases they don't know why they are angry. They just are. They have some ideas of why they are angry and who they are angry at but in either case, they are wrong.

Muslims and Mexicans are not the problem. The Zionist control of the United States is the problem. The fat cat corporatists are the problem. The bankers are the problem. George Soros and other servants of the infernal are the problem. In a short while, Trump will present himself at AIPAC and say what he knows they want to hear. He knows he cannot proceed otherwise. No one in the political arena is unaware of who pulls and opens the purse strings and who sets policy and who influences everyone else in the corridors of power.

Yes... these are dicey times and if one forms their images and conclusions based on appearances it looks all too grim but... conditions are being created and shaped by a will and intelligence outside the ken of the supposed movers and shakers of this world. No one has any clear idea of what is coming and will not until it is upon them. Time will tell and we shall see.

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