Sunday, August 2, 2015

Standing on the Shoreline of Fathomless Time.

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Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there and just because you can doesn't mean it is.

Well... it's official, in my mind anyway; the news is a bunch of crap, both Crass Media and alternative media. Neither one of them has any idea what they are talking about. I've been going to these places every day, mostly to get links to reports and stories, as examples of whatever it was I was in the process of writing about. I can't seem to find anything in either place anymore that I care enough about to share with you. There's  no loss in that regard. you can always go there on your own. Of course, every now and then you find something that YOU KNOW the readership will be wanting to see.

This leaves me without a whole lot to say about the world in general, or specific for that matter. It is what it is and we are what we are, except when we are not, which is, as they say in fashion 'all the rage these days'. Quite obviously, the darkness and the agents of the darkness, in passing, are ramped up to accomplish all of the confusion that is possible for them, before they must make their exit, willingly or otherwise. I'm guessing 'otherwise' is the likely vehicle of departure.

In the meantime; accent on 'mean', we have to resolve our primary difficulties. Here's a list of what has come to my attention as representative of these; our presumptions of knowing, when we don't, our attachments to all the things that bring us pain and which we seem unwilling to recognize as doing exactly that, our idea that we have control over our lives, which most of our regular experiences prove is not the case, our inability to love ourselves, our impatience at conditions and circumstances, because our concept of time is different from the one who owns time and space and everything that passes through and between them, our fantasy that we know what god wants of us and everyone else, when we don't even know what we want or who we are to begin with. I'm sure there is more but every one of all of them has something to do with the way we see ourselves.

Much of what contributes to our view of ourselves was formed in us without our permission when we were too young to possess the objective capacity to filter bad impressions of ourself, that were injected into our consciousness through telepathic invasion. It's all the result of bad parenting and those parents were themselves all subjected to similar experiences, as were their parents before them. It's not just our entry point parents, it's also all the various social influences from government, peer pressure and the culture. The latter of these is presently being expressed as a ravenous, mucoid substance, something along the lines of, The Slime that Ate New York.

A great many people are having problems of the moment. We're all engaged at some level in a cosmic Spring cleaning process. Of course, I'm talking about present company because many of us are not engaged in the process and are simply meant to be processed at some point. If you are not consciously engaged, you will be unconsciously rendered through a series of successive events that bring about whatever resolution the variable math of your being adds up to.

For many these days, one of their biggest trials is having to be alone; if what I hear is any indication of trends. Great divisions are occurring like fault lines through the social strata. There aren't that many of us that really enjoy being alone. Personally I can take it or leave it. Being with another person is entirely dependent on the quality of the interplay. If that is not of a sufficiently high order, it is often more trouble than it is worth. Even more important is the level of belief that one's consort has in the other. It is near impossible to succeed if your significant other does not fully believe in you. This is especially so if the other has no frame of reference for the ineffable, or does not believe in the ineffable. There is a current, much like an electric current, that passes between two people and which charges the dynamic between them, in relation to what appears on the manifest realm. Without this in effect, there is no 'juice', no energy. You spend all your time walking uphill and the hill keeps climbing because the doubt keeps piling. In a large percentage of cases, when someone succeeds at what they do it is because of the faith that another has in them.

So... even if you are alone, sometimes this is for the best, especially given that none of us are ever alone, we only think we are. Why would we be put in the company of someone who doesn't believe in us? There are as many reasons for conditions as there are people to hold the opinions on them. Sometimes it is Karma and sometimes it is because nothing of any significance, in a wider sense, was meant to take place in a particular time zone. We can imagine that the ineffable is unconcerned with what we desire or seek after. We might imagine that what we want is at odds with the will of the ineffable, or we might imagine that the ineffable is too busy to put any attention to our insignificant personal pursuits. To the contrary, the ineffable is deeply involved in every aspect of our lives and this is something we need to impress on ourselves viscerally. Just because something doesn't happen the way we want it to or when we want it to does not mean it will not happen at some point, or in a way vastly different than we might have envisioned it.

The reason that the ineffable, or fate, or life; call it what you will, sets such trials before us and often seems to be working overtime to reduce our faith and push us beyond what seems to be the breaking point, time and time again, is to increase our faith- to remove from us every support structure except for a simple and unshakable faith in the ineffable. Scripture is timeless because truth is timeless. It is written into the very integrity of existence. It is the word and the word is the basic building block of life and from its resonance comes everything that is or ever will be.

Sometimes I think, "If God loves me he sure has a funny way of showing it." Still, I can speak from experience and say that my faith in the ineffable and my willingness to rely on the ineffable is stronger than it has ever been, despite everything I have been put through. Even now, when there is so much more to think about than I ever expected to have served on my plate, I'm not thinking about any of it. I'm just thinking the ineffable is going to arrange it to his satisfaction in whatever way that is manifest and I will take it as it is and be glad to have done so.

On the Beach

seeing things as they are
what does that mean?

seeing my mortality in
the context of a dream...

this brief hour of life
the impotent voice of my heart to
all the torments before and beyond
the unknown into which i am gone

over and over again I return
until every role has been
my own

until every triumph and defeat
every honor and ignominy
tasted and digested
mourned and regretted

and the point
what is the point?

reaching desires end
standing on the shoreline
of fathomless time

bearing witness to the limits
no longer applied

here is that boundless moment
without end
and nothing that was will ever
occur again

My dear friends, whatever it may be that you struggle with, it is only a restless dream growing nearer to awakening. When one awakens, the environment of the dream fades, until one cannot even recall what had formerly been present. Now you are in another place and surrounded by the elements of that location ...there is no room for anything else. There is nothing that we need to do to bring any of it about. Our job is not to interfere. Our job is to reach the understanding that it is all vastly beyond us and knows far better than we ever shall, where it is bound and how it will go about arriving and becoming.

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