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The Tribe Frog Marching of Arthur Topham to Calvary

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“Sex is the mysticism of materialism and the only possible religion in a materialistic society.”

“An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit”

Well, it looks like the cavalry has landed in Canada. Canada, as you should already know, is the most Zionist Banker controlled country on the planet. However, Zio-Ogre Butt Boy, Stephen Harper, is no longer the catamite ruler of the Zio-Occupied Canadian States and so the Tribe Frog Marching of Arthur Topham to Calvary (grin) is no longer the cakewalk it started out as. With Gilad Atzmon now about to testify in Kangaroo Court on Tuesday in Arthur's defense and this being Wednesday and there being no news that I can find, I am at a loss for further commentary on this particular feature, except to say that I know Gilad and I have heard him speak and he is very impressive and very convincing. Regardless of the original intent of anyone involved in the effort to bury Mr. Topham, you may be sure that a circus atmosphere is going to be the terra firma environment of this particular but by no means unusual or unique travesty of justice, which is just one more example of the pro forma policy of all Anti Gentile endeavors on the part of the world's Morlock contingent. The Zionists are the cannibal flesh eating Morlocks and the rest of us are the Eloi... for the moment.

Over recent time, I have less and less enthusiasm for talking about these hideous monsters. It is very hard for me to avoid it. The reason is that if, “the love of money is the root of all evil” and they love money more than anyone else and have more money than anyone else, it stands to reason that they are either directly or tangentially connected to a very large percentage of the evil in the world. Since they own or control most of the world media and entertainment industries as well as most of the publishing houses and over ninety percent of the art galleries, their influence on human perception of what is and what is not is very great. Given their predisposition toward the enslavement of the human race, it is to be expected that they spend less than none of their time on what is real and more than all of their time on what is not, in order to control the perceptions of humanity.

Yes, I know how that last paragraph reads. That's okay because it is intentional and for effect, which makes it okay. How's that for logic? As I have been at pains here to express on more than one occasion, I did not come to that which I believe, due to any predisposition on my part. My primary impetus is the drive for truth and I go where the truth leads me. What that means is that when I take all of the facts and impressions that I have discovered and analyzed and compared... and distilled... I am left with what I am left with. It would have been far better for me, in the material and social sense, had I come to different conclusions. Yet... after years and years of inquiry, after years and years of study and sorting and sifting... the same conclusions were always arrived at. From this point I have the option of lying to myself and... by extension, lying to everyone else, or... simply telling the truth as it has presented itself to me and letting the chips fall where they may, granting also that the devil can take the hindmost, which seems to be a particular attraction for the devil and his worshipers in the first place. One of the ceremonies that you come across in Satanism in its various forms is the osculation of the devil's posterior as an expression of devotion and fealty. The devil expects you to kiss his ass and if you are not so inclined then things may not go as well for you as you might like.

There is very little difference between Materialism and Satanism, except that Materialists may be unaware that they are Satanists. Regardless of that they will still behave like one. Most people haven't read Anton Szandor Lavey's writings. I have. What you cannot fail to notice is that the philosophy expressed as Satanism is indistinguishable from the basic philosophy of any materialist. This is something important to keep in mind when you interact with people of this genre. You can expect similar experiences from either one.

Satanists and Materialists are drawn to the same theaters of operation. In the worlds of politics, religion, the arts and entertainment and the marketplaces of the world, you will find many more of them than you will in other locations... usually ...but... these are the times of the greatest material excess that has ever been seen and so we can now find these types nearly everywhere. The media, entertainment, publishing, music and art, all promote this philosophy, either in a direct celebration of lifestyles or indirectly by suggestion. The idea is to make it all seem normal and even a positive expression of one's being. This is why we hear statements like, “greed is good”, “You've got to take care of number one”, “he who dies with the most toys wins”, and “god is dead”. One of the primary tenets of Materialism is that there is no god. I'm not here to debate that question of is or is not. That is a personal conclusion that one comes to.

There is only one reason that there are Holocaust Laws and that is to protect the lies told which support the idea of it. This massive non-event that is touted around the world and which has drained billions upon billions of dollars from those pressured into supporting it and believing it... never occurred. What did occur is the Russian holocaust of tens of millions that was brought about by those who claim to be the victims of their own holocaust and the one is a defense against the exposure of the other. Clear and indisputable documents exist which prove that one of these events happened and that the other one didn't. All would be well for the psychopathic liars and profiteers, except for Mr. Apocalypse. He's the most powerful, most unseen and most mysterious force in the world today. We literally don't have to do anything. What needs to be done is beyond our capacity in any case and the motivation to do anything is nothing more than an invitation to add to the confusion and chaos that is taking place..

I don't want to give the impression that we are powerless and helpless in the face of so much that needs to be stopped, or re-routed, or changed. We are not but we are rendered powerless and helpless ...and worse, when we don't know what needs to be stopped, or re-routed and changed and we cannot know until we have changed ourselves, or allowed ourselves to be changed. We are the problem, all of us, we are the problem. The predators would have no chance to feed upon the rest of us if we were not engaged in all the pursuits and attractions that make us prey. It's a collective clusterfuck of those who are not confused because they are uncompromising agents of the darkness who are not restrained by any effect of conscience or compassion. Then there's everyone else; most of these have no idea who they are, only some vague and ever changing idea of what they want, until they get it... if ever and then a small minority of souls who are at a certain plane of awareness and who serve as they go and who may or may not be flawed or hampered in one way or another, carrying some burden as a kind of cosmic handicap, lest they get the idea they are more than what they are and which they might not know either. The more I read about and hear about the various titled masters of the last however many decades, the more I've lost any sense of hero worship whatsoever except for a very few and of course the really big heavyweights who were beyond the usual human limitations... or at least that is the picture you get.

Well... I don't know what's happening in Canadian Noahide Land. I know Gilad showing up has to be a very positive development and I expect there is more waiting in the wings. This is a big deal. The nasties are seeing the tide of destiny swing against them all over the world, even as the appearance of their power seems to increase. The most critical thing we need to remember is that this is all happening for a reason. There is a purpose to life and I don't care how cruel and malevolent the circumstances may appear at times. There IS a benevolent power that shapes our ends to the most positive final result. We may not be able to see it. We may only experience a partial or minuscule taste of it here but it awaits us. It is coming, while at the same time it is reeling us in ...and not even death or the greatest tragedies can deny us the completion of the miracle and majesty of our high destiny. That moment is coming, be it ever so far or seem only so far in the distance beyond this moment in time and regardless of whether it is true that we already are everything we can ever be ...but we can't see it. Well... if we can't see it then it isn't so (yet) except in some ideal sense on the ideal plane and I don't care how many pop tart new age mumbo jumbo artistes say otherwise. Sure... maybe we are already perfect but... unless we are in direct experience of it, we are not.

So... let the storm winds batter the shutters and let the cold creep beneath the door. Let the rain beat down on the shingles and let the temporary madness spin like a tornado to and fro... it will not last forever. Even as it seems to be coming to an ever greater appearance of power, it is dying. It is some kind of a cosmic truth that as soon as anything temporal comes into the ascendant and begins to extend itself beyond the borders of its being, it begins to falter and fail. It's all right there in the simple statements of Lao Tzu. Nothing I could say would be an improvement on any of that so I will end this days reflections here.

Good luck and many blessings Arthur!

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