Monday, December 21, 2015

Shall we Dance and Live Forever or Shall we Die and Forget?

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Evil has a few superficial tricks and some number of more sophisticated mannerisms. You might say that sometimes it plays checkers and sometimes it plays chess. There are a few things that Evil always relies on and some of those are human ignorance, greed, arrogance, infernal desires and certainly fear. The only time one experiences fear in the presence of Evil is because whatever that permutation of countless expressions may be, it resonates in you. Perfect love casts out all fear. Love and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Here is an example of Evil acting in a way contrary to its best interest. Of course, the Sandy Hook book has been banned at Amazon and also, by this time has experienced mega downloads. Maybe they felt damage control is in order, so they departed from their usual blackout of all relevant truths, except when they are in that scurrilous attack zone mode a la 911.

They had been using that Tribe member crisis actor with the non existent son and now they are trying to get his chief protagonist fired from his job in academe. It must be that behind the scenes they are aware of the intensifying of Mr. Apocalypse's world wide effort to uncover the truth. You see it everywhere these days but... it is greater than we are personally aware of, simply because the Earth is NOT FLAT. This and other psy-op efforts are all a part of world wide Satanic Zionist Occupied Government efforts to confuse and manipulate human consciousness. These people are not human so a distinction must be made.

Mr Apocalypse's greatest effort is not in the way that he is uncovering the truth in the world around us but in the way that he is uncovering the truth within us and showing it to us and... I might add... to each other as well. In the last few years I have seen tragedies of trust and betrayals of the same from alleged friends and what was once family but my family is my friends now. I have no other. Those we were born to and among are part of our entry karma. To continue such a thing beyond its natural relevance is a special kind of anal retentiveness. Of course a major Kundalini event, serious trauma and certainly death will cure you of blood tie addictions. Some very few of us can even turn away from the things most dear to us and keep right on walking, without looking back and... never a tug of nostalgia or attachment do we find. Most of you might think such a stance impossible or an impossible claim but that would mean you are unhappy with losing what is already gone, or unwilling to face the absolute truth that you will lose everything you have here at some point. See... we just don't like to come to terms with this and in all honesty I can say that is one thing I have achieved and it is liberating. Oh... surely it hurts in the beginning, almost everything that doesn't feel better than it actually does, hurts in the beginning, like getting your first teeth, or falling in love, without even knowing what love is. The more powerful the emotion, the greater the trauma at some point.

Some of us have our shortcomings for good reasons, known only to the one who sets the margins of experience, as they come up against the unpredictable outcome of circumstance ...but there's always a good reason ...and the harder you look, the sooner you get an answer, even if that answer is along the lines of something you are not supposed to know. That is an answer too.

Things are going on in our faces that most of us don't see and we don't see them because we don't want to see them because seeing them gets in the way of our making plans and making god laugh. As we move to and fro in the world... we think we know, other conditions are occurring in the world we don't know. If you read Mother Shipton and read or encounter others, who may or may not have written it down, you find remarkable similarities. I always try to remind the reader to go a little deeper into history, to those places that they didn't bother to revise. The French Revolution is such a place. There is the mainstream historical record and then there is the occult record. In the occult record you run into Cagliostro and The Comte de St. Germain. Then there is Cheiro who actually showed up 50 years or so after the French Revolution. He could look at your palm and read your entire life. Now... I have studied Palmistry but I do not have the gene. You can know every line and mount and segment of a digit... including things like wrist bracelets and the back of the hand and the amount of hair on it. You can know all about spatulate and conical and squared but if you don't have the gene... well... you don't have the gene and this transfers to every area of life. You better find out what you have the gene for and that is the power of true community, where people who have their particular gene look for and find those others whose talents compliment their own.

It might appear so far that I am all over the map but... all over the map is where I want to be at the moment ...and disparities between the time of Cagliostro and St. Germain and Cheiro are not disparities. They are progressions. When they stormed the Bastille, I think in July of a given year and Cagliostro was supposed to be there. He was gone. Prior to being imprisoned there he told many members of the French aristocracy what was going to happen to them but they didn't listen. So did St. Germain ...but he was of a much higher order than Cagliostro and never got locked up anywhere. He was more like Mehemet Karagoz and Appolonius of Tyana... who, as was the case of the real Shakespeare, was often associated with Jesus Christ, or as was the case with Shakespeare... obfuscated. All of them could manipulate the material realm at will and whether one was the other or other players, whose names were used to confuse the matter and conceal the identity of that 'masked man'... well... it doesn't matter. Those who labor in the light of what is seldom seen... are not all that different from those who labor in the shadows. Their intentions may differ but the mechanisms are not all that different. Some conceal and some reveal. Some confuse and some comfort. Some injure and some heal but it all works toward good for those who love the lord.

The proximity of global war is so close that you can feel the wind of it in your hair. The fact that it is not already accomplished is a testimony to those who work out of sight, for the good of us all and if we celebrate anything this Christmas season, let us celebrate those tireless workers and vigilant angels who work on our behalf, beyond the bandwidth of mortal sight and who work for only one reward; knowing that they are on the side of all that is beautiful and true in each and all of us... however tiny the remaining spark may be in the worst of us. Let us celebrate what we cannot see, in the face of the suffocating darkness of what we can see ...and remind ourselves, as Bawa once said to me; “there are those who serve on behalf of humanity, whose works are never seen, or acknowledged... but who are like pearls on an unbreakable strand around the neck of almighty god.” These things comfort me in this dark hour. I KNOW the dawn will break and whether I get to climb that mountain, or get there with you is immaterial to me and immaterial is right in my wheel house of destiny and it should be in your own... because none of us knows the moment of exit but all of us should know what is most important to keep in mind prior to that occasion. And if you don't??? That is between you and yourself.

There are moments of historical change; which is why I mentioned The French Revolution and there are many another, like Sarajevo and really... these cardinal points of change are numerous and we are on the event horizon of such a transformation. It could go many another way because Evil is really good... at shooting itself in the foot but the one critical and significant truth that we must all keep in mind is about whether or not the larger body of us catch on to the truth being revealed within us to ourselves or... get distracted by what stops us from doing so because... if the mass of us react in the best of all possible ways then the force of our collective growing awareness will change the outcome par excellence... we are... collectively what happens to us en masse. We are individually what happens to us in our own measure and meeting with the darkness and light within. It doesn't matter what happens in the world. It matters what happens inside of us. Everything outside is manifested by everything within us. This is true physics and everything else is some kind of shit excuse for why what we thought we wanted... inevitably... comes up against what we might have wanted if we cared enough.

We are in the larger idea of Merry Christmas!!!! You want to give a gift? You want to get a gift? Give the most priceless thing of all and you will find it in your Christmas stocking ten fold. In times of the greatest challenges ...comes the greatest rewards. I know some of you trust me and some of you do not. I know some of you trust yourselves and some of you do not. It's not my job to analyze or expedite any of this. My job is to love you, ...even though we have have never met. Believe me, we will.

Trust the very best in yourself and act on it, in every small way ...because you will find at the end of it that it was the small efforts and not the dramatic heroics that add up. It is consistency, married to intention, joined with a true heartfelt belief ...that makes all the difference. Merry, merry Christmas!!! Give the gift that counts!

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