Monday, November 9, 2015

The Spinning Twisting Convoluting Hula Hoopla of Horseshit.

European Afternoon Edition.... On the 'other side' of the planet.

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The world is thought born. Material physicists have proven this using something called math. If this is true that means that something or someone 'thought it into being'. We are potentially, the highest expression of a manifest life form on our particular planet (although most of us don't act like it). Of course there might be higher life forms of which we are unaware but we'll leave that speculation for another time. If we were thought into being, according to MATH ...and we are, by extension an expression of the thinker ...that would imply that we think our lives into being and the world as it exists for us is defined according to the same process. This accounts for what The Buddha had to say on the matter and the recurrence of variations upon the theme of, “as a man thinketh, so it he.”

Most people who argue absurdities, like Richard Dawkins, do it selectively. They do not address the truth of the universe being thought born. Another consideration is that they always use the abuses of religion as the primary example of how there can be no god. Their argument is that there could be no superior being with superior powers who would logically permit the sort of things that go on here. Or, they counter with another argument that if there is a god it must be The Devil because what goes on here is a clear expression of this and accounts for all that survival of the fittest jargon and which also justifies the 'by whatever means are necessary', survival and prosperity of those most fit over the wants and needs of those deemed less fit. This further accounts for their penchant for masturbating to old photos of Ayn Rand in a swimsuit, ...or Adam Smith if they are more inclined in that direction. It seems more and more of us are going to be more and more inclined in this direction.

How fortunate we are to have heroes constructed for us who remind us of what is worth having and aspiring after. Meanwhile, due to Israeli control over domestic police force training and the wide spread use of steroids, Americans are getting an ever increasing dose of this. Then, at the cutting edge of the new arriving age, certain nations are reacting as all nations must eventually need to react, if they desire to avoid terminal enslavement, followed by death and worse. I knew I should have moved to Iceland awhile ago.

Mr. Apocalypse needs to be mentioned with regularity because he is either responsible for or indirectly (as far as perceptions go) involved in everything going down at this time. This particular item is both humorous, tragic and revealing, all at the same time.

As Materialism moves through all of its progressive stages toward dissolution, we find that the entertainment sector and all of the various theaters of the various arts and OF COURSE, the areas of politics, religion and the marketplace are becoming more and more populated by psychopaths. These hollow vessels are becoming increasingly more numerous as are the outrageous nature of their demands. You can find page after page about these ridiculous poseurs. Simon Cowell insisted that he have a more flattering light shining upon him than does upon his co-stars wherever he may appear. Marilyn Manson insists on a bald toothless hooker in his hotel room when he is on tour. Steven Tyler, when he fancies a girl in the audience, insists that she be taken and placed naked in the shower for him upon his return from the stage. He doesn't care for them rubbing up against sweaty guys in the audience.

You see one side of these people in their direct and indirect encounters with you, whether on stage or through the various media they appear in, or on. This is all stage managed to an excruciating degree, so as to give a particular impression of them and it is effective, I suppose, except when they go off and they do go off with regularity.

All of these phenomena are being pressed out into different stages of exposure via the agency of Mr. Apocalypse for the purpose of demonstration. We are meant to see all of this and we are meant to aspire or decline within our hearts and minds, according to the judgment of our value systems or lack of one. All of this naming and desiring and pursuit to, or flight from, are necessary to the routing process that takes us to our next place of residence. What we think here and what we feel here, what we say here and what we do here, all play a part in the sum total of what we become in the crucible of manifest experience.

Some have wondered why I even bothered to engage the Flat Earth Nimrods. Some have even gotten on my case about it, as if I were somehow swept up in the whole hoopla of horseshit. Some forget I have been doing this for years and had everything you can think of thrown at me and some of it has been creative, convoluted and pernicious as all get out, even to the point of arranging scenarios where nothing happened and then spinning a web of lies concerning it. No... I had my reasons for engaging and also for giving a period of space and time to the endeavor because it seemed clear to me that something other than what seemed to be going on was going on. More comments came flying in about it than about any other looney tune orchestration that has ever manifested here and nothing, ever, has been so patently fraudulent. I rejected more comments than I posted; some because they were ad hominen driven and some because they were mirrored statements or piggy back statements seeking to reinforce each other. These latter are classic site hijacking tactics.

I noted an unmistakable similarity in both the arguments and in the denigrations directed at me for not embracing the possibility of this amazing revelation that has had all of us fooled for... like... forever and I was informed that my cynicism was going to result in these paragons of liberated thought to forever see me in a new and less favorable light (unlike Simon Cowell), or simply go away and never return again. This last is probably the most wonderful result I could hope to expect and I can only implore those who said this to follow through on it. Please...

In any case, I have mentioned many times here how I am one who studies trends. I am also one who applies logic to conclusions drawn from my observations. In this particular case, since I knew something else was going on behind the whole flat earth fantasy, I wanted to give it enough time to show me what it was and I needed to interact to see what kind of reactions came to pass. I can now say that this Flat Earth thing is a disinfo operation and it is most likely something that has been set up to defame the truther movement and make it look delusional. It would be very effective to be able to pull in the 9/11 Truth movement and other truth movements into an associative proximity with the Flat Earth thing. I am about 99.99% certain that this is what is going on. I know there are some very stupid and gullible people out there but to believe that the earth is flat well... there isn't much I can say that isn't said already by the very existence of the idea itself. The thing is... some number of the arguments and reactions coming at me were thoughtfully crafted and directed more at my unwillingness to want to give it a turn on the dance floor, much more than my believing it or not. Some measure of outrage was generated by my disinclination to even want to look into it. I have never been motivated to consider the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny either and they are far more likely to exist than a flat earth. The idea of promoting a flat earth was chosen, I believe, simply because it is so absolutely off the wall and once enough people got sucked into it, they could use it to discredit other movements that are spot on. Once again it all comes back to Mr, Apocalypse. The dark side knows that the unveiling and revealing is taking place and they are scrambling in every direction to hinder and hamper the inevitable.

I will close my side of any further discussion on this matter by saying that there will be no further discussion on my part and it is very likely that any discussion of it from any quarter is likely to fall into a lava tube and disappear. Now... if that makes me a Luddite or one who is in denial about this fabulous flat earth scam... so be it and if I lose readers over this, let me assure you that these are definitely the sort of readers I would be near ecstatic at the thought of losing. In the words of Dirty Harry, “Go ahead, make my day.”

Some who come here may regard my work more highly than another. Some come here for the company and some come here for whatever their reasons are. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about any of that. I started out with no readers at all and at one point I had tens of thousands of people coming and going each day, when I was still in the good graces of certain larger sites that linked my work. Then I started to talk about god too much and I was no longer welcome at these sites, where the webmasters are atheists. I didn't think about that at all either and I just went right on writing what I write for the benefit of those who gain some measure of enjoyment from coming here. I don't care if it's tens of thousands, or only thousands as it is these days. If it were hundreds and less than hundreds I would do it because it is what I do.

I do the best that I know how to every day and I pray every day that the ineffable will remove my shortcomings and make me a better person. This and a few other obsessions consume my attention and intention and more than this I cannot do, so... what you get is what you get. I can't do more than this until I can. I make mistakes. I note them and I endeavor to do better. That's it folks. Take it or leave it. That is how it is.

I have been here long enough where I have experienced people professing a great affection for me who, the moment I don't say what they want me to say, or the moment I forget to walk on eggs on their behalf, turn upon me with a fury akin to Hellfire and stalk off consumed with resentment and incapable of shaking it off and some have sought to hurt me in any way that they could. That is hardly what I would call great affection and it certainly isn't love and if one's appreciation and affection can be washed away so easily, it was never there in the first place. I learned long before I started doing this that people are fickle and undependable much of the time and you are lucky to know even a few resolute and loving souls with sincere hearts. I can say that I know more than a few so I am a rich man indeed and although I have forgiven everyone for their, in several cases, grave offenses against me, they are incapable of returning the favor and none of my offenses have been grave, Certainly I have been less than diplomatic on occasion and certainly I have been abrupt but I assure you... far far less so than many people who are far more widely celebrated than I, like Krishnamurti and.... ah... you know what, I don't want to start listing all the names or talking about some of the things that got done by people like Idries Shah. Let's just say that there are offenses and there are OFFENSES. I am very comfortable with the level of my own. If all it is is having been rude here and there or inattentive to the expected stroking so many people seek from me well, I can live with that. I should also add that not everyone who acts out in a strange and unexpected fashion (as I have done a few times) is doing it impulsively or unconsciously. Sometimes they do it to see where you are at. Sometimes one needs to know things about people BEFORE one gets more deeply involved with them.

Anyway... this whole posting is of a piece and interconnects from beginning to end and this is the end (grin).

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