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Try as Hard as You Can and then You Let Go.

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My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.

I'd like to point out that I will use links from anywhere based solely on the content and credibility of the article and not any past associations the writer may have had. This is apropos of nothing. It just needed saying.

We've been mentioning Lady Nature and her performance angle in the mix of circumstance. Here's more indication of her potential, revving the engines in the darkness of her garage. Her garage is where she keeps the heavy motors that, in better times, account for all the profusions of color, ambiance and atmosphere; not to mention the bounties of her larder, upon which we depend without exception because... what are the exceptions? Unless you live on sunlight and aether, you are dependent. There are very few exceptions, although they do exist.

Then, there are those messing with Lady Nature, for whatever their reasons amount to be. This is in the same country where they are poisoning the Karachi street dogs. Some countries have turned to a better philosophy and one might well expect the lady to shine on their efforts. Here lies a glimmer of the coming mini golden age. It's being brought into being by the precipitation of the avatar, down onto the physical plane. Avatar time is not our time AND... a new broom sweeps clean. The areas in need of cleansing are the astral and mental planes and... of course... other places as well. Across the length of extended time between visits, a lot of evil plaque builds up on the invisible planes and the cosmic dentist has to come in and see to all of that; not to mention the lacquer of Materialism that coats the sensory apparatus of the willingly deaf and blind. It's all about those principalities and powers in high places. Even demi gods can be corrupted and enslaved in times of material darkness.

So it is that some amount of terrestrial time can pass between the first exploratory probes and the conclusion of the cleansing, resulting in the physical appearance of the avatar HERE. The avatar is uniquely qualified to spot every trace of resident darkness and automatically dispel it. The avatar doesn't even have to think about it because the avatar is the highest light and light will banish darkness as a natural expression of its being.

The avatar is coming within us, wherever a suitable hosting vehicle is discovered. It will drive out of us all inimical forces. This accounts for the crazy speech and behavior that we are noticing on the increase of late. You might associate it with the phenomena of vomiting, as undesirable matter is driven from our being. You might think of it as a fever. It can take a number of forms. The primary concern is not about having to go through it. It is about making it through to the other side. Think of it as your turn in the washing machine; soak, wash, rinse AND... in some cases, repeat. For those with no consideration for this necessary labor, they are being soaked and washed in something else. It might even be the same thing, only with a completely opposite relationship to it. As we like to say here occasionally, the same fire that the sinners burn in, the saints rejoice and dance in. It is a cleansing fire. If you are attached to what is being cleansed it can be quite painful. If you are not, or you are cleansed, it's all good. Bathe in the light!

Modern existence is taking a heavy toll. We have not seen the full results of this yet. It is not only good things that can take time to develop, this is also true of bad things. Though is is not precisely relative to what is being discussed here, the black comedy, “Very Bad Things”, illustrates what can happen when you go down certain roads. Here is an example of of how really Topsy turvy Materialism has gotten. Materialism always results in the hungriest and most driven scavengers acquiring everything down to the last bloody nickels of human torment. It's not that they need it. They already have more than they can possibly spend. They are driven and you know by whom they are driven. One of the set truths about the human condition is that you are driving, or you are being driven. Take a look around. This is THE essential state of us all. There is only one driver but he does wear a mask when he is driving in certain directions.

Normal doesn't engage in things like this but normal has left the building. The majority of us no longer know what normal is. The shared awareness of what it was is being bred out of the masses in specific steps. Seen from the perspective of short term awareness, one does not see the ultimate direction of the long haul. Eventually one winds up in unknown territory with no clear idea of how they got there. Confusion to the left of them. Confusion to the right of them. Into the valley of confusion marched the six billion.

Materialism is a fever and a virus and eventually leads to bouts of projectile vomiting. Just ask the Romans about The Vomitoriums. Materialism is the very opposite of the Avatar, who initiates the process of cleansing and failing that, generates the supernatural fire. Cleansing doesn't always look like what it is, just as no matter what road a soul may take IT MUST eventually take the path of light. Why not take it this very moment? That is a compelling question. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak and it is made weak by relentless exposure to Materialism. Ironically, the flesh is not weak, is it? The pull of that magnetism is very strong. Otherwise the spirit would prevail and it does, here and there.

The single critical feature to keep uppermost in the mind is, 'don't give up'. Don't give up. If you do not give up you cannot fail. It doesn't matter how low you have fallen or what dark entities may presently feed on you. The power of the ineffable is immeasurably greater than all the forces of darkness that have existed through eternity. Faith increases in density and volume, according to the intensity of its employment. Eventually it sweeps every obstacle aside as if it were nothing, which, is just what it is because every obstacle only has its level of force according to one's faith in it as well. Of course you can't move certain obstacles but that isn't your job. Call in an expert.

I put a considerable amount of my life into realizing certain objectives which I have failed to accomplish. Is any of this worth thinking about for a moment? Absolutely not. No sincere effort is lost and these things have a habit of being realized by other means besides your own efforts. What is not meant to be is not meant to be. Do any of these personal accomplishment come anywhere near the accomplishment of The Great Work? No. Then again. It depends on what your priorities are. At the risk of being redundant in a good way; “Where your treasures are, there is your heart also.”

No matter how detached any of us might be from the fruits of our efforts, there are muses that attend our creations. Failing that, there are demons. Everything is inspired by something. The quality of your being is determined by the quality and direction of your thought. Regardless of any fame or fortune that might attend any of it, it has its impact on the world around you. There are very large invisible audiences that watch us at work. We are a TV show in certain quadrants. Live as if entire worlds were watching you for they very well might be.

Every arriving day is a new life and every sleep is a form of death. Adjust your priorities according to this understanding and things will go well for you.

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