Thursday, May 21, 2015

Into a Deep and Dark Mindinao Trench of Doubt.

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When a man's best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem.

Saw a video yesterday about the potential for a seismic event in California. Unlike a lot of folks who come and go, this fellow has a very measured take on the whole affair.

This doesn't make him more right or less wrong than the next guy but... we'll know one way or the other in a week.

I mentioned this to an acquaintance of mine here today and he said, “Yeah, everybody is talking about that.” I don't know what this means. I didn't ask him for details.

In wandering through the news gathering sites where I go, I came across some mention of Alex Jones, David Icke and others having, 'heavy premonitions' about something big going on on the subconscious radar. Given Alex's fascination with the geographic complexity of his own navel and Icke's endless fascination with shape shifting reptiles and both of them with their larger than life fixations on self promotion, I don't know what to think about whatever it is they are thinking about. Yet there is a great deal of tingly speculations concerning the creeping unknown going on hither and yon. It's widespread and not the sole province of cigar store celebrities of dubious provenance.

Let's add in my own intuitive spun web trembles about a world changing event coming soon and no later than the fall of this year and the continuous, rain on a tin roof racket, about something to do with California that keeps pinging inside my head. I wish I knew what any of it means. Suffice to say that it is under discussion today because the signs are flashing on that Las Vegas strip of dancing neon that is the internet in wildly diverse locations.

Regular visitors here will remember how often Lady Nature has been mentioned on these sites of late. Prior to my hearing about May 28th, I hadn't come across any of this burgeoning informathon about groans, rumbles and possibilities of Earth Dancing catastrophe but... I have been feeling something too. This is just the first page over at Google. When you look into the complexity of alignments that Nostrildamus picked up on, it gives one an eerie slither up the spine.

Okay... I'm not a prophet or a precognition seer. I don't dream about world changing events but it does strike me as uncanny that the thoughts I have been having are mirrored in places around the world and backed up by specific verses of Nostrildamus; not that I have put a whole lot of belief in that particular seer, simply because of the obscurity of his symbolisms that are open to such expansive interpretations but... but... there sure is a lot of chatter going on, not to mention that the day after, the film “San Andreas” goes into theaters worldwide.

Walking hand in hand with all of this is the strange phenomenon of people wigging out all over the place. They are wigging out in our comments section and in every case it is either about fixations they have on particular doctrines, according to their interpretation of them and for which they WILL accept no substitutes, or it is about them not getting their due and endless degrees of tolerance for their acting out in a less than generally enjoyable manner. It's not just here though. It is going on in the lives of people I hear about and people I hear from. It is going on close at hand and far away. It is a clear and obvious manifestation of people being unable to deal with the pressures of the apocalypse coming down on them and into them.

Personally I am getting none of this, as my own life is still and serene for a change and has been that way for some time now. I was told a long time ago that the worse things get in the world the better they will get for me. That's comforting and disturbing and... as usual, inexplicable. Man! We are getting deep into the subjective. Let's see if we can dig our way out of it.

If California goes into the Pacific Ocean, it is going to transform world consciousness in ways beyond anything we can imagine. The epic scale of it will throw every other consideration into confusion or... highly placed negative conspirators will use the cover of this event for more dastardly doings.

If nothing comes to pass then this is all just a speculation shitorrama. Surely we know that given the state of the world, something large and unwieldy is on the move, straining at the bit, chomping at the bridle and pulling fiercely on the leash. Like someone used to say back before he went bankrupt, “It's Hammer Time.”

We've always been about trends here and the way so much of the world is trending now; good grief!!! Here is just one of the many absurd happenings going on in the world at large. This is one of any number of manifestations coming out of a religious psychopathy whose usual main focus is world domination. The level of absurdity is off the charts. How crazy are these people? Really, REALLY crazy. I don't doubt they fly in on private planes for dinner in Lagos. Well... if you check the latest news, it turns out to have been all fabrication. There's a lot of that going on too, so that you don't know what to believe anymore and maybe that is the point. Maybe all the lies and half truths are part of an agenda to break the public's faith in any consistency of collective belief, in the permanence of a shared reality. It seems that if you can splinter the connection between people and those things they have come to consider to be dependable manifestations of this and that, which they all agree, or used to agree, is actually this and that, then... this and that suddenly become mysterious things that are no longer what they were and there is a sense that maybe they never were. All this news about the ubiquitous corruptions of church and state, combined with the outright criminality of the markets and marketplace and the storm-trooper behavior of law enforcement seems to be about plunging the common mind into a Deep and Dark Mindinao Trench of Doubt.

We can't be precise and specific about anything here because we just don't know. What we are doing is putting all of these connected and disparate items out there for you to see how this pings off of your consciousness and what you get from any of it. What do you think? Is it all just a grab bag of coincidence and tenuous projections based on... based on what?

Search out that deeper part of yourself and commune. If you find yourself going nuts over your belief systems; if you find your ego in flames and possessed of a near uncontrollable desire to lash out at all and sundry... check yourself. Can you back away from this madness and bring these raging internal solar flares to heel? Can you let go of the hands reaching up from the broken earth to pull you down?

Think about all of this. How do you really feel? Can you put yourself into enough of an objective state to see the wackiness at work? Regardless of how justified our subjective self has convinced us that our behavior is justified, ANYTIME one is consumed with the need to strike out at others, one has gone wrong somewhere. It is not for us here to determine what that is and when it happened but... we can say with great assurance that no matter what the rationalization, this kind of behavior is not okay and won't prove to be effective. Unfortunately for the one suffering from it, getting out of the subjective and into the objective is no easy thing for those whose personal self is thrashing about like a water buffalo in an antique shop. Could it be the antiques?

Anyway, I'm guessing all of this is as clear as mud.

Let me close on a poignant tale of struggle and triumph that involves the former lead singer of The Persuasions; arguably the greatest acapella group of all time. Like many another musical group, the full story is one of tragedies and small successes; promises that didn't come to pass and a sheer and indomitable will that carried the players onward. Jerry Lawson is now in his seventies and some months ago he suffered a torn esophagus, which resulted in an infection that very nearly took his life. In the process of his recovery he made a connection with someone in the music business and the next thing you know he has released a solo album and been written up several times in Billboard Magazine. I see the hand of the ineffable at work here. I have been a fan of Jerry's and The Persuasions and gone to see them many times; visited with them back stage, sang with them on stage and in one or two parking lots here and there. This group had a profound impact on my life, mostly because of what decent people they were and are and their efforts to keep the ineffable front and center in their work. You don't see that very often. If you want to know more about Jerry and what is happening with him today, go to the right hand menu and click on his picture. God bless you Jerry!

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