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The Ineluctable March of Karma and Global Transiting.

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Dogs have shown me the way, not because they are intelligent and possess objective knowledge about the path but because their unqualified devotion and love reveal to one all that is needed to reach the ineffable and... in this Kali Yuga ...that... is the one sure and certain course.

Karma is, at once, mysterious and right in your face obvious. I draw you attention to this strange affair. If you are a fan of curious events, as I am, you come across events like this nearly every day and you may be sure that whether you come across them or not, they are happening. If you have arranged this then an elephant will surely come out of the woods at dawn where no elephant is expected to be in a place where elephants are not native residents.

We live in a time of 'crazy is normal' and 'normal is criminal'. People chase after personal celebrity as if it were the holy grail of achievement and it doesn't matter what you have to do to acquire it. Here are a couple of twits at work. There's no point to it except attention for the sake of attention. It's not very imaginative and it's an attempt to imply that men are making similar comments to women. I don't doubt the catcalling of construction workers and sidewalk loiterers but I'm pretty sure the comments are not in the same range, given that I have witnessed these things. Here is an example of something that has been trending for some time. People want to be black because black is publicized as cool and white is not only passe but politically incorrect. I'm not arguing that the white race has not been responsible for some unfortunate events. I will say that this whole construct is Tribe created and that the entire white race hasn't caused anywhere near the problems created by this tiny demographic of greed and power junkies.

Race and color are like product brands. Sometimes one is in favor over the other and people being the sheep that they are, they are easily led and herded in whatever direction the hidden persuaders want them to be led in. The result for sheeple is the same as the result for sheep. First you get sheared and then you wind up on the hooks, or... it hits much earlier than that; the screaming of the spring lambs, what beautiful music they make.

Let's head back to the idea of Karma for just a moment. Here's another telling example. Thousands of individual stories are unreported on so we don't get the scope of it but it is ever in action. The words 'karma' and 'action' have a strong relationship.

I hear, not infrequently, from people who are puzzled about the idea of Karma. They feel that Karma is unfairly applied. They see the weak and helpless suffering at every turn and very little ever seems to happen to the really bad guys. Stick around. It ain't over yet. It's a long way from over and many events and conditions must come and go while we are here and when we are no longer here as well. Ageless wisdom would tell you to keep your mind on your own affairs and study to improve yourself. We know less than nothing about why things happen to people. We didn't know them before and we don't know them now, or ourselves either. We live in the land of glass darkly and there is a spell over the world. Ancient citadels of darkness radiate their hypnotic drones across the landscape and those who will help us remain in hiding, shrouded by mists and magics until the appointed times. Surely, also, if aliens from beyond have come a time or two to instruct or salvage some of us, they are at hand, somewhere, as well.

I remember peering out of airplane windows in the dark of the night and watching the twinkling lights of passing towns and cities below. I recognized that this was only what I saw in the slender sight-line of my passage and that there were many, many more cities and towns all round the globe. Some of them are cities with millions of lives moving by one another, others are tiny hamlets of a few hundred or a handful. Altogether they amount to billions and billions of lives and the time has come when the wealth of the world is concentrated in the hands of a very few, whose intelligence has been given over to cleverness and the fire of greed. Some thousands and tens of thousands are favored by these few and live high off of what falls from their pockets. There are too many of us for the wishes of the few and they have set in motion various plans to exterminate billions so that nothing but a permanent servant underclass will remain. We are in the midst of it at this time.

A simplistic definition of evil is any action that profits one at the expense of another. We here intend for the word profit to be applied with a wide latitude, including... no discernible profit... besides the intention of it. Evil is kind of like pornography. I wouldn't want to have to tell you what it is but I know it when I see it. These days, one of the main motivations of the manipulators is to blur the line between good and evil. Here is one of the main practitioners of that effort. He and his minions are at work in countries around the world, spreading their brand of moral relativism. You might think of him and his ilk as investment bankers in the Bank of Evil. There are few negative anti-human movements in the world today that he and his associates are not neck deep into the proliferation of. Is there any sexual practice other than heterosexuality that is in need of funding? They got deep pockets for it. Is there a need for legislation to attack the middle class? They got deep pockets for it. Are there resources that need stealing from third world countries? They got deep pockets for it. Is there a need for outside agitators to foment race wars? They got deep pockets for it. Does the educational system need to be tweaked into a twisted perversion of its former self? They have their people in place for that.

You might ask how it got like this and why it is allowed to continue and to get worse and worse. You might ask how it is that such a large body of the public seems indifferent to it. It is what it is because of things long past and not even remembered today.

Meanwhile, speaking of strange we have this and even stranger is that news reports concerning this around the world have been scrubbed from their former locations.

Critical mass is not that far away and coincidence ceases to be coincidence when you read thing like this and a little research shows that both the celebrities named are Tribe members and the head of Nestle is also. Nestle is the poster child for unbridled evil in this world at this time and they are not alone.

I don't know if some miracle cure for California's water problem will suddenly materialize. A massive tsunami would help were it not for it being salt water. It's not just California that will be tossed into a cauldron of madness. A large percentage of the nation's food supply comes from there. They say all the surface water will be gone within the year. Even if we cannot see the clear picture of what is coming, we can certainly see the conditions that are ushering it in. When it hits, the loss of life factor will be enormous in a very short time.

I am not of the Bahai faith, or maybe I am and don't know it. This article is chilling, if only because the predictions have been so right on. You see evidence of it all around you at this time. You see the engineers of global catastrophe at work like army ants, tearing away at the underpinnings of the infrastructure of civilization. They are attacking on all fronts, while their primary target is the collective consciousness. What a majority of people believe is true becomes true. What a majority are drawn into as the themes of their existence become what they are about and the result becomes a manifest certainty. Materialism comes to a specific end. Yes, the actual events may differ from place to place but the outcome does not.

When you observe the sluggish indifference of the masses to global changes you may well wonder what is this strange mesmeric force that captivates their consciousness and yet does not affect a certain minority of us. Then when you look at the similarity in the predictions, so many of which saw the coming of the first and second world war and the still coming third war, it is as if there is surely a wide spread dream net through which the inhabitants move on rails like a street car. If you can see this, should YOU be on the street car? If certain things should happen to the larger body of us because it is destined or ordained, should they happen to YOU?

It is a matter of simple research to see that international bankers have been behind all of the global conflicts. It is also a simple matter to check the heritage of the international bankers. It is no startling revelation to see this. This cultural meme has been afoot and transmitted through centuries around the world. This is a matter of provable fact. One can argue speciously otherwise about the truth of it and these arguments can be publicized in the mediums of information transmission until doomsday's brake but... what is, is. The devil is alive in the hearts and minds of his chosen vehicles. How much evidence does anyone need? The ether of the passing centuries reverberates with the hard cold evidence. It is not a matter of whether these things are true or not. They are true. What is most important is not what one is faced with but what one does about it.

It all comes down to the level of one's consciousness and awareness. Your circumstances and your destiny are inseparable from your consciousness and awareness. It takes place in your being and your environment reflects this, the same way you see everything outside of you inside your head. Are you seeing upside down or right side up? As ever; time will tell and we shall see.

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