Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Sinuous, Half Snake, Half Weasel and Half Mongoose, Sidewinder Sleaze.

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Well… we are mystified… Yes and no. We are and we are not. It’s kind of like Zen and they are even using Zen, as we mentioned recently but we are not going to mention what I am talking about because that just plays into the whole back and forth of perversion ping pong. We don’t have to talk about it specifically though. We can talk around it. Obviously there is money being spent and a great deal of effort being put into the arguments being provided. The arguments are constructed two major ways. One of them is to use junk science, dressed up as real science… like hockey stick global warming. This is counterpointed by a dismissive superiority of perspective that appeals to a basic demand that you research something before you reject it. This serves to suck you into something that is so bogus it doesn’t deserve the time of day, which… in respect of this subject is right twice a day like any busted clock.

A lot of attention is being put into the attempt to make a person feel bad for not taking something patently absurd seriously. There is this sinuous, half snake, half weasel and half mongoose, sidewinder sleaze, not unlike the breast cancer awareness appeal and you should feel terrible for not buying into something that has nothing to do with what it claims to have to do with but is only about making money in the most cynical fashion and the only money that does get shared out or invested, is into research to find new ways to create more breast cancer. That’s what it is like.

So this new madness that is lurching through the internet like a gigantic, behind two quarts (at least) of Thunderbird, Tiger Rose or the white port of your choice, alkie… is most certainly a well funded, George Soros type of NGO. It could as well be a CIA/NSA corruption of all things natural. I don’t know who is doing it. What I do know is that it is one of the usual suspects and it’s paying well or they wouldn’t have the kind of talent they have operating from their side of the fence.

On the one hand they want to flood your head (should you be stupid enough to pay attention) with all kinds of charts, pie and line graphs, measured National Geographic voice overs. It’s pretty professional. I’m flattered that they have picked our sites as several of the sites being selected for their attention but I am also pissed off that I have not been offered any money to lie and help promote this thing. Obviously they have deep pockets. Well… let me tell you right here. You get no space at all unless you intend to offer me some serious cash. Why should I let you come in here and attempt to create chaos and dissension and you don’t proffer dime one? Now… of course, you could offer me any amount of money and it would get you nowhere but… that is besides the point. I deserve at least the attempt at bribery and coercion. I deserve some small modicum of respect.

So… here’s the deal. Anyone is free to come here and mock and denigrate this ridiculous BS whenever they wish but no one is allowed to come here and argue in support of, or declaim that there is any truth in this stupid and fatuous concept, period.

There is some new TV show out called, “Angel from Hell” and I know I am missing all kinds of things that are running alongside of this though I see connections between all of what I have seen. Wait! There is also a TV show called, "Lucifer".Recently we had the truly unpleasant experience of seeing Tarrantino’s latest abortion and if you thought, as I did, that “Django” was a vile piece of race baiting shit, I am here to tell you that, “The Hateful Eight” is worse on all counts. This is serious Satanism in action and it’s all about providing an opportunity for white people to say, “nigger” over and over. It is so bad, it looks like a high school film project and of course, the paid whores in the media are drooling over it. It’s offensive in so many ways that we can’t be motivated to address it. It’s so bad that shit smells like haute cuisine next to it. If you put out a plate of pig shit and then put “The Hateful Eight” on a plate next to it, all the flies will leave the pig shit and go and feed on this film. There is quite a collection of damned souls who hate the human race and having abandoned their own humanity and being left in simmering rage as a result, they are pulling out all stops to make every effort possible to drag the unwary down into Hell with them on their way there.

All of these dark and depraved actions, whether they be in the realm of ridiculous science, bad entertainment, or forced immigrations, whether they be cultural, or academic, or political or social, these are all connected and they collectively stink of desperation and the fear of fast approaching end times and all of the demonically hijacked, former human entities, are feeling the hot breath of their infernal master on the backs of their necks, as he wheedles and cajoles and threatens in their minds about their unfulfilled quotas of souls. The lashes are coming down like it was orcs marching Frodo and Samwise toward the Black Gate but… they did get away and you can too, if you can avoid getting sucked into this garbage. You should draw a tremendous sense of confidence from your observations, when you see how truly desperate these deluded ones are and remember what the great sage said. I’ll paraphrase. He said something along the lines that many times someone has sought to take over the world but they have NEVER succeeded because the Earth is a sacred vessel and at the mere approach of the profane, it recedes. Believe it.

If you are not in servitude to the dark side, possibly you have no idea what it is like to be always aware of what awaits you. I imagine you see them waltzing through the corridors of power, on the red carpet, moving from first class to the VIP section and living the high life in those rarified high rise locations but that is all just another Hollywood production. They know something is wrong and as time marches on, their awareness of that pending state increases. The flesh begins to betray them and those appearances that they relied on begin to fade like dying flowers. More and more effort goes into maintaining the illusion. Then you need that low special lighting and lots of cartoon clown makeup and day by day, inexorably… time marches on to the compost heap and there is fire in the heart of it, what heart there is.

You need to develop that confidence in the object of your faith, which is based on true science and backed up by the will of the ever present cosmic consciousness that interpenetrates all things. You have to KNOW that whether you can see it, or perceive it, that it is there always, the silent witness that marks every footstep, every falling leaf and swallow. You have to believe that despite all of the suffocating concealments that the true light is shining at all times. What should you care about the confusion and seeming uncertainty? This is not your concern. You are not a part of this. You do not serve this. Within your heart is a mighty bellows that fans the flames of your ardor and love and you know that beneath every concealment and every disturbing apparition, the light of the angel is always present. It is the corona of light that outlines the shape of every dreadful appearance. It is hidden behind every nightmare shape and shines in the visible face of each benevolent aspect; faith… certitude and determination.

Yes, we are not going to get into specifics about the campaign of disinfo that has ramped up beyond anything we have formerly seen. What’s the point? Why get into any situation where you find yourself having to refute or deny what is patently absurd? This is all part of their game plan, to get you involved in some fatuous dialectic that doesn’t deserve any attention at all. Just turn around and walk away. Go do something useful. They seem unable to but that doesn’t have to apply to you.

This is the time of Mr. Apocalypse and everything and everyone is being exposed in that particular light of revelation. Formerly respectable bloggers, writers, commentators and sundry are being outed before the eyes of everyone who once knew them, as something that they have now proven themselves to be. If that isn’t you then that isn’t your problem, having avoided the filthy lucre end of the equation. Whatever is within us, whatever we have hidden from ourselves… is coming out. Better go to the headmaster and get that squared away before it gives you away. Grace is what must be sought and gratitude is one of the rays it descends upon.

Let’s face it folks, without help you are going to get nowhere. It’s the other guys who think they pull it off on their own steam but that is an illusion too because no one gets anywhere, at any time, under their own steam. There is no such thing as personal steam. It is all borrowed or channeled, whether one is conscious of this or not. If you were ignorant enough to believe that the sun rotated around the Earth, that did not influence the truth of the matter. A lie has power only in the mind that believes it but… when times are as strange and uneasy as they presently are, it is much easier for people to believe in comfortable or distracting lies. Sometimes distraction seems to be the only way to process the fear and confusion of the moment. Get lost in something and maybe by the time you come out of it, whatever was troubling you will be gone. Uh huh.

If you are not standing guard at the gateway of your mind, that which is untrue can find its way in. Before you know it, you have lodgers that did not sign in at the front desk. You find yourself presuming that whatever it is, it must have a right to be there because it is there, via some perversion of eminent domain. Spring is coming. Time to clear house. These insidious propaganda agendas understand about programming. Do not let your heart be troubled, Mr. Apocalypse is here.

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