Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Madness of Kings and Fools.

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You might think the news is just more of the same old same old, unless you look a little more closely. Then you find very important news. I'm not going to link anything here today because if you have been interested, you have seen these news articles and if you are incurious or indifferent, then you haven't. First up is the reaction, finally, to Monsanto. Oh, it's been coming for awhile but now we see some more serious efforts. There are multiple stories out today about the links between Roundup and cancer. The press is hedging on the matter by saying that there is not conclusive proof but... it looks like it. On the other hand, the demons in human flesh who drive Monsanto, or, 'My Satan', if you prefer, have been accused by the city of San Diego for dumping PCBs into the San Diego Bay. Apparently they are 99% responsible for ALL PCB dumps. Then, from a 3rd front, farmers are turning away in droves from GMOs because the public is doing the same.

It's going to be getting a lot hotter for these plundering psychopaths all around. By now, no one who isn't brain dead can dispute the presence of Mr. Apocalypse in every area of human consciousness. It appears that a wide sweeping awakening is about to, very soon become highly visible. It's been around for awhile and it has been coming for awhile. It's sort of like Spring. It may come later than we might like or earlier than we expect but come it will. The Spring of a raised consciousness it going to come about the same way The Huns visited Rome, or The Moors swept across so much of the eastern world; changing the arts, science, architecture and human thought of the time and leaving a lasting impact right up to this day. In the modern day, Shit has been happening from the top down for some time. Now it's going to start happening from the bottom up and being amplified by the force of the planets and whatever mysterious power guides their movements.

Many humorous events are going to be running along in tandem with this, for instance, a gay, Latino fashion consultant was on The View and made the observation that Michele Obama looked like one of the cast from The Planet of the Apes. There's a train wreck of political correctness happening here, one in which the more powerful will emerges victorious. That would be Michele, Hell's Belle (presently annoying The Cambodians). The humor comes about because of the presence of a gay Latino. The articles say nothing about this, lest they awaken some slumbering beast, roaring in outrage at the deliberate misinterpretation placed on the now fired fashion consultant, who actually said that the makeup made her look that way. She does look like she is from the Planet of Something; perhaps a long underground Morlock but one would expect her to be more of an albino from the lack of Vitamin D and other hormonal and vitaminal substances. Perhaps she is from that side of Mercury that is turned to the sun all the time; if that is a real thing. Some might argue she must come from the next closer planet because an industry shill said that women are from Venus but... others would argue that she is not a woman and could not then be from Venus. I am not going to lose my job over this because I do not have one that relies on playing kiss ass with powerful corporate and banking houses.

Other things might happen though, as did this previous week when something in my system went haywire and I suffered some kind of a breakdown. Was it caused by low level microwave pulses? Was it caused by some other intrusive influence, perhaps simply some sort of cosmic anomaly? I don't know.

There are a whole host of interacting conditions that might not be all that effective (or destructive if you prefer) but they are out there, with everything from horrific mosque bombings to a slate of holocaust denial articles and governmental bodies coming out in reaction to the present day holocaust of the Israelis upon the Palestinians.. Articles on The Holomodor and impossible gas chamber tales abound. It's a critical mass thing; the straw that breaks the camel's back. One day it's a crazy theory that goes counter to the world view, created by bankers for the purpose of world plunder and then, one day, everyone knows what the truth was and who the biggest mass murders of some long while were and are.

I've come to believe it is a genetic thing, not something behavioral that got implanted at an early age. Some people are just bad, or they play such a character on TV; metaphorically speaking. They are just all a part of the cosmic central casting that comes down the ranks of death and rebirth, born into their roles. It could be that they are all just players who imagine they have some influence over the script but who are, in fact, mere doomed automatons. It's a march of the damned and though we often do not see real justice here, it is possible that we do, simply by what happens to the victims of any age. Someone once said that this eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth construct simply leaves a lot of blind men gumming each other to death. That seems to be so, at least from where I stand, which is not a generally shared view because I don't see that many people standing on the hill at this particular angle with me.

Some of us do not see the world in terms of conventional wisdom; a possibly relevant associative event is the recent predictions of the scientists at that large monstrosity called Bosun Higgs or something like that. They say they are about to prove the existence of an alternative universe. You can expect all kinds of similar mind boggling verities or lacks of verity to come about shortly that will stand on its head all that we thought we knew of what is true and what is not. The fact is that we live in a dark age and that is best exemplified by the corporate and military industrial complexes financial driving of the scientific community; or one might look at the medical realm of the age. This is one of the more loathsome evidences going. Most areas of endeavor, especially the arts, are at their most tawdry state ever and yet these things are celebrated far and wide. Contemporary film soundtracks are most telling, as is the drive and direction of plotting mechanisms.

I suspect this summer and the rest of the year to be massively transformative. Negativists will see it as a world's end scenario. Positivists, like myself, will see it as something else entirely.

I think I've said all I want to say at the moment. At least I showed up to say something. That whole possibility seemed problematic only a short while ago. Well... there it is.

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Unfortunately there will be no radio show again as the large computer went down for reasons inexplicable to me. Part of the trouble too is being now 12 hours removed from my previous digs which gave me a greater time latitude. All things in time.


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