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A Strange and Curious Incident.

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The more time I spend here, the more funny things happen and I don't mean 'funny hah hah'. Perhaps it is time to visit the most recent event in my travelogue back and forth across this strange planet.

About six weeks ago I was at my home. I had just returned from the market up the road and then I took a visit from a mechanic I know; decent fellow and someone who doesn't feel compelled to gouge the last possible dollar from the exchange which is too often the case around here. The cost of living in the islands is frightful but I get around that by knowing where to go to get what I need and not wanting anything beyond that. In consideration of that I manage. I'd go elsewhere maybe but anywhere other than the US involves all kinds of paperwork and restrictions. Europe is open to me but I don't know where I would stay there if I went. Given my present medical situation that would be the smarter move, since I have full health coverage, which I haven't canceled yet. It doesn't cost much. I'll have to see what the ineffable thinks about all of this. Usually a door will open somewhere or it won't.

I've chosen to talk about this because of an interesting bill that I got in the mail a couple of days ago from the air ambulance company. The bill was for $75,000 dollars for a one way two hundred mile flight. I had figured my bills would be in the tens of thousands. I never imagined that it would actually be in the hundreds of thousands. I haven't gotten any bills from the hospital or doctor on Oahu yet. I can only imagine.

I checked online and it costs only half that to charter a jet from New York to LA and if you want to charter a full sized plane that carries hundreds of people it only cost 25,000 more. Amazing. Maybe the ineffable is going to send me an heiress with a magic wand.

The fellow who came to do a little work on my car was there to change a tire for me. Since I have a Jetta, you need to employ a special wrench attachment in order to remove a lock on the tire. As we were getting ready to do this, for reasons unknown to me, I suddenly said, “Never mind. Let's not worry about that at the moment.” Charlie said, “Okay, the tire you have is still good for the moment, I guess it doesn't matter... yet.” So he left. Very soon after, this fellow Robert and the fellow who has been staying with him, David, dropped in. Robert had been coming by nearly every day until David returned to the island and after that the visits became more infrequent. I'm guessing that Robert found other things to do with a companion at hand. David stays at his house with him.

Robert had been coming around to watch a movie with me each day. As a film buff I have an awareness of films and what is worth watching (in my opinion) and what is not. We would also talk about spiritual matters. He had been a reader at the blogs for awhile. I think another reader who also lives here was responsible for turning him on to my work.

David is a martial arts instructor of kick boxing and Gracie Jujitsu. I guess he has a pretty high ranking, I don't know what that might be as I was never curious enough to inquire. The three of us got on well during the month or two that they visited together and we watched films and we talked.

For reasons not yet clear to me, this fellow David assaulted me. I suppose it was out of the blue. I've no memory of the events that led to whatever caused it but I cannot imagine anything I might have said or done that would have provoked such a violent assault. My landlady says that David was screaming at me from the yard though I haven't been told what he was saying, nor have I asked.

After I got hit I was in a very confused state, concussed no doubt and in a lot of pain. I drank whatever there was on hand but it didn't help. It just kept hurting so I went to my landlady and asked her to call an ambulance. At the time I thought I had hit myself and that is what I was saying. The ambulance driver checked me out and said that there was no way I could have done this kind of damage to myself and he called the police but by the time they arrived I was gone.

The doctor who treated me on Oahu said it was impossible for me to have done this to myself and that it was the worst fracture he had ever seen. After a week in the hospital on Oahu and having had no sleep for six days and not being able to eat because the doctor had said that there was a chance I could catch pneumonia if what I ingested went down the wrong pipe, I had to subsist on liquids. I'd never heard of such a thing before. Anyway, I was discharged suddenly with no warning and how I got back home was a marvel (grin).

Over the course of the few weeks since this has happened I have been in infrequent contact with Robert. When I tried to get some information all he would say is, “It was very strange.” Since then there has been little contact; one email has followed but it was quite obviously intentionally vague about details and I came to realize fairly quickly that this was to keep any evidence of culpability out of print. I have come up with only one answer for what happened. I have thought about it in every way and nothing makes sense except for one thing. He was paid to do this do me. That makes all the sense in the world. There has been no apology or any expression of remorse. I passed them on the road while driving through Pahoa the other day. They were leaning up against the wall of this coffee shop where many of the locals hang out and laughing about something. I just kept going.

Robert said we should meet and that they wanted to talk to me. This was after I mentioned that the police were about to get involved. I see no possible good coming out of my talking to them. I had prayed about the matter and asked what I should do and the next day the police called my landlady and I guess they want to talk to me. We'll see about all of that.

For the moment I am subsisting out of a blender and a food processor while healing takes place and it is taking awhile. Eventually I will have my bottom plate prosthetic refitting and I have located a VERY reasonable dentist who wants to help me but I have to be able to open my mouth wider, which at the moment I have been unable to do. Also, the bottom front portion of my jaw is completely numb. I was told that a nerve might have been severed and this accounts for it. I have a strange memory of the doctor I saw here before being flown to Hilo and he was giving me a shot in the jaw and telling me that as a result, sensation might not return to that area. That makes no sense but I remember it none the less.

My attitude is quite positive. I don't think about anything except being in tune with the ineffable and moving from day to day. As a result of getting hit, certain things that had been troubling me for years, quite simply disappeared and have not returned. This is a very good development. It frees the mind in ways that it had not previously been free and I find that not thinking beyond the moment I am in, allows me to accommodate everything that might happen and will happen into a separate chamber that I spend no time in... heh heh.

Of course, I am mystified at the things that have happened to me over recent time. The attack took place nearly exactly one year to the day from the day I fell and broke my hip. Certainly that is an oddity. There are many odd conditions and events that have come and gone and remain. I do not pretend to understand any of it. I just take each moment, each day, as it comes. I continue to work at what you read here most days and my other projects.

For whatever the reason, I have no anger whatsoever about the events that have befallen me; from terrible treacheries that I experienced in East Germany and in my journey out of there to this most recent occurrence. None of these things make sense in any normal course of operations. Sometimes we just have to pay a price for who we are and what we do and who we are and what we do may not be bad in any respect. It's just what passes for life in difficult times.

Nothing that goes on down here is of any real and lasting consequence when compared to the far more permanent beauty of that bright home we are all heir to, should we care enough to reach out for that possibility. I've grown much closer to the Amitabha in these last weeks and that is all to the good and I hear from those locations that in these past few years has become more and more clear in its communications to me that... all will be well and I must simply be and await the changes that are to come.

Yesterday on my birthday, I was sitting here and I thought to myself, “where will I be a year hence from now?” I could feel images swirling around me but I received no clear idea of anything. I suspect that part of the reason for that is that nothing is set in stone and there are all sorts of allowances that can be made for temperament and intention, not to mention the industry of applied effort. I am left with that thought; 'time will tell and we shall see.'

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