Saturday, January 16, 2016

Armies of Zombie Chipmunks Marching on the Hamster Wheel of Darkness.

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The right wing liars convention took place last night. I missed it but I didn't miss anything. Millions of chittrering chipmunks saw it however and probably didn't think very much at all about those wounded chipmunks, homeless chipmunks, drug addled, alcoholic chipmunks and especially all the dead chipmunks that got shot and blasted and blown to pieces in Banker Wars and... that's a good thing, as far as the bankers are concerned ...because more war is on the menu. A hundred years ago when the bankers took over the Federal Reserve, they immediately got to work on World War One where such wonderful battles like the ones at Somme, Passchendaele, Gallipoli and the Serbian Campaign took place; beautiful exercises in terror, torment and butchery. Twenty years later they orchestrated World War Two, which started when Tribe Satanists declared war on Germany and then brought it about through their banker offspring who controlled the US economy. They made a bundle off of both of those and then, twenty years or so later they were in Vietnam. Next thing you knew there were a lot more dead and wounded chipmunks. By this time, the bankers had figured out that they could make enormous amounts of money from dead chipmunks. Actually they figured that out much earlier but all this time they were working their way up to permanent war and permanent profits so... they got together and arranged a horrific attack on the American mainland from their Mafia crime nation of Israel.

Once they had accomplished the 9/11 attacks and blamed it on some Muslims, who were in no position to do something like this, they were able to declare war on every Muslim nation in the Middle East that Israel wanted to destroy and then loot. So... instead of a Banker War every twenty years, they were now able to have war all the time.

At the same time, they were able to create Homeland Security, which was manufactured and run by Israeli double agents and which included the constant humiliations of the TSA. This all served to reduce the American citizenry into lockstep marching, zombie chipmunks who didn't mind being groped by Neanderthal perverts and didn't mind having their children groped at the same time because they were such incredibly stupid chipmunks that they had no problem believing the government lies being told to them about all these perpetual terror attacks that their government was really behind and all the school shootings that the government was behind because the nation of Israel now controlled the United States government because they controlled the Federal Reserve, which printed the money that got used by the government and which was also used to buy compliance from all of the government officials, when it wasn't being used to threaten the non compliant in all kinds of ways.

Yeah,,, by the time this posting is getting written they had sewn up the whole thing. They controlled the votes that got counted and there was no longer a democracy of any kind. It had been turned into a fascist banker and corporation controlled, concentration camp, filled with mindless chipmunks who no longer paid attention to much of anything other than porn and thunb-fucking their cellphones. Otherwise they sit around in the flickering blue light of television dream land, eating radioactive and cancerous fast foods, in an attempt to get their asses to merge with the Pleather of their couches. It's a strange kind of poetic, manifest destiny.

What they are up to, what they intend, is far worse than anything that has been said so far but the chipmunks will keep right on dying in pointless wars and killing themselves in all kinds of ways because that's how they are. Of course, in this house of cards there is a Joker in the deck and that is about all the possibility of hope that we have left. The good news is that this Joker is the source of all power, all the power that there is, whether it is expressed in good or in evil and though the agenda of evil seems to be in total control of this world as we think we know it... everything that happens is for the purpose of demonstration and all of it is designed to fulfill a cosmic agenda that is meant to assist in the elevation of human consciousness.

So... here we are, in an election year and those of us who know anything, know that this means that major bad shit is going to rain down at some point because the demons who control, or think they control who wins the elections, need to have the stage set for their investiture as a remote controlled chipmunk in charge of implementing banker policy.

This is the upfront appearance of things as they seem. It is not the way things really are. It is only the way that things look and that is for the purpose of demonstration to see who is paying attention and who has their eyes open and who possesses the qualities of the ineffable because the whole production is all about providing the opportunity to see what you are made of... to see what you believe in, to see what your priorities and values are composed of or... whatever the truth is otherwise.

We realize that some larger portion of this posting, so far, might seem sardonic, even negative; use whatever adjectives your imagination brings to mind. What it is, is unvarnished truth. I would rather it were otherwise. God knows, none of us wish to live in times like these but further truth indicates that we do and there are, of course, truths beyond this. One of the singly most important truths is that things are not what they appear. However it may seem that much of what has been said so far is more or less accurately stated, it is not what it appears to be. What it is, is what it has been made to appear as. We have often stated here that a great and incomprehensible light resides behind appearances, It is to the understanding and perception of this toward which our hearts and minds must be inclined. Powerful forces of the darkness seek to convince us that we are subject to appearances. We are not.

We are not chipmunks, mindlessly blithering on about inane stupidities, whose importance is relative to the values we place upon them. Everything has the importance we place upon it. Our ignorance is as powerful as the power we place upon the contents of it. Few experiences are as disheartening as the view of such a large portion of humanity who refuse to awaken and who refuse to see. One of the most important understandings that anyone can come into the possession of is to comprehend the difference between what it is possible for them to influence; that it is possible for them to change and what it is not possible for them to influence or change. Many times it has been said here that if you want to change the world you have only to change yourself so... in some manner it may well be possible to change and influence everything, depending on how you approach the effort.

This recent segue is all for the purpose of indicating that all is not lost. All is not dark and trepidatious. It is not ever going to be consistently, 'a dark and stormy night'. If the sun is shining within then it cannot fail to shine without. This is always our recommendation to anyone who cares to hear it and even those who do not; emulate and imitate the sun. All that is necessary to accomplish this is to allow the inner sun to shine through the stained glass window of the personality. This it is ever desirous of achieving and the only thing that stands in its way is us.

Is it ever possible that the armies of darkness could successfully attack or subjugate the sun? I think not. Others, of course, may think as they like. In fact, everyone can and does think as they like, even when their thoughts are not their own, they were the ones who granted the necessary permissions for this. Consider the matter of impulse. From where do these originate? Where does fear come from? From whence comes Love and Hate? Are they co-existing opposites? No... Hate is Love suppressed. How many of us realize that when two poles interact they create a third pole which automatically manifests its counterpart? Isn't that what happened in the allegory of The Garden of Eden?

It always amuses me when someone proclaims that they are an atheist. It amuses me even more to observe that they simply intend to have no other gods before them. Some of them claim to be scientists or scientifically minded. They're empirical fascists who fancy themselves clear thinkers. Though they may not believe in the ineffable, you may be sure they believe in evil and evil, like good, has an origin. Can it be possible that evil can exist without its counterpart? It is science of the highest kind that recognizes the invisible hierarchy of the luminous realms. How can the entire phenomenal world be filled with the interplay of opposites but this one area is an exception? Bullshit. Some of us have been fortunate enough to experience direct contact with the ineffable. I have had these experiences more times than I can count or remember and expect with certainty to have many more in coming times, despite time being an illusion. I am well aware that such experiences can only be had in the present and that there is only the present in which to have them.

Stupid seems to have no limits.

Don't be a pinheaded chipmunk. This is not as difficult as it may seem (grin). The problem is that a chipmunk does not know that it is a chipmunk and never will, until it turns into something else. Of course, a chipmunk is not a butterfly but there are many kinds of chrysalis and many possibilities of change, given that change is the cornerstone of eternity. Even when death is required, it only leads to more life. So the problem is not in being cannon fodder. I imagine all of us have been at some time a footsoldier in some ignorant army of darkness. Since we cannot die but only change, it is no great matter at any particular time, if one is seduced by ignorance into giving their lives for something other than what fatuous patriotism tells them is so and which it is not. There will be ample opportunities to avoid this in the future. The good news is that one can. The bad news is that so many are so often inclined to repeat the mistake over and over and will continue to, until they are no longer compelled to be chipmunks dressed in imaginary armor, marching on a hamster wheel of darkness.

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