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The Fall of the Darkness and the Coming of the Light

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I know there are people out there who think there isn't enough evidence to implicate Israel in 9/11. Then there are people who refuse to believe it and even if it were proven to them would not accept it. Then there are people who know that it is true and won't admit it because they are it. Then there are people so stupid or asleep that the idea of it can't penetrate the concrete that encases their consciousness. Then there are those who are indifferent in any case and don't give a shit because the only thing that concerns them is themselves and whatever it is that they want and that is either changing on a regular basis or it is more or less fixed. There are others of course but never mind for the moment. Given what is being revealed at this website, this would qualify as a serious smoking gun. Here's a shorter intro that is nothing less than startling. If you did have doubts before, this should put them to rest.

At the back of my mind is a wariness that this could be some kind of a set up that is geared for exposure in coming days, where the photography with the explosive fuse boxes lining the walls proves to be an elaborate hoax. We already know that Israelis were living on those upper floors and we know about the World Trade Center security being shut down on Marvin Bush's watch prior to the attacks. We've got tons of information about Israel being involved already, including the moving company and the dancing Israelis and the planes attacking the towers that were airbrushed on a van. It goes on and on. So it is possible for them to take what we know and seek to reduce it to a questionable state.

Here is one of the latest slick and well funded operations coming out to defend the poor and defenseless professional victims industry. You will note that they label everyone as not only anti-Israel but anti-US as if they were synonymous.

I see all of this as a play by the coming avatar and I anticipate massive exposures attended by massive awakenings and god knows what the reaction is going to be when the agents of the dark side feel their sense of control slipping away from them. We are on the cusp of all kinds of things threatening to break loose and there are distractions aplenty to keep the world occupied with other things like the huge migration of people from war zones and the entry of Russia into direct involvement in Syria. There are all kinds of things going on and more to come; much more.

Along with the geo-political uproar in these allegedly managed conflicts, there is the ever pressing menace of political correctness that is being forced on an either unwilling or unconscious public that is driving the herd of humanity toward madness. Perhaps it is a blessing for those who have become so subjective under the force of material culture that their capacity for objective awareness is near zero. For those of us who retain some measure of it, what can be seen qualifies as frightening, that is, if you are the sort to become affected in that manner. I'd say this is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to whatever it is one has faith in; be it the system, one another, some philosophical or religious construct or one's self or... the ineffable. I separate this last from philosophical and religious constructs because I do not consider them the same thing but I do consider confusing the two as the root source of one of humanities biggest problems and one of the primary methodologies by which the self styled elite seek to control the masses.

Let's be honest, this control exerted on the masses has been taking place for hundreds and most likely thousands of years. Whether this has been an uninterrupted control, or whether the agents of darkness that reside on the inner planes simply switches from one ruling junta to another, one way or another we know that the very worst among us have been in the driver's seat for a very long time. We also know, some of us do, that there are forces of light that are working to free humanity from the bonds of ignorance that has enslaved them for so long. It is an unfortunate truth that most of humanity simply follows along on the slow path of evolution and the bumps in collective consciousness only come along at rare intervals. This brings me to the present. In present time an opportunity exists that only comes around at extremely rare intervals. Not only are we at the windup of a 26,000 year shift but that 26,000 years shift is itself at the nexus of an even larger reach of time. Think of it as the interlocking gears of the cosmic clock, having reached a very specific point. Suffice to say that this opportunity is extremely rare and that explains why the distractions are so extremely intense and why there is such a concerted effort at dumbing down taking place ...because... this is all part of a spiritual war that has been going on for a very long time. You can look at it as a game. In many ways it is. Those disposed toward evil are routed in that direction and those disposed toward good are routed in that direction for... the purpose of demonstration and all of it is in the service of waking up. A certain portion of the population is always waking up.

Because of this opportunity that I am speaking of, those so motivated are in a position to experience a quantum leap in consciousness. Everything is awareness after all. Awareness defines you and potentially it is much, much more than that. The ineffable is awareness and there are many stages between ordinary human awareness and the ineffable. I would say that most of the people that come here are not examples of ordinary human awareness, simply because we are aware of things that most people are not or don't care to be.

I recommend one thing more than anything else here, though it usually manifests in two different forms of behavior which result in the same thing; seek the ineffable and practice self inquiry. “Be still and know that I am God” This phrase serves both of those approaches if you understand it correctly. I was amused when I went to check out the meaning of it, according to the scholars that explain such things. Ah well...

This opportunity that I speak of... I don't know how I happen to know about this but I am quite certain that it is true and I am also certain that it is connected to the degree of one's intensity toward the source of all consciousness. It is my belief that all of those so inclined are getting all of the help needed to propel them toward this end. Unfortunately in the short term, this can mean a great deal of suffering for those of us who, for whatever the reason, must go through this as our evolution is being hothoused. Sometimes our personal suffering is connected to the suffering of others and we take it upon ourselves to go through this for the benefit of others. We might not know this but we did at the time we agreed to come here, for whatever it was that we came here to do and if this is concealed from us, there is a reason. Let it be simply said that a lot of us are here for each other at this time. We all have our purpose of demonstration to perform.

Let me say at this juncture that it is a very good idea to begin to pay attention to every situation you find yourself in and to be mindful of every person you encounter and to share and spread the light at every opportunity. This tends to get you into the habit of doing it and since the ineffable is all about spreading the light, you will find that you are emulating the ineffable insofar as you possess the capacity to do this.

We never think about time being short until, suddenly, time is short. That would not be the time to begin to focus your attention on the author of all life. The time to do that would have been yesterday or before. Certainly the time would be today and right this minute. I don't know how to stress the importance of this. Perhaps if I list some things and explain some things it might help. There is no limit upon the powers of the ineffable. Just because you have not seen this in demonstration means nothing. The power of the ineffable is limitless. This means that nothing can touch you unless the ineffable says so. In whose hands in all the world are you better placed? Regardless of what might happen to you, if you are consciously in the hands of the ineffable your destiny is secure. There is no other power in Heaven or Earth so great or so auspicious as the ineffable and the ineffable knows who you are and is even speaking to you. If you cannot hear the ineffable it is because surface and subterranean chatter are drowning out that still small voice. You can facilitate hearing the voice through meditation, prayer and especially through a yearning in the heart. This yearning is critical. Let it overwhelm you and keep in mind that anything you think you want and anything you can imagine you want is all part and parcel of the ineffable and the ineffable can not only deliver it but make it possible for you to appreciate it. Have I communicated this truly important piece of information?

Therefore, take all of your various yearnings and braid them into a single cable and let it all transmit on that woven cable to the source of all good things and anytime you think you want anything, remember what it is that you actually want. Fuse your longing into a single purpose. Set yourself on guard to remember this at every moment because you will forget again and again. It is in relentless remembrance that you will triumph. If you do not cease and you give it what you are capable of you will succeed. I promise you.

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