Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Friends of Schadenfreude are Defenseless and Alone.

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Whatever it was that we were concerned about, or indifferent to, has finally shown up in the Event Horizon. It's no one thing in particular. I don't see the reason for links, it is everywhere from Flint to the methane fields of California and all over the world and these are only the things you are hearing about. It is a host of associated ills, marching arm in arm, riding side by side. It's as if the Light Brigade has formed up behind the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and there's a guy in the front that looks a lot like General George Armstrong Custer with a saber in his teeth, like he's about to turn into Errol Flynn doing Captain Kidd, storming a merchant ship, somewhere in The Doldrums or the Horse Latitudes. They often have a problem of no wind in these locations, due to heated air, given their location in the hot bands of the Earth.

The Horse Latitudes are so named because the Spanish, well known for their less than tender treatment of animals, generally, used to get stuck there and had to toss their horses overboard, so that they could conserve the water, for all those conquistadors who were running around on their humanitarian missions in the Americas. I know there are people who think that the name came from the horses being lowered into the water and then being used to swim the boat out of that wind stagnant location; just as there are people who believe all kinds of things that aren't true, like what most people believe to be real but which is decidedly not. I'm not saying someone might not have thought about this or even tried to do it but... well let's not go there.

As calm as these locations often are, they are also the scene of furious storms that occur when certain weather conditions come about that generate them. The same can be said for economic storms and political storms, as well as storms that ignite the passions that lead to wars and which are often generated by economic weather as a precursor. We got all of that right here, front and center.

We've not going to argue today about how the oil markets influence the economic markets and then impact on the political situation, anywhere there is an effect, and that would probably be everywhere. Experts in the field are the ones we will leave the argument to and they are very good at arguing with each other, which means that a great many of them don't know what they are talking about. The reason for that is that most of them are paid to say what they say. They are not paid to tell the truth because the truth is not a desired feature of their employment agreements, cause the truth fucks everything up and makes business as usual a great deal more difficult for the liars and predators.

I'm not an expert so I really shouldn't stick my oar in. I don't have to because the Doldrums and Horse Latitudes, metaphorically speaking, are not acting according to their basic nature at this time. They are in the storm mode. Ah... but that is a portion of their basic nature.

We have a glaring curiosity sitting on the TV screen of the moment and uh huh... it's looking right back at us like Nietzsche's abyss, or the lidless eye of Sauron, if you prefer. That curiosity is; how come with all these highly educated experts in all their fields, in all their theaters of operation, like the economic sector and the banking sector and the political sector and whatever other sectors would be relevant; how come after all their education and on the job training and sophisticated acumen, developed over time, they literally don't know Shit from Shinola? How come that is? The answer is simple.

You cannot perform according to the laws of fair and able dealing if you are completely corrupt. Even though it is altogether possible for the world to be on an even keel, with enough for everyone, this is impossible to achieve if a few psychopaths decide they not only want far more than everyone else, including more than they could ever spend, or ever need. This throws the whole system out of balance and it ceases to be a system anymore. These monsters in human form are indifferent to the wider costs and pandemic suffering caused by their rapacious, soul sucking greed. Their tactic is to stay around just long enough to suck every fragment of worth from every area in which it may be sucked from and then to scamper away, moments before the raging mob comes tearing after them. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't ...because sometimes they stay around longer than they meant to. Sometimes they just think they will get away with it forever and sometimes they think judgment will come once they are gone and that's okay.

I can't say for sure how it all went down in lighter and more decent times. The whole of the history of those times is lost, or known only to a few. I can say that in these times and for some time, here in Kali Yuga, the agendas of those at the top of the game has been, 'every man for himself'. Cooperation only comes up when two or more are ganging up on another, or when nothing would get accomplished if they didn't come to some agreement but... every step of the way they are looking for a chance to screw one another. It is the essence of 'dog eat dog' at all times and at any point where one of them has gotten over on the other or destroyed another, all the fair weather friends come out of the closet and pat them on the back and tell them what a prescient and savvy player they were. All of them belong to The Friends of Schadenfreude, which is only one of the clubs they are members of.

Their reasoning may have been viable in other times. It seems like in Kali Yuga that a lot of bad people get away with a lot of bad things. The truth is that no one gets away with anything. The pimp of yesterday is the whore of tomorrow. The banker of yesterday is the homeless of tomorrow. The vicious prison guard transforms into the cowering prisoner. The oppressor is changed into the oppressed. Life is a bank and all investments result in payouts at some point. Most people don't want to hear this. Their minds resist accepting this. They cannot see how what they see came about from those who fomented the very conditions they are now experiencing. This had nothing to do with helping people in need, with having compassion and feeling empathy. Lao Tzu and Buddha have both said variations on, “only pursue a bad man to show him the way.”

I'm not here to argue with people about what just got said here. I'm convinced of the truth of it and some of that via means that are as conclusive as it is possible to experience. Everyone has to figure these things out for themselves. As Lao Tzu said, “people can come to their wits end arguing about it but had better meet it at the marrow.”

As we said, “their reasoning may have been viable in other times.” This, however, is an apocalypse. This is the time of judgment and summation. It is a time of exposure, revealing and uncovering. It is the harvesting. It is a time of signs and wonders. It is a time of the unexpected. It is a time of sweeping transformation, of the departure of one age and the entrance of another and it is not just the end of one age and the beginning of another but the end of an entire cycle and the beginning of another and possibly, so I have been informed, the ending of an even greater cycle and the beginning of another. These are truly significant times and it explains why it is so hard to stay on course and why so many are caught up in a fascination and worship of the instruments and avenues of their own destruction.

The decisions we make in these times and the directions we take, will resound in our passage for a very long time, will both lead and follow us through a great many wardrobe changes, if that proves to have been our inclination. Portals are opening that have not been open for a long while. Dimensional shifts are at hand, quantum leaps are a definite possibility for some. Whatever it is will come suddenly and if one is not prepared there will be no possibility of preparation then. One must have been at it all along and for those who have not been... in these final days, or weeks or months or years... remember what the maha-avatar, Krishna said; “success is speedy for the energetic.” It's something along the lines of, “make haste while the sun shines”

You have a wealth of books and teachings at your disposal. You have the benefit of your own experiences, which should have taught you many things and you have the memory of all those other people, who gave you proof that they went the wrong way and that some other one might have gone the right way. It seems to me that the critical things in all of this is... does one want to know the truth? Is one truly and intensely seeking after the right thing? Is one really sincere in both their efforts and their pursuits?

You cannot hope to gain the assistance of the luminous ones if these statements are not true of you and if these are true of you, you cannot fail in acquiring the assistance of the luminous ones. Many of us believe that what we perform in private is not seen at a wider reach. I beg to differ on that account. Many of us believe that there is nothing out there or in there. They believe that life is some random accident and that you are only here once and that makes no kind of sense at all but people have a habit of adjusting what they believe to put it in line with getting what they want.

I am not alone in possessing incontrovertible evidence that we are not here only once and that life is NOT a random accident. If I pity anyone... and I do... I pity those who have gone out of their way to convince themselves that what is... is not; who have used the argument of the shortcomings of religion, as proof that there is no God. This kind of apples and oranges ignorance is not only stupid but incredibly costly. I especially pity those who willfully deceive others for the purpose of their own gain and who willingly do evil when they know they should not.

May you be blessed with revelation and may conviction, determination and clarity grow in you like mighty trees and may all those wide spread and over shadowing branches become the testimony of your unshakable faith.

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