Thursday, September 24, 2015

The World is a Rumor, Born from the Day Dreams of God.

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That powerful tandem of twisted psychopaths, in their war against all normal things, the policy setting Satanists and the media manipulating Zionists, who are pretty much one and the same, continue to push the ever expanding envelope of lunacy. Paid gender assignment surgery is the new hot ticket item, even though about one in 30,000 will be taking advantage of it. However... like the hedge fund manager who raised the costs of an AIDS complication medicine and the private prison industry corporations who are constantly pushing for more and more crime legislation to increase the prison populations, profit is the all consuming passion. On the educational front they are tirelessly working to indoctrinate kindergarten and elementary school children with the rightness and pressing necessity for surgical alteration into some alternative sexual identity. Meanwhile, there is another movement afoot and it is going to gain steam sooner than you think. No... sanity has left the planet and this is only one example of how weird and frightening it is getting.

Mainstream liberal news sites like Salon and Slate (owned by the Washington Post which is owned by Amazon Tribe member, Bezos) are full tilt into pressing the extreme edge of socio-sexual boundaries. Here Salon dips it's cloven hooves into the waters of Pedophilia, expect more and more of this.

In a world where the media and entertainment corporations are owned by those who finance, tolerate and protect things like this any expectation of a return to sanity is foolish. Can it get any sicker than this? One can logically assume that it can.

As with any opportunity for these monsters to further plunge the world into a greater disorder, I would say it is 50-50 whether they gun down the pope and blame it on someone else. It certainly seems like a wonderful possibility within the format of their ongoing war against humanity; not implying that the pope is human or would be any great loss, simply that his departure would certainly serve the police state agenda that these people are most certainly behind, since well before they put together the 9/11 attacks, which led to Homeland Security, the TSA and other criminally inspired suppression agencies, whose purpose is the destruction of freedom wherever it may be.

Once again, I want to return to scripture for an affirming truth that you should burn into your consciousness as an irrefutable certainty; “greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.” This has been reposted many times here and that is because an awareness of this will stand you in good stead wherever you may be and whatever might 'appear' to manifest in front of you. Nothing in the manifest, not all of it put together, has the power or weight of a grain of sand against an ocean beach, by comparison with the invisible power that has brought it all into being. You are representative of that which you align yourself with. Choose wisely.

Today is September 23rd. If I remember correctly, this is the beginning day of a collection of predictions from various sources as to when big changes are supposed to start going down. We shall, as usual, see. Certainly there are a multiplicity of circumstances that are ignitable, not the least of which is Russia and China going into active performance in Syria. Then there is the Ronald McDonald of organized religion, the pope, letting us know he is one of the people by driving around in an economy FIAT (fix it all the time) and lunching with the homeless. He's taking a page from that great humanitarian, Queen Elizabeth, who likes to wander around on Christmas Day and shake the hands of heroin addicts and ask them how they're doing; how they're doing???. Keep in mind that the more the envelope gets pushed the thinner the paper gets and the more likely it is that edges will fray and reality will begin to leak in. The contact between lies and reality is a combustible one. Think of the truth as a fire and lies as tinder.

Here is what I do in these times. I turn my attention to my heart and I repeat as often as I can remember, “I love the ineffable with all my heart and all my soul and all of my mind.” I look at the world around me, as seen through the internet and direct experience and I discard any identifying associations between my mind and my minds projection of its meaning. I don't know what it means. I only know it is false and that what is in my heart is true and I exercise the love in my heart as a consuming fire that burns away the lies within and illuminates the world without. The world as it is 'commonly seen' to be, is not my world. This is the collectively shared image of it, as it exists to enslave the minds and the imaginations of the population. If I am not magnetized by it, it can put no chains on me. Love melts every chain. Here we take a line from Richard Lovelace's poem;

Stone Walls do not a Prison make,
Nor Iron bars a Cage;
Minds innocent and quiet take
That for an Hermitage.
If I have freedom in my Love,
And in my soul am free,
Angels alone that soar above,
Enjoy such Liberty.

We have posted this here before in times past. Inspired poets have the inspiration of the highest muse and can accurately see beyond the veils of this illusion cloistered world. Once again, insight into one's own being gives a penetrating insight into the world. In the end, it is where you get your information from that counts in the most important ways. It sets the standards for your values and puts a true value on your integrity and associated qualities. In order to gain power and influence in the world, except in rare cases, the sale of these things is the price of doing business. One never believes they have actually sold these qualities. One simply feels they have made reasonable compromises and arrangements.

Think of the world in terms of being lost in deep woods and think of one's higher qualities of being as represented by tools like a compass; a flashlight, various survival gear and all those things that make all the difference. Without them you are in trouble.

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