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The Mind is the Ugliest Part of the Body.

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There is so much in the wind. It is as if the voices of many ages were all competing to be heard, at any cost, no matter whom it happens to. There was another reason for coming here but it got lost in translation. It was supposed to provide a quantum leap opportunity and yeah.... it was that but it turned out to be a quantum leap into the darkness in many cases. To each their own, I suppose. The scariest part of it all- could be- that it looks so totally programmed. The movers and shakers are in a tight groove of a downward spiral. It is obviously downward but they are not permitted to see it. The image of water swirling in a toilet bowl comes to mind AND... they want to take the whole world with them when they go. That is how I come to know what kind of a war it is on every front. As you are what you think, so you are what you do; even when what you think you are is a fantasy. It must eventually come up against that which is not. That is the simple reality of an apocalypse and why it is defined through uncovering and revealing.

Simple observation should tell us that committing certain acts has consequences. They aren't always the dramatic consequences of justice seen to be done but... it does get done. We also should know through simple observation that certain other things have entirely different consequences, even thought they sometimes are not seen to be done... they get done. The world is as perfect as the vision of the person observing it and that does not mean that everything is beautiful and everything is fine. It's not. What it means is that the world is perfectly what it is for the outworking of its set destiny; not entirely set but... what do I know?

Certain things are as predictable as night and day. And it all hinges on a badly drawn picture of dark and hidden items. The promotional aspects of this international blackmail scam are relentless. It's hard to see the same place in both links. In locations around the world, there is a coming forth of many different views on what we have been told was so. It's an apocalypse. It's scary how much certain people have invested in certain things; 'where your treasures lie' and all that.

These days I find myself reaching for things to talk about. I don't see the point in visiting so much similar territory so often. We try to keep it interesting and as combustible as it is, that's not all that hard but... whatever is going on out there in the world is only relevant to the degree that we engage it on its level. If the world is humming in one complex sequence of vibrations and you are humming along at another, it's one of those 'never the twain shall meet' things. The world has always trended toward corruption. That is the world's side of the equation. It turns to corruption and out of the compost, new worlds are born and from inception, trend toward the same. It may not seem like that at first. It never does. That is how it sucks so many people along in its wake.

That part of it; getting sucked along in its wake is perfectly understandable. You've got these energy centers that vibrate to particular levels of experience. Let's say each one of these centers is like an entire floor of an immense department store. The elevator door opens and you step out into the near endless display of all the things that apply to that zone. The world comes at us like Noriega or Saddam Hussein getting blasted with rock music. In this case it is your freedom and dignity and its rap, which is only about ten thousands times worse than the worst death metal. They know most people like to dance so they want to control the message and the beat. The message is near completely Satanic across the entire medium. They're turning up the griddle under a whole bunch of dancing chickens.

I think maybe scary isn't the exact word I am looking for. Maybe shocking is a better fit. Stunning too. It's so obviously what it is and people have agreed among themselves not to recognize this because recognizing it makes you liable. What are you liable to? Something other than what you were doing before you recognized it for what it is. You don't get to go back to sleep. You also discover that there is very little you want to talk about any more except for what's important. What is important? You would know better than I what is important to you.

It's also terrifyingly surreal the way that they are savagely acting out on everyone they perceive to be beneath them. It's coming in on all sides and even that's not enough. They are making war on the planet itself. No living creature, in anything approaching a sane mind, sets out to destroy themselves. It must be that they cannot see and that it all looks much different to them than it does to us. While they are completely involved in attempting to control our minds, desires and appetites, theirs is being controlled too. It is exactly like a movie with everyone playing a role. The roles they play are not, except coincidentally, the roles or the identities of the actors in 'real life'. We're verging toward the metaphorical here. The actors in a film cannot step out of the film or act out of character. It's on film and the film out here is the Dream Web and... like any web in real life, there is a creature that lives on the web and you are its food. Look at the very aged for result. What percentage of them have their wits intact?

It is not often that you see a serene and gracious elder face. This is far more true in the captured lands than it is in more ancient cultures. When a culture is right, it is timeless. The conditions of the time, the degree of industrialization and technology can have a serious negative impact on a culture but it doesn't have to... not if the culture is existing along timeless lines. Life doesn't go wrong around you and then it happens to you. Life goes wrong inside you and then it happens to you. Everything going on in your world only has the degree of fear and uncertainty that you possess yourself. Things are always taken care of unless we start micromanaging from the wracking doubt that things won't work out. I don't know what the math is for it or how it looks on a blueprint but I observe this to be so in my own life and the lives of some others who live according to that awareness. As much as you can think things right into existence, you can also think them right out of existence.

So many people run around with this view of a complicated and uncontrollable world, when it is not the outer world giving that impression. It is the inner world acknowledging it. You can look at most everything from radically different perspectives than many, many people do. Take a look around. It's there in CinemaScope. It's wrap around wide screen, wall to wall in a round environment of 360 degrees of counterpointing oppositions, conjunctions and all those relationships that are other than your own is. Sometimes you are around like minds and that is one thing. Often you are around unlike minds but the core awareness of all minds exists at a particular resonance and if you can tap into that you can effect synchronicity with many more minds. The bad guys know this too and in times of darkness they have a backstage pass that they don't have at other times. There's a date on that backstage pass. It's time sensitive.

What I am trying to say is that no one has any power over you except what you confer to them from that place in your mind where this allegiance lives. It happens in a lot of subtle ways but it is very real and it puts you inside a particular loop of interplay and relationship that defines what you are when you are not who you are. They get on the job early with television and educational programming and if the religions got a hold on your parents that's in play too. Once you grow up with a head full of bad information you are thrilled at the idea of putting on a uniform and going to places where you can kill the inhabitants because the banks ordered the people that give the orders to the people who give you your orders.

Everything begins and ends in your mind. Everything that affects you affects you because of the state of your mind. Everything appears to you the way it does because of the state of your mind. Everything you see came out of your mind, given that you have identified it as what it is in your mind. The simple reality is that we have created our own world and we can also change it at any time. Change is swift on some levels and then it moves more slowly, like in the physical realm; but everything is changed from the same location and the key is to stand guard at the gateway of the mind. Hard at first and habit later. Hard at first and habit later.

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