Monday, March 9, 2015

Pop Goes Elie the Weasel.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your paws hammer on the hard strata of this world and bring music to your passionate passing by, in all your ways coming and going. Let the joy of the music in your heart ignite the world around and make your animated dust a living example to everyone near you. Give it your best and you will get it back MANY times over. Oh yeah! Let it be said. It NEEDS to be said. Every moment is another golden opportunity to profoundly change the world by changing yourself.

Mr. Apocalypse is just amazing. He blows my mind every day and I see him at work all over the place in the good the bad and the ugly. Mr. Apocalypse is making it possible for us to see things as they are, to the extent that we see ourselves as we truly are and conversely, everyone else in the best possible way. Mr. Apocalypse rocks and I can feel the positive joy of cosmic consciousness; affirming and unaffirming... nailing it... nailing it everywhere and listen up folks, he's bringing his A game every day now. He's intensifying and scary as he can be sometimes; especially when you falsely represent yourself as so many of these clumsy, drunken clowns do every day on the big stage. I want to tell you people... it's just going to get hotter, harder and and more precisely right on. I laugh out loud these days when I see some of the shit people are up to and the way they try to bring out the unique stupid in everyone they happen to. Numba One is Binnie the Rats sustained, in your face blowjob, by the American congress. I swear... the slavish whoring, totally free of any sense of self restraint, totally free of embarrassment is riveting entertainment. The difference between them, literally, if they were on their knees with their mouths open, so eager as to make the aware observer cringe, or doing what they actually did; what would the difference be? There wouldn't be any.

Let it not be said that I have anything against particular sexual acts, I don't. It's more a matter of who is doing them and WHY; measuring in the cost to everyone else at the same time. Then Binnie goes and waves Elie the Weasel around at everyone. Elie is one of the most persistent and outrageous liars ever to waltz about on the world's state in the last hundred years. He's been exposed over and over again, he's even been exposed by other frauds.

You're wondering why it is taking so long for all of this to get done; for the world to change or sink under the weight of collective crimes... it is, so it can all be seen and seen and seen, so that even the densest among us can finally have their eyes opened.

These same players, those named and unnamed and from every place in the international elite, are pushing for World War 3 and it is the international bankers who are beating the drums outside of the view of the lumpen proles who will die in this conflict. Only a very stupid or deluded person allows themselves to be seduced into waging war for bankers. There is no upside to that but GMO carrots get waved all over the place, counterpointed by the lash of fear being generated by banker games with the various economies.

The truth continues to appear by the day and what this particular item tells us is that the powerful behind the scenes Satanists have permeated nearly every seat of temporal power on the planet. You can't see them. For the most part their names are unknown to us but they are the movers and shakers making policy through their proxies world wide. In some cases we do know who they are but they are not so identified in their capacity as Satanist. They certainly qualify by their actions however.

What are you supposed to do about it? That is a serious question that people get, by turns, confused and intimidated over. My take is that you do what you are capable of; you do what you are trained for or possess the talent for. In many cases that means you work on yourself because the wider playing field is out of your reach. If you can manage to keep yourself outside the sway of this influence, you have achieved a great deal. I say this because those rubbing planets that we have spoken of here before are going to be changing their tune; are already changing their tune and you will be in a position to have the positive side of that tune play through you and you will have some protection against the negative side of these applied forces impacting on you.

We are all either warriors for the truth or soldiers of the dark side. We wage, or do not wage, our portion of the interplay, wherever we are, every moment of every day. A lot of us fall into that lukewarm category. I don't guess I have to explain what that amounts to.

If there is any one thing that comes across the wires here with any consistency, it is that people are troubled. They don't know what to do. Maybe there is nothing to do, in the wide angle, external way. Maybe we should only attend to our own business and if enough of us do that it will play into the greater scheme in the most effective way possible. Besides recognizing the extent of our, so far unused potential, we need to know what our limits are as well and operate accordingly.

We are in that 'any moment matrix'. We are caught up in the interaction between the vile activities of the corrupt elite and the collective hopes and aspirations of everyone else. In the meantime, there is the powerful effect of what we cannot see, which is operating through the corrupt elite and the collective of the rest of us. We are swayed or guided by whom and what we listen to. Accordingly we are led into whatever we arrive at. You can see the ins and outs of all of this as an intricate complexity, or you can see it as remarkably simple. It depends on how complex or simple you are and we do not mean simple as it more generally defines a lack of intellect and depth. Such is not the case... except when it is; I'm thinking that means, 'present company excepted'.

Sooner, probably than later my friends. Not much more to say on this end. Hang in there.

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