Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How Things Appear to be and How Things Really Are.

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We had technical difficulties bringing about this weeks radio broadcast and then even once we had solved that issue it didn't happen. There was too much sluggishness in my atmosphere to carry it off. The same seems to weigh on this posting, already, this early in the game. I've been told that my sites will not load in certain countries and the world as we know it is about to go into a tumbling wash cycle. The evidence is dancing out there to the sound of trumpets and French horns. It's jumping up and down and waving its hands and yelling, “Over here! Over here! Look at me! I'm over here" but... the TV is real loud and the Big Backdoor hammer bang Theory well... there's nothing theoretical about it. It's a proven fact that it's even dumber than the people who watch it. I haven't seen it but the ads keep popping up on websites so I know it has to suck big time and it has to be all about PC inclusion. The fact that it is so heavily promoted tells me this must be so.

All across Europe the Soros staged, Rothschild funded immigrant assault is creating problems but nothing like the problems that are going to be following up soon. Apparently, newly arrived immigrants are screaming at Octoberfest attendees because they find public drinking in the country they just arrived in to be inappropriate. Some are claiming that the Oktoberfest is anti-Muslim. Looks like I left Europe just in time. I'm not sure if I am supposed to insert a (grin) here or not. Sooner or later the world is going to have to get together and either, by force or otherwise, take possession of the vampire banks or... somewhere out of another dimension, or solar system, or galaxy, or the mind of god, will come avenging angels of one sort or another and wipe the planet clean of this pestilence. Behind everything that happens in the political and economic worlds, in the countries and cultures around the world, in the boardrooms and on the streets, it's all being manipulated by the bankers, who understand that currency is the blood of manifest existence and as long as they can print it and control the amounts and values of it, they can control, or appear to control everything else. Humanity has one enemy and that is a many faced Janus beast. Behind all appearances it is The Prince of Darkness and his minions that go by a legion of names and in the world of appearances it is his agents, the moneychangers. It is the synagogue of Satan.

Politicians, be they weak and feckless tools or be they strong arming, testosterone fueled dictators, they are all hostage to the banks. In the corporate world it is the same thing. They all work for the banks. The Pope works for the banks. The big haired Texas preachers work for the banks. The new age zombie sheep shepherds work for the banks. Everyone who follows orders and who makes life an unacceptable hassle of endless and pointless paperwork (in triplicate) work for the banks. The rare exceptions, who do not work for the banks, are here for the purpose of demonstration, or to effect powerful and transforming change, under orders from the one who made this whole movie possible and who therefore has more power than all the banks that ever were or will be.

You can think of all the worldly intoxicated men and women, climbing down the curling stairway, into the dark splendor, as marionettes; millions upon millions of them, all dancing on wires, their heads long ago unscrewed and pumped full of metaphysical Styrofoam (also flammable). Their sheath bodies are ablaze with mental fires, set aflame by thoughts of maniacal pursuit and the acquisition of one more meaningless object of desire after another. Each one is forgotten in their turn and replaced by the next Shake 'N Bake, freeze dried, just add Old Spice After Shave, broken dream porridge, Brazilian body waxing compound, infested with crack addicted lice, drawn in by the perfumed lure of the burning thoughts; ♫a hunk a hunka burning thoughts♫. When the bankers pull the strings they all dance.

It's a simple process. They've known about it forever. It's the dream child of their master, Mammon. In order for it to work at maximum effectiveness there has to be war and there has to be want and there most definitely need to be endless health crises that fill the coffers of all their satellite industries of ever more burdensome insurance premiums, ever more costly pharmaceuticals, ever more expensive and ineffective medical procedures. This is all dependent on an international network of support industries that provide all the bad food that create so many medical conditions, that support the chemically enhanced, sugar saturated rotgut beverage companies and suspect cosmetics that make you look good in bad light at 2:00 AM when the bars close and the sweat hogs prowl through the narcotized night of mesmerizing mirror images of tens of thousands of identical gray cats that turn into, by turns, desiccated and bloated Rakshasis and Rakshasas, Nri-chakshas, Kravyads and all those other definitely not roses by another name items that writhe among one another in the wall to wall darkness of the material plane (at this time).

Stop the bankers. Recycle the bankers. Compost the bankers, exile or maroon the bankers; put them in bamboo cages and transport them from city to city around the world with illuminated description plates and video screens that provide a history of their activities here and let the people pelt them with rotten fruit, vegetables and raw sewage from converted water canons. Let them appear on mindless game shows where they lose without respite. Let them strut their moves on Dancing with the Cannibal Psychos.

These days they say that terrorists are the greatest enemy of humanity and that they should be exterminated without mercy; relentlessly hunted around the world and annihilated, well... there are no greater terrorists than the international bankers and there are no terrorists otherwise, except what is generated by the international bankers. Terrorists cannot operate nor prosper unless they are paid and it is the bankers that do this. The bankers pay for the wars. They pay for the tortures in the prison dungeons. They pay for the assassinations. They pay for the poverty and famine they create and which is one of the delights of their tormented and twisted sexuality. They become aroused and engorged by the souls in harness and perpetual misery, in conditions created by the bankers for the purpose of their profit and enjoyment.

It all comes down to the way it looks, not the way it is. The way it looks is that all Hell is breaking loose and that Russia AND China are both in Syria, confronting and agitating the Israeli neo-cons, who are behind all of the turmoil in most of the world because they are most of the bankers who are financing every dark and devious thing. They are not pleased at this development because their armies of darkness are about to get hammered. So they are making the usual blackmail and terror threats around the world and some of it is based on the nukes they have secreted in strategic regions around the world because world domination is their objective and this is one of the levers. How it appears is that with the congregation of the forces of all of the dominant powers in the world on a particular field of battle that we are on the doorstep of World War 3. That is how it looks. That is not how it is. How it is, I do not know and neither does anyone else.

It's possible that millions and millions will die, given the eventual collapse of the economic systems and... those natural disasters that are part of the event lineup for times of massive cosmic change. There is also the consideration that many, many millions are hopelessly entangled in the world of material appetites and that is a terminal condition so... those who are lost will be found, after a fashion and then sorted. “Well, there's that sorted,” as they like to say in the UK. Then there are those on the approach of an end result of one kind or another and in some cases those end results are diametrically opposed but everyone will get what they are after, or they won't get it because it isn't what they were after in the first place, or they will get it because that is the point.

It isn't what happens to the rest of the world in all the many, many different ways in which that will be brought about. In the minds of most everyone, it is what happens to them and those they love that counts. Everything else is a statistic at some degree of remove. You might notice but then it is on to something else. Even one's concern for others, with whom they are temporarily familiar, in this particular life and even their concern for themselves is nowhere near as deep as they may imagine because they do not know who these people are, no more than they know who they themselves are. The point of being here is about self discovery and that comes about through transforming experience and reflection. If there is no transforming experience, or the experience does not bring about that spiraling awareness that is the integral objective of life and... if there is no reflection but merely endless considerations of new ways to go about the business of getting whatever it is you are after... that life is over, even if it takes some time still for the departure to occur.

A lot of this might seem depressing. That is how it seems but that is not how it is, unless so much of all of this that appears is how you think it is. This is not how it is. To find out how it is you have to find out who you are. After that, how it appears and how it is falls into place are no longer being confused with each other, which is the problem... the eternal problem and it is off of this problem that the bankers feed and why it is that so many people are doing all those things that appear to be what is but are not. They will find this out, of course, at some point but... meanwhile the bankers get their percentage from the money they print out of thin air and which most people never even see. The money just becomes numbers on paper and constitutes the principal of what they owe, with interest.

Deal with the bankers and most of the problems in the world will go away. Deal with the effort to discover who you really are and most of the problems in your life will go away. Those that do not will be expeditiously solved as they arise because everything is revealed for what it is in the mirror of one's true being.

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