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Water Bearer Consciousness and the Cloud of Unknowing.

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Well... well, the times they are transforming, or something to that effect; slowly, of course, like rock disintegrating under the steady impact of water but still, change is one thing you can bank on, should you be fortunate enough to interpret the direction of change. Here's one interesting example. Although it seems to imply that people are waking up, which, on the surface of it, most observing minds would conclude this to be absurd, still; what else are we to make of it?

Then we have this ongoing trend, which speaks of positive change although we have no idea what it means. It could be a systematic effort on behalf of the darkness eating the darkness. It could be simply an expression of the insanity that comes hand in hand with the profession as it sinks deeper and deeper into the tar pit of Materialism. It could be... and most certainly is, some further permutation of the invisible acting on behalf of the coming age of Water Bearer Consciousness or... or what?

Then we find that despite Poroshenko's immediate actions to the contrary following it, there's a new cease fire supposed to be taking place in The Ukraine. Would this have anything to do with Greece moving into the Russian orbit or... just another gambit, as the result of failed western policies, to injure Russia for not knuckling under to the international force of ZOG? As it so happens, more and more corporations are doing more and more business with Russia than ever before. Something is going on but I wouldn't know what that is. All I know is what I get from the Big Picture cause I'm a Big Picture kind of a guy. Minutiae tends to escape me.

I doubt there are many, make that any, readers who are unaware at this point of what a complete hypocrite and whore Brian Williams is and has been through the long and tedious length of his career as a talking head poseur Brian has been showing up at all kinds of locations; sporting events and other places lately, in the company of celebrities for a little face time. I've no idea what any of that means. I think it means some kind of colorful camouflage.

Yeah... all any of this tells me is that Mr. Apocalypse is on the move. Halliburton is getting pasted for what Halliburton usually does, according to its general business policies. Recently, 'what a dick' Cheney got charged with some number of crimes in Nigeria but... 35 million dollars seems to have taken the fire out of that one. We're hearing about it all though.

Now we are finding out what I and most of the rest of you already knew, which is that this whole public face of the atheist movement is an orchestrated effort by ZOG, for the usual reasons, as this article cogently reveals. The more we find out, the more we learn what we pretty much already knew. We're going to be learning a lot more this year. No one is going to be able to prevent that because Mr. Apocalypse isn't going to permit it.

We have said it many times here. We are in an apocalypse AND that means; revelation, uncovering and resonating and accelerating awareness across the board. Of course, everyone is not going to be experiencing the same levels of understanding and awareness. An apocalypse is not politically correct. It operates on the merit system. You want to know and learn and understand more? Seek and ye shall find.

A lot of people do not want to know. We know this. Those who do not want to know will be forced to know and most of that will be about themselves. Attending this knowing will be a whole new envelope of emotion that will come down like fiery rain upon the consciousness of those resistant to the knowing. That's how it is. It's going to get hotter and more and more pervasive and it is going to hit everyone where they live, according to how where they live matches up with the cosmic imperative for what is coming and which cannot be avoided, collectively or individually.

For some, this is going to be like a cleansing Spring rain and for some it is going to be like volcanic embers. It will be the same thing, regardless of who it lands on but the effect of contact will be strikingly different, according to whatever it is that you have become and whatever it was that had the greatest impact on making you what you are. You are a representative of what it is that you serve. It's had a transformative effect on your DNA. It has made you of a certain composition. What we are talking about is something chemical. By analogy we could say that whenever there has been a plague or an epidemic, some number of people seem to be and have proven to be... immune. It's like that.

A lot of the really unfortunate effects of Materialism have been directed at lowering the resistance of the population to all kinds of opportunistic and invasive aggressors. This is why some people get that tick disease or Epson Barr. This is why so many people are moving about in an ever more increasingly weakened state and others are not. It's a kind of Darwinism. Who is behind it; way behind it, well... I wouldn't hazard a guess because, from my viewpoint everything is either allowed or initiated by the same force. That's just me though.

There are some number of distinctions when it comes to doing wrong. There is the one where you are doing wrong and don't realize it and there is the one where you are doing wrong and you know damn well that you are and don't care. There is the wrong of expediency and the wrong of inclination. There are wrongs that come out of confusion and panic and the wrongs that can't be avoided because you have got to HAVE or DO what you have just got to have or do.

I can only speak for myself. I can only act with confidence in regard to what I confidently know. Sometimes what I confidently know is only something I suspect is so to a far, far greater extent than any contrasting argument to the contrary. One might say I have had some extraordinary runs of bad luck and have put myself in some unfortunate circumstances, through zeal, pig-headedness or a certitude that comes out of The Cloud of Unknowing. Sometimes easy street leads to a bad end and sometimes rough highway will eventually turn into green pastures. Sometimes I am standing in a boat and before me I see dark skies and tempestuous waters but I know, or I sense, or I believe... that still waters wait beyond and I know, or sense, or believe that I am equal to whatever I encounter. We've all got to make up our minds, chart our courses or follow courses that we have the faith of decision to accommodate ourselves to.

How do we come to make the judgments that we make? It is based on many things; learned experience, native intelligence, fortuitous karma and circumstance. I could go on adding to the list but you can probably intuit this on your own. Certainly Karma plays a larger part and for some that means desperation and doomed decision making, followed by inevitable result. What do you do? A sane mind would assess that you seek in every way to improve your Karma or make the right associations that might play some part in protecting or guiding you.

I can look at the world, for the most part and see where any number of roads are going to lead and that is precisely why I am not on those roads. Still... I am limited in my comprehensive awareness and prone to error. I can only hope I tumble to the error of my ways with all possible expedience. That is my intention. I see that this is not a common course. Desire and all of its handmaidens; sirens... if you wish, are dangerous voices to be plucking out of the wind. What's playing on your Walkman? Who are you listening to?

There are a lot of voices on the wind these days. There are powerful transmitting towers that spread their malice and misdirection over a wide reach. What to do... what to do. Time will tell and we shall see.

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