Thursday, January 7, 2016

It All Rests on Who and What you Dedicate Your Life To.

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In times of material darkness, when the cancer of Materialism is in Stage 4, one has only to look at the mechanism of gain to see the why of anything we know to be wrong. Take the recent activities of the BLM. Consider that back when Bush the Stupid was running for Moron in Chief, mining consortiums were some of his most serious donors. The BLM land grabs are all efforts being made on behalf of mining interests that own the Department of the Interior. They’re not the only ones, just the main one. Here’s a small amount of insight into the scheme.

All sorts of madnesses are afoot. Look at Koln (Cologne) Germany at New Years. Yes, this is really happening. Cologne is a major center of the arts in Germany. It is a young and vital metropolis. There is a bridge there where the whole span of it has combination and other kinds of locks attached to the bridge railing. I believe it has to do with unions and marriages but… I could be wrong. Sooner or later a reaction of rage is going to set in. Already, in the east of the country they are torching locations housing migrants. Meanwhile… the work of disinfo agents continues apace.

We are in uncharted waters, where large movements are being generated by the insane. These movements are of many different kinds. Some are literal and some are not. For all of the cleverness, intelligence and acumen we attribute to the evil ones in this world, they are truly mad and marching and sometimes running to their inevitable destruction. Blame it on hubris but that is not the only thing. There are strange and powerful intoxicants that attend the practitioners of evil and this is all as it should be.

Many people bemoan what is taking place in the world. They can find no justification for the horrors that daily occur around the world. Moral people, spiritual people, people with a conscience, cannot get their minds around what is taking place. Perhaps the reason is that they cannot figure it out. In order to figure it out you need to comprehend cause and this is nigh on impossible, unless you can see across the course of lifetimes and very few of us have this ability and of those, without exception, they have nothing to say. If we collectively don’t know the specifics of why things are the way they are, there is a very good reason for it.

I consider my own state to be very fortunate. I don’t have any questions about why the events that take place in our time are taking place. I accept the reality of dwelling in a cloud of unknowing. As the reader probably knows, I have come across some terrible things. Before I wrote “The Dark Splendor” (Later called The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World), I researched serial killers for something between one and two years. I studied volumes of information about Dutroux and all manner of arcane horrors that sadly, occurred in actual life. Yet none of this leaves me asking, “Why?” I trust the ineffable in all things. I have come to this state through a great deal of personal suffering and deep existential confusion about meaning as it applies to existence. It came in stages. One can make no great leap to such an understanding. Apparently it has to be hammered into you, until you can stand it no more and you just let go. At least that is how it was for me. The scale of suffering in these times is incomprehensible.  It beggars the human imagination. What it does for me though is to fill me with gratitude. My situation is not so bad at all when put into perspective.

We are dreaming and we need to wake up. Here in this space we occupy, all of our thoughts eventually trace back to the ineffable. Here is what I believe one must do because every other alternative is unbearable. Sure, you can escape for a time in that direction, or this direction. You can stun the mind with intoxicants. You can fling yourself into the midst of the cauldron of experience; walk through the fire or burn. You can eschew the whole business entirely and follow what Lao Tzu said, “Why go outside for better seeing, better to abide at the center of your being. The way to do is to be.” You can middle of the road it. There are so many options for means of living and expressing. I have not found it possible to do any of them with any consistency. Surrender and devotion are the only things I understand and have been able to do with some regularity. I find it easy to love and trust the divine. It isn’t something that one does unceasingly, until the living and conscious presence is rooted within but… that will come. All you have to do is want it more than anything else and that is not so hard when everything else has either broken your heart or left you wanting something more than all the things that came before. The door of one’s heart must be broken from its hinges so that it can never be closed again. Until this has happened, it can always be shut on the behalf of personal pursuits.

One must be as crazy in their own way as are the evil ones spoken of earlier and this means that there are going to be people that don’t get it. It is certainly going to frighten some people and there is no surer way to get people to hate you than when they fear you, even if nothing ever happens, the fear that something might happen is enough. Following that, when nothing untoward does happen, then resentment is generated because nothing did happen along the lines of anything they were concerned about… meaning their own potential for it, should it have happened to be them and now they are ashamed of their fear and the predictable result comes to pass. It is one of those no win situations.

I just saw that psychopath, Obama, visibly weeping over his gun grab agenda. The crocodile tears ran down his cheeks. It was a horror movie moment for me. They are pulling out all stops. These are surely uncharted waters. Literally anything could happen at any time. I have to remind myself all day long that Mr. Apocalypse is here.

As much as one feels mostly serene these days, there is a deep undercurrent of restlessness. You can’t call it uncertainty. It has to do with a change in the power and quality of the energy. We are moving into another dimension of being. Someone recently sent me an email about this but it’s been uppermost in my thoughts for some time. I believe portals are about to open to all of the destination points of every collective of individuals who share a common theme. In times of cosmic change, it is near impossible to be immune to this sense of restlessness because it is CHANGE. It is dramatic change and it is going to manifest in every permutation one can imagine and several that one cannot.

The new age is slipping in under the cover of all of the strange and curious events taking place in these times. One day it will be completely here and few will remember how that came to happen because it came to happen like a thief in the night, or an expression of classic misdirection like a stage magician’s techniques. One day, like Spring, it’s just here. One must embrace inevitability. Nothing stays the same. Everything is subject to change except the ineffable and no doubt the ineffable changes and does not change simultaneously all the time. I think if you consider Shiva/Shakti that should be self-explanatory.

It is better to seek the ineffable with all the intensity and intention that you can muster. If only because everything else you could possibly want comes along with it. It seems pointless to me to pursue anything prior to becoming unified with the divine. Certainly I have been in many other states where I was pursuing other things but the ineffable was compassionate and made sure that it either did not work out or I was left in a state of disappointment when it did. For this I am unspeakably grateful. See… sometimes it is the things we failed at and the things we didn’t get but which we were able to observe others acquiring that turned into the most positive experiences that we had because they led us beyond the trite and pedestrian into a wonderland of spirit.

Kahlil Gibran once said something about movie actors; “they have not laughed all their laughter or cried all their tears.” Learn to live passionately or completely dispassionately, according to your Nature. Don’t do any of it halfway. Learn to feel deeply. Let your spirit soar. This is not so hard when you are focused on the grand prize and the grand prize does not exist because it is unobtainable. It exists because it is obtainable. Heaven and all the countless rooms of the many mansions are there for you. Aspire and live as if you were already there. Go about your life as if you were already in Heaven and Heaven will form in the air around you.

It doesn’t matter… this brief period of painful birth. When the agony ends the ecstasy will enter in. It seems to go on and on and on but in the life of this world it is an immeasurable blip. The key is to move beyond the torment and turmoil and this is all accomplished within and it is all about whom you host within that determines the experiences you will have. This is one of the great secrets of life and the telling reality that determines your state of being and your fate. Identify with the highest and you will rise to the heights. That may not mean the mountain tops of this world… nor should that matter at all. It all rests on who and what you dedicate your life to and there is nothing more that can be said following that.

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