Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It is Not Easy to be Arthur Topham.

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The more one gets to know of men, the more one values dogs.

Ah... so it is Memorial Day. Yes, this is the day that we celebrate all of those who were delusional enough to die in Banker Orchestrated Wars. This is the day when people still captured in the thrall of patriotic delusions, get incensed when you mention something like this. How delusional can one be when one has proof of these things in such abundance that not acknowledging this truth is proof positive that one is dumber than a rock?

There are no greater murderers on the planet than bankers. Bankers of the magnitude of those being discussed here are not recruited Satanists. They are born Satanists. One does not rise (or sink) to their level of evil and depravity in one lifetime. In another of life's great ironies, these bankers come in the largest part from the worlds smallest and most pestilential demographic. Is this anti-Semitic? The truth is anti-Semitic.

What is the cost of telling the truth? Ask Arthur Topham. There are quite some number of people that you cannot ask because they are no longer with us; having been promoted for telling the truth. Telling the truth will not always get you promoted. It depends on what the truth consists of. An example could be, “Yes, I killed him/her/it.”

I had considered migrating to Canada. There is a fraternal fellow there with a community, or what might become a community in Ontario (I think) but it was due to circumstances such as Arthur Topham has encountered that I demurred. Arthur Topham is a crusader. One might say he is quixotic but Arthur is not tilting with windmills that he imagines are giants. If giants can be monsters then Arthur is tilting with monsters in human form. These are the bankers who have captured and subdued Canada. Canada was easier to bring low, or to a lower degree than America because Canada is a more socialism inclined country and so the apparatus that is being bent out of recognition in Canada was already prone to the foul machinations of the carpetbagging, Marxist Satanists Bankers that infiltrated that country over time. Bring attention to their control of Canadian affairs and you will find yourself buried in legal fees before the courts that they control. As the Tribe manufactured laws of Canada become ever more and more Draconian, legal fees will be the least of one's problems.

The Seagrams and other poisoners of Canadian well being, completely control their catamite in office, Stephen Harper. Will the Canadians wake up to what is happening in their land? Will they tumble to the perversities being visited upon their educational system by this same Tribe of Predators? Will they awaken to the sexual outrages being visited upon the minds of their children and the shaping of their preferences by hijacking their prepubescent focus? Mr. Apocalypse is in charge of that. However, though one might be tapped by the force of awakening, though one might have their shoulders shaken as they sleep, one must desire to awaken or the nightmare will continue. One must respond to the hands of the cosmos upon one's person and that all comes down to whether the pull of the dreams of magnetized dust prove stronger than the call of the celestial realms. It is a difficult thing. The dreams of dust are everywhere, vibrating within the reach of the senses and the celestial is invisible in source, cause and residence but... not in effect. The invisible has its effect upon the manifest every day. It reaches from out of time into the world of time. Time is a form of gravity and that which comes from out of time, moves at its own speed. It may come slowly but it cannot be stopped.

This is what we must remember about the process of one age following another; everything changes. It doesn't matter what you think and it doesn't matter who you are or what you want, unless of course you are the avatar, or employed by him in some fashion ...but then what you think would be in accord with him. Who you are would be in accord with him and what you want would be in accord as well. Keep that in mind because that option is ever before you. The force of the avatar is ALWAYS victorious and sets the tone for the following age. It may not always be easy to see the truth of this since it moves across a large extent of time that no 'human' life can span.

Here, once again, is the power of “I don't know.” The arrogance of the human mind is breathtaking. Because of this it is often blind to the vastness of what lies beyond its ken. Those who recognize this truth can be informed. Those who do not recognize this are like a pitcher filled with water. You cannot pour more water into it. It is already full. For reasons beyond anything sane, many people prefer to have their minds filled with the flotsam and jetsam that bobs and drifts upon the ocean of material ignorance. One who has emptied their minds can become like one who holds a mirror to the sun. The magic and mystery of true light is of a very high order and the wisdom in it is not often possessed by anyone here. This is both sad and disturbing because it is a simple thing to empty one's mind and simpler still to arrange oneself in such a way as to be filled with the object of devotion.

It is not given to all of us to be permitted to reside in true sanctuary in the manifest sense but it is given to any of us to carry our sanctuary with is as we go. It is not given to all of us to exist in a blessed anonymity because there is so much work to be done and that work is extremely varied. Some of us are maintained in states of different limitations, in order to accomplish our singular vocations. All over the Earth today, there are souls making sacrifices for the purpose of redemption and demonstration so that others might be inspired by what they have done.

The problem with Arthur Topham is not Arthur Topham. The problem is that there are not enough Arthur Tophams in Canada or the world. What Topham says is true and it is the truth of what he says that causes the outrage among those whom this truth is concerned with. Most people are so consumed in the performance of appetite satisfaction that they do not want to be disturbed by anything that might take their attention away from this. The hypnotic force of Materialism is extremely strong and so there are very few of us that are capable of putting our hearts and minds upon the greater good. The greater good is not always accomplished by sweet and tidy behavior. One could say that this is seldom the case. Soft and sonorous platitudes and flowery speech are fine for those cloistered in ashrams and privileged engagements that one can afford the cost of. Idle dilettantes do not mind paying for the services of those who are willing to tout their exceptionalism.

Most people do not want to hear the truth. The truth is inconvenient at the best of times. It gets in the way of one's capacity to indulge themselves in personal pursuits. The truth is a torment to vanity. It can be a wrecking ball for the ego and one's sense of privilege. Lord Shiva is often shown as a personification of the truth and that is why he is seldom invited to celebrations, weddings and the like but he is often seen at funerals. We do not know which element of god nature will be invoked in us, should we be inclined to seek after something of that nature. We might imagine that we will be transformed into someone all wise, or someone powerful but this is not in our hands. We are a prisoner of the talents bestowed on us and must exercise them regardless of whatever risk might attend these performances.

We might wish for always having the funds to carry on our lifestyle. Sometimes even when we seek little for ourselves we still struggle to make our way. Why is this the case in such a bountiful world? Every person's karma is different and every case has primarily to do with the progress of the soul and this often runs counter to our material needs, such as we might imagine them to be.

I know very well the nature of being in extremity. It is never far from me. I live in an unpredictable dependence upon the unseen ineffable who chooses to make whatever statement it is inclined to make on each and every day. What can one do? One continues in hope and faith. It is all that one has.

It is not easy to be Arthur Topham and there are not many like him as a result. I pray that he will find respite from the less than tender ministrations of the beast. I am reminded always that behind every appearance of the devil there is an angel concealed and which only needs to be seen to produce the force of it being.

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