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Corruptions, Tyrannies and Madnesses of the Kali Yuga.

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What is real cannot be told or shown and what appears is not real, it only seems and the more it seems, the more real it becomes to us and then we wander in a world of seeming appearances for so long as we believe they are real.

On it goes... surgical bombing strikes and random bombing of desert sands where only the corpses of scorpions remain because the really poisonous life forms have run for the borders of Israel and Turkey and Iraq. Meanwhile the former residents of that beleaguered land are being leaflet bombed by Satanic Banker planes that tell them there is a new life for them in the European Union. The causes of their distress are the Americans, The Crown Colonies and Israel who runs the first two out of Tel Aviv and London. Well dressed and well fed, demonically possessed, former human entities, scurry about The City in London and every satellite city where they cause world wide havoc without a care. For some reason, a great many of them are unaware of what they are responsible for. They think they are fighting the good fight against some shadowy enemy but actually they are taking their orders from a shadowy enemy who creates all of the rest of the shadowy enemies. They are paid well though and they live a privileged existence and they get away with all manner of crimes that they would otherwise not avoid the consequences of. It's a sweet deal as far as they can see and they are only allowed to see up to a certain point because... coiled in the backs of their minds there lives a consciousness that defines the parameters of their awareness for all that they think and say and do.

We know who is behind this migratory exodus, it is George Soros, one of the chief operatives of the Rothschild Network of Satanic Bankers and... as you can see, the consequences of this are horrendous and going on all the time. Here you see the real insanity of political correctness. Now some might say that all of these incidents of violent outrage against native born citizens of these countries are fabricated to make the immigrants look bad. That hardly seems realistic when those pushing for the immigrations are also the ones ordering the press and police not to mention the names of the offenders and who advise the courts not to prosecute. It can no longer be argued against, whether the orchestrators of these conditions for criminal offense against the public are Satanists. By their works ye shall know them and that says all that needs to be said about who and what they are. These are not the ones committing these rapes but rather the ones fomenting the favorable environments for them to occur in. Oh... this is not to say they don't get up to that sort of thing because they do. They torture and kill young boys and girls very often in places throughout the UK and other European locations and many, many other countries to which they travel for this sole purpose.

Unlike the savage migrants who commit these acts of sexual outrage against the members of the countries that have granted them asylum (Yes, I can call them savages and I don't give a damn about political correctness. I am, of course, not referring to all immigrants but only to those so engaged in this horrific behavior.) and who do it out of an uncontrolled animal passion, these others of which I speak, do it for pure malice and to propitiate demons that confer protections upon them as the result of blood sacrifice made in their honor. They know about these sorts of things because they have teachers in those arts with a long tradition in these kinds of behavior. What is presently happening did not simply come out of the blue recently. The planning has been in the process of coming about for centuries. In the ranks of the dark brotherhood are seers and mystics of different ranks who are able to see ahead and who are also informed about what lies ahead through the ingestion of different substances and being possessed by infernal entities who then inform them about all kinds of things. It is a truth that these entities lie as often as not but they don't lie all the time. They tell the truth often enough to be effective at getting listened to and being sought out.

If you go back into the histories of certain large occult organizations and brotherhoods you find that they have had predictions about the times in which we live from a long while ago. These organizations might once have been more or less legitimate fraternities that only became corrupted through the passage of time. This is what happens in Kali Yuga. The Tibetan system might not have always been as corrupt as it became when the Chinese finally invaded but by that time they were pretty corrupt and their treatment of the ordinary Tibetans with their feudal system was brutal. Most people don't know about that side of it. It's kept from the public view and instead we get the version of Tibetan Buddhism that they want us to hear. I don't know if this new construct is something novel and a break with the earlier patterns; some kind of a renaissance? All I know is what was going on previously. Once again, it is the pattern of the Kali Yuga and you see it in all of the religious traditions and all of the political and economic traditions... ever deeper corruptions and the tyranny of the few upon the many. This is just how it works and because of all that has been and all that it is, there is a result that is part of the process of all of these corruptions and tyrannies and madnesses.

This is why I say, or rather this is why I am told that there is no single collective outcome in the drama except to say that at some point none of us will be here but... that might not be accurate because surely some of us will be right back here again due to the dynamics of coming and going. Anyone who thinks we are only here for a single visit has no grasp of how things are and why they are. If we were only here for a single visit then nothing would be as it presently is and none of what is would make any sense at all. Prodigies would make no sense. Variations in intelligence and the possession of gifts and the lack of them would make no sense. Well, we could go on and on about what makes no sense according to that schematic but my job is not to convince anyone of anything. It is only to convince myself and this I have done and I have studied the writings of the wise as well as comparative religion and all sorts of variations in perspectives and outside of fundie speak which seems to agree with itself in all of the seemingly diverse perspectives that are out there, the opposite also applies in all of the legitimate traditions. They all agree as well, even if you have to go back a bit to see that. Furthermore, I personally have direct experience of other lifetimes so I have put the question out of my mind as far as I am concerned. Sure, maybe I am the only one this has happened to but that would be absurd and we have the recollections and writings of many other souls who say the same.

A commenter at Origami said something about this today and was mostly accurate, if not comprehensive ...but even if he or she had filled pages with what was said it wouldn't have been comprehensive. True comprehensiveness comes only through interior search and it isn't something that appears in your head like the works of Thomas Aquinas or the Mahabharata. It is something that appears as a wide angle, panoramic view that has expanded and expanded until it is a picture beyond the capacity of words to convey and that is why it has never been conveyed in words by those who have that perspective. Sometimes the understanding of it is transmitted from consciousness to consciousness as it does from guru to chela. Sometimes it comes upon one as a mystical revelation, granted from the celestial realms by grace or some manifestation of benevolent fortune. Sometimes, for whatever the reason it just happens like what is described in Bucke's, “Cosmic Consciousness”, or James, “Varieties of Religious Experience”. Some of Bucke's ideas might seem dated now or they might have been the promise of roads not taken because this is the Kali Yuga. It is not for me to decide.

I don't share the idea of the status given to Whitman but that is just me. It might be due to my lack of appreciation for Whitman's poetry in that I was not moved one whit by it and was very soon bored every time I attempted to read any of it. This was also the case with Joyce and some others. Maybe I had previous experiences of these works and wanted no further part of them. Certain authors have always bored me, like Steiner, Wittgenstein, Kant and quite a few others. I would feel the scent of death everywhere in their writings and sought a more clear atmosphere of uncluttered thought for myself. This is probably the influence of Lao Tzu and others of the Eastern persuasion of thought. This is what works for me and the other does not. Previous to my kundalini awakening I was caught up in the area of western thought but afterwards, it never interested or applied to me again.

Heaven and Hell are states of consciousness. To quote Omar Khayyam, “I sent my soul into the invisible, some letter of that afterlife to spell and by and by my soul returned to me and said, 'I myself am Heaven and Hell'” This makes them no less real in terms of experience. I suspect a time comes when we clearly see and then pass judgment on ourselves but I do not think any of this is fixed across the board. There is a lot going on that we don't know about. The Bible is clear on how ignorant and blind we are.

As you can see, we slipped away from the temporal into the philosophical somewhere in the course of this posting. Although there may seem to be little relevance between the different considerations, perhaps there is at least a natural progression out of the one and into the other, even if it is only my disenchantment and disgust with the one and my fascination with the other.

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