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The Clones and Copies and Confusions of this Xeroxed World.

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There is strange and there is just plain weird and I do believe this qualifies as the latter. There's different kinds of strange. This is certainly different from the first one and what do they do with those cars? Anything? Here you have a classic example of the fruits of material excess in a world driven mad by runaway consumerism. As has been stated here many times; Materialism moves through stages that manifest as increasingly more neurotic and psychotic expressions of itself, resulting in pandemic individual isolation within ever larger and larger crowds of individuals. It becomes increasingly more difficult to fit in to something that is increasingly more and more difficult to fit into. This results in people having to become bent out of shape in order to accommodate integration with what, step by step, becomes more and more unnatural as it goes. Some things that look strange are not all that strange because temporal reality seems to be controlled by some crocodile sharks and swine who move like massive harvesting machines across the twisted alcoholic and narcotic landscape of the American Dream.

Is Steven Hawking a double? Has Steven Hawkings been dead for a good length of time? The history of what he suffers from says that he really should have been dead long ago. No one else has ever lived as long as this after having developed ACLS; no one has lived even close to this long. The photos really are disturbing. Are they convincing? That is up to the individual and how they go about computing things like this.

I've heard that John Kerry is a clone and I have also heard that there have been several of him. If something like this is true then that means that it is likely... well... it would be very likely, right? It would be very likely that some number of the lumbering mastodons that rumble about in the dark night of the collective soul, trampling as they go, are some sort of manufactured product. Following this argument, it would then stand to reason that all kinds of things we don't know about are resident in the 'hard to believe' quadrant of existence.

I don't know if the present Steven Hawkings is a duplicate badly drawn boy or not. One could argue that the disease itself might be responsible for all the changes going on there and that Hawkings, with access to all necessary funds, can afford treatments that the rest of you would have no chance of getting. Yeah... in the face of counter arguments, what I have offered here seems weak and not convincing; given that NO ONE has lived anywhere near as long as Hawkings has with this disease. In this case he would not be a clone per se. He would be an impostor. One might wonder if they have cloning down to the degree that some believe they do; why isn't he a clone? See... I have a lot of questions of my own. I won't be going into these because I am not here to argue anything and I don't like arguing in the first place. To me... someone who seeks to argue is someone who has missed the point. Okay... okay, that wouldn't always be the case. Anyone who comes here knows that I like to use logic as a tool and reason as a vehicle with, hopefully, the truth as a destination. Convolution would be the name of the street traveled. It usually is. It gives us something to do over the length of our extended existence here. There's a pun in there.

So... what do you think? Do you think there's anything to any of this; not to mention all of the other wild and fantastic things that jump in and out of view like a Jack in the Box, with the same level of surprise, unless, of course, you are familiar with Jack in the Boxes or... have been surprised so often, like many of us here, that you are used to it and your level of surprise is not what it used to be.

Things go through phases. Nearly everything does. Even mountains have phases that exist between their rising up from pressures beneath the Earth and wearing away from the effect of natural forces upon them. We wouldn't likely see any of these changes because they take place over a very long period of time.

We go through phases too; the aging process is one of them. We also go through phases in the way that we view everything. I remember that someone got on my case awhile ago because I did not see The Vatican as the chief evil and operational menace in the world; probably because their bankers are members of The Tribe elite. Before the internet, I had a very negative view of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Here is a very telling example of that:

As is often the case, my name is less visible in respect of the production but I wrote it and Patrick dramatized it. Patrick has nothing to do with my anonymity in this regard. He's gone out of his way to counter it happening but it happens anyway. I've seen it happen on Utube numerous times. It's one of those cosmic quirks. It doesn't bother me though. I know this all gets sorted over time, just like our individual destinies do. If we look at our lives in capsules, we can get a grim portrait here and there, given the struggles that life is inflexibly heir to but... how things look at any particular time is not how they work out or wind up in the end, for both better and for worse but.... I digress.

I was really heavy on The Church for a good while and I haven't changed my tune in that regard internally and there has been regular mention about them over time. However, I catalog dangers and evils according to their level of importance and the darkness coming out of Israel and their international operatives is the greatest darkness of the hour. Do I believe that there is an even greater darkness behind them? Of course I do but the esoteric end is generally confined to a particular blog and that doesn't get the constancy of proliferation that the other blogs get. Do I think that there are secret societies that have been around for centuries and that have a lot to do with visible evils? Yes. Do I believe that there are also secret societies dedicated to the greater good? Yes.

A lot of heat came in this direction from someone who accused me of being a Satanist for not attacking them as regularly and vociferously as they wanted me to, even though they get regular mention here. The thing is that people's reasons for doing things are often not the reasons they give. Their real reasons are not acceptable for publication.

So it is that one can become a tool of The Vatican in the minds of those who are inclined to see things where they are not; even when one is not Catholic and has no relationship with the church, its operatives or ANY OTHER cabal on this planet, except for a handful of invisible friends that the blog owner has picked up over time.

Here is the indisputable truth about this whole ball of confusion. No one who comes here and no one who agrees with or opposes me, knows who these mystery individuals and groups are. Those in opposition get real vague when you press them about it. They have all kinds of ways of sidestepping and dissembling but they NEVER tell us who the specific individuals they are talking about are. They NEVER pinpoint and delineate verified sources, NEVER. Sometimes they will wholesale it all as The Masons and The Illuminati, or something but... once again... I haven't heard any names yet besides the names we hear about all the time... or occasionally. When we look at the names of those who were involved in 9/11 or the breakdown of genetic maps from PNAC and the amount who are dual national individuals that all have allegiance to Israel. Wow! Could it be any more clear about who wrote the papers, who gave the orders and who carried out the minutiae?

I'll admit that this is all I know so far because this is all I have found. Do the agents of Israel suborn and manipulate other individuals, groups and agencies? It would seem so. Is it possible that other agencies, groups and individuals did not have to be suborned or manipulated and who came along at a level of parity and of their own free will? That is altogether possible.

One red faced, bombastic shouter came around awhile ago and... in less than diplomatic terms insisted that he could prove all kinds of things; that he had access to books from a hundred years ago and all kinds of other source material. I told him to put it up. He did not put it up. He just kept sneering and engaging in Byzantine avoidance methods. I told him what I thought of him and this led to the kind of bad press you can imagine. Yet... even where the bad press was happening he NEVER provided this information. Wouldn't you think that would be the single thing he would have done as ammunition to render me wrong? It didn't happen. To this day...that mysterious information remains a mystery.

If you ask me, I would say the Prince of Evil is behind all of these negative things that happen and that he has agents all over the world and only some of them come from Israel and only some of them are of a particular genetic strain. Of course I have said this before and will say it again. I try only to state what I know and that isn't much. The rest of the time I theorize and speculate, according to how it seems, really seems to be. I could be in error here and there and I freely admit that. When someone comes in with an irrefutable counterpoint to what I have suggested or stated, or when someone comes in with something that names names and events and dates OTHER THAN what I have presented and the accuracy is not in doubt, I will alter my perspective accordingly. Until then... I am going to follow Cui Bono and who HAS the money and controls the money flow. I follow the money and the workings of the money and I consider who the moneychangers are. This is as far as I have gotten. Despite any and all of this, I sincerely want to know the truth and I will be grateful to anyone who helps me discover it.

I don't work for any intelligence services and I don't have the circulation to make me that important anyway. I don't belong to any religion or any group of any kind except in an invisible sense and the details of that are maintained out of my range of view. I don't work for any organization of any type. I am a solo act who works out of the intuition and inspiration that is available to me. That is all. Feel free to prove otherwise concerning any of this; as if the body of my work were not a clear indication already.

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