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Something Dark and Malevolent is Moving Behind the Scenes

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I have one of those kinds of minds that when confronted with something that doesn't make sense, worries at it like a dog would at a rogue toenail. It isn't something I engage in consciously. It is a subconscious feature of being me. I think I have always been afflicted, or gifted with this. You can see it as afflicted in the sense that it won't go away until some kind of closure is achieved. You can see it as gifted in the sense that usually, finally, an answer is arrived at. One of the nagging WTF's was what happened with Jeff Rense. Given that we had some number of intimate and friendly exchanges over the years, including, on occasions, things said in confidence, it is altogether reasonable that if there were a problem with anything I was saying, he would have told me about it. Instead, he wiped me clean away and told everyone that works for him and who he features on his website, not to talk to me, apparently under threat of penalty.

Furthermore, I have aggressively defended this man, more so than anyone else I know of because loyalty is a big priority with me and when I consider someone a friend I will go to just about any length and have the track record to prove it. Something happened and whatever it was, it wasn't something I did that was in any way directed at Jeff. The orders for whatever happened came from somewhere else. I am convinced of this. Factoring also into this is that at the same time, orders came down to other webmasters and people I have known for years and they all stepped away from me.

I will admit to being a loose canon at times and not susceptible to any forms of control from outside. I'm not unique this way. There have been others in my field of endeavor, over time, who simply will not be coerced by anyone or anything. I say what I believe to be true, regardless of the cost. However, should I be proven wrong, I immediately retract and apologize and this has been demonstrated at these blogs several times; thankfully (grin) not a whole bunch of times.

Once, the Norwegian fellow who ran The People's Voice online newspaper; no connection to Icke's People Voice, which this posting is going to be about, tossed me off his site after posting everything I wrote for some good while because... he said I was encouraging people to engage in Magic, simply because I had written a posting about it that was basically an inquiry into the subject and had nothing to do with the accusation. He was a complete hard ass about it and nothing I could say to the contrary was going to move him. Uruknet tossed me because my predictions about Iran were not coming true so the lady in Italy that ran it tossed me for nothing more than the kind of speculation all of us engage in. These things occur. I don't know what happened to these sites. I never see them anymore.

My sense is that some group or individual with considerable force has decided I shouldn't have any influence. Over the years I have seen all kinds of funny things. My Black Swan Rising/Patrick Willis posting garnered around 80,000 hits at youtube. Then the numbers got seriously readjusted and this has happened with all of my joint efforts with Patrick. Tribetube does this and probably not just to me. Actually they are notorious for it just like Zio-pedia. They tossed my profile a few years ago.

I have never gotten into what efforts have been taken to shut down my musical career and the proliferation of my songs. We'd be here awhile if I did that. I've been messed with and lied about many times. I figure you don't get far seeking to rebut what people say about you. By your works you are going to be known and in my case, the dogs bark but the caravan moves on. People can say what they want. There's no money to follow and no revenue stream that can be seen. At best one can quarrel with what I say and that will be meaningful to those who find it so and not to those who do not. Let's move on to to point of this polemic.

First, here are some thoughts from the owner of Truth Frequency Radio. There is a long video by Icke at the bottom of the page. Next, we have an insider's view from the only professional who was associated with Icke's People's Voice Radio.TV or whatever it is called. Finally there is an article by Nick Kollerstrom at The Truthseeker. You will note about Sean adl Tabatabai, the heavyweight in charge, that he once worked at the ADL.

How is it that adl is part of his name? There's a lot more to him as well. We live in strange times.

I once went through a lot of effort to get a show on this network but I was treated as I usually am and one of the people who did get a show and who likes to give the impression that he is a friend of mine is suspiciously short with me whenever I try to engage him. It seems to me that I have some kind of a virus as far as a lot of people go and they are fearful of any association with me.

Recently I was attacked by someone, blindsided... and this was someone, along with his friend, who had come by my house on many occasions and we would talk about the ineffable and watch a movie and it was always friendly and engaging. These days, the other fellow has dropped out of sight after months of coming by nearly every day. Why would someone simply assault me in an enraged fashion when there had never been a whisper of conflict before? Nothing that might have been said would have warranted this and all sorts of responses would have been the normal reaction, instead of what happened. Now the police don't seem to want to talk to me and this is after many many attempts to communicate with them. After awhile you can get a little paranoid, which, as they say, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. I know this posting is a little schizophrenic but bear with me.

We've always known that David Icke is a megalomaniac showman and a shameless self promoter. At his sites 50% or more of everything you find there is shilling for one of his products or appearances. The news feed takes second place to this. Then there's that thing about seven foot reptiles, shapeshifters and those recovered memory ladies and their CIA handlers that he likes to promote. I've never been able to take him seriously because to me he is a cartoon. His books though are fantastic and I've read most of them. I've always figured that people can have personality problems but also be gifted as well. I leave it at that.

What happened to all that money? Here's the really weird part. Icke has all these best selling books and lectures to huge crowds around the world at a really nice entry fee. It's not like he doesn't have plenty of money. We know that money does funny things to people. For some reason it doesn't seem to matter how much they have. They always want more. This is precisely why I set up my sites as I did with only free advertising and a modest donation button and never an appeal for funds because when I see that at all these sites that are raking in far more than I, I get embarrassed for them. For some reason, the more money coming in, the more you need. You could have millions and still need more and it's the same thing with fame and influence; you NEVER have enough. I have enough, even if it is nothing. I learned a long time ago to cut down on senseless craving.

David Icke could have financed this radio.TV show all by himself.

If Rense makes at least half a million a year then David makes considerably more. The sad thing is that David reaps his profits from the bank accounts of ordinary people. It seems like so many of the people who are supposed to serve the interests of the public wind up feeding off of it and financing high end life styles and they are not even embarrassed by this. In the end we are not brought down by the venomous efforts of the dark side, as much as we are brought down by our own shortcomings. This is about as much power as they have, to feed our weaknesses and let them account for our fate. Sure, sometimes, for Karmic reasons they are allowed to off us but far more often, we off ourselves.

Given that we are resident on the material plane, we are all here for the purpose of demonstration; demonstrating to others, demonstrating to ourselves ...because some lesson needs to be learned and we are being made an example of that lesson. We can be high flying one moment and nose diving the next. We can be surrounded by glamour and flacks who cater to our vanity at every turn and suddenly everyone disappears and we don't have a friend in the world. Fortunes change and what seemed impossible yesterday is punishing reality today. Never forget the insubstantial nature of appearances no matter how powerful they may seem. 'Seem' is the operative term. They can change on a dime and they will change when the archetypes change their tune. Of course, archetypes are eternally stable according to the job they perform but... the form of appearances that they take in their manifestation do change in whatever manner the expression of the age demands. This means that the flow of power is removed from the previous expressions and rerouted into the new ones. This is happening NOW.

Everything is built around the interplay between the male and female nature and when that winds up perverted for the plots and agendas of the dark side, then the culture it takes place in is doomed. This can mean the most dire of transforming conditions, or it can be an exhilarating and cleansing liberation. It all depends on your relationship to it. That is easily corrected, given that once you recognize that you are wrong you are in a position to be right, It is the tragedy of too many lives that such a level of change is seldom exercised.

It's one thing to be condemned or criticized without any evidence to that effect. It is quite another to actually be guilty of the accusations. If what we are charged with is not true then it doesn't matter how momentarily convincing the lie may be. If we are that, then it doesn't matter how sophisticated our defense might be. I think it was Shakespeare who spoke of “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.”

In the end, according to some, it is all random and therefore an offense to the symmetry of the heavens or, it is in the hands of a greater will and a fulfillment of the providence that awaits every courageous and virtuous heart made pure by Love. It matter not what sins may rest upon the steps that brought us here. It is the quality and volume of our love that makes a final accounting of us.

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