Wednesday, February 4, 2015

To Dance Away from the Lip of the Abyss.

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A dog is the only creature on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

You know... there are certain things you can expect from certain lineages. From the Bush Dynasty, you can expect an enduring legacy of deaths and deceptions. From a Marsalis or Wayans Dynasty you are going to get musicians and actors... maybe a few comedians. AND from the Hilton Dynasty, heh heh, well... let's let this newsbite speak for itself. I talk a lot about the rising tide of madness that continues to manifest in socio-political affairs. If you can't see it by now in the world around you, you are most likely an example of it.

Insanity is a form of consciousness that expresses itself according to the pressures of the culture it appears in. There are two major expressions of insanity that can appear in a culture; one (if this makes any sense) is any permutation of personal reaction to Materialism that manifests in subjective fashion. Two; religious hysteria in all the forms we see it in today but... this is a direct extension of Materialism so... there's really just the one cause; Materialism. As any impartial observer can see, Materialism goes through stages. At first you don't see that much full blown madness. You see a lot of variables of neurosis with some amount of compulsion and obsession and a few other forms. Psychosis starts to show up in the second act and psychopathy begins to emerge but it doesn't get pandemic until even further along.

You might think of the ocean as a good metaphor. Collective human consciousness is like an ocean and all of it is connected via the subconscious. When this area of our being is affected by circumstance or deliberate action, the ocean becomes ever more restless and unruly. Think of it perhaps as levels of white water (for you insane kayakers- grin). As it moves from one stage to the next, it sweeps away whole segments of the population that are not equipped to manage Force 3, or Force 4 and most especially 5, 6 and 7; if there even is a Force 7. It is simple math here. Some of us have a not so tight grip on our sense of self; our idea of who we think we are. Once the force becomes greater than the pounds per square inch of ones grip on what they previously thought was real, boom! Away you go.

The greater the force of material culture; the greater the press and presence of Materialism, the less focus is generally placed upon things like self inquiry and a shared knowledge of the more timeless verities. The nature of Materialism is to compromise objective consciousness and render the public subjective. You don't need everyone to be so affected. You might not even need half of the people and they got more than that. All they need is enough of the culture so as to publicize and identify it that way and then that is 'how it looks' everywhere, except to those few who are strong enough; who are in possession of objective awareness due to having engaged in the requisite amount of self inquiry, or carrying that capacity within them from other times.

Materialism IS insanity and like white water, or degrees of wind force, or the size of the waves or any force you can think of that moves from placid to ever greater and greater intensity well... there you are, like it or not. I'm talking about this today because of what I see on the internet and the news as well as through my own eyes as I move through a landscape where I haven't been in over 15 years.

If you wonder why I might not seem as sharp as I usually am; should you be any of those people who would allow that I am, if not always but usually, it is because of the near overpowering effect of suddenly being in another world; no longer in that single room where I was most of the time, no longer in a generally supportive and nurturing environment but in a place that requires me to pay a lot more attention to certain things than I have 'had to' for some while. I don't mean to say this environment is not supportive and nurturing because there are some fine folk here who are making it a pleasure to be around, regardless of other things they are not in a position to do anything about.

I am compelled to spend hours a day sometimes just contemplating all of this. On any number of days I have told myself, “don't go anywhere. Stay where you are.” Oddly enough, I am also being told (hearing it nearly every day); “You don't have to do anything any more. You do not have to seek anyone or anything out. You have only to simply be and if you never leave your house, everything will come to you.” The uncanny part of this is that I can feel this is true. I've had any number of examples of this taking place. I've been able to predict things in a way that I never was before. There are a few conditions that I did not expect to be experiencing. I did not realize how much I relied on my significant other for certain intangibles of being. I like 'alone' because I never am but... I realize now that there are imponderables that don't occur to us until they are no longer present. Bottom line though, when your whole life is about the unseen and only incidentally as it impacts on the seen and your opposite number has no belief or inclination in that area, you wind up without certain essentials of interplay that are critical to the gestalt, or what might have been the gestalt. Still, anytime you come out of any long engagement with anyone and you are still friends, you have accomplished a great deal.

Something I don't mention often enough is that we are on the verge of massive technological breakthroughs in many diverse areas of human endeavor. Some of these will be so revolutionary and impactful that they will change life as we formerly knew it. There is a war under way to suppress, subvert and hijack these things for the benefit of outworn technologies or for the purpose of exclusive utilization by the military industrial complex but... much as with the invention of the telephone, the car and various other inventions, like an idea whose time has come, you find these things are being simultaneously brought into being from several locations. Because of the internet and the tremendous speed of the flow of information in these times, conditions are far different from anything they ever have been as far as this period of recorded history goes. We are in for some big changes folks. You already know about this as far as the unfortunate trending of the culture, as well as the theaters of politics and religion. The nature of the archetypes that have maintained the status quo that we came to know for so long now are transforming into their Aquarian prototypes. All of the institutions and infrastructure that have been with us for so long are in the cosmic shop. They are being reworked and there is no human agency, no matter how powerful, which are going to be able to do anything about that. Sure, they can meddle and manipulate, terrorize and torture but that is just the last gasp of a dying age. However... IF they can sway you with their machinations and subliminal hanky panky, you are in trouble. Don't let that happen.

Another thing that hasn't been mentioned here for a bit and which doesn't get mentioned much at all anywhere else is the potential changes that are going to be brought about by Lady Nature. It is important to keep in mind that just as humanity is assuredly driven insane by an excess of Materialism because the necessary portion of humanity that is required to make that happen, is obliging to that effect so too, the collective force of the human mind has a direct impact on external nature. Insanity is contagious and Nature is a subconscious force. These things should be clear to anyone with even an average mind but... due to the incredible force of Materialism, most people are not in a position to step back and see things as they are. Most people do not register how dysfunctional life has become. It cannot perpetuate in that state for any length of time. Change, massive change becomes inevitable and given the turbulent waters of the collective unconscious, all kinds of things are possible, including long predicted or expected events. I'm not going to mention what those are, hopefully out of mind is out of sight.

Humanity needs a wake up call and it must need be incredibly powerful because... anything short of earthshaking doesn't seem to have much effect. Nothing that has happened so far has done the trick. Events like 9/11 seem to have had not much effect on people in general except to put them under heavy restrictions of movement and expression. However they are doing it, they have human consciousness under control; for the larger part of us. It is going to take something... something to shake that off and wake the flock of birds of a feather; the hypnotized schools of fish- something has to wake them up or ubiquitous bad things are going to be on the menu.

Regardless of what the masses do and regardless of what the elite cabals initiate or generate, the rest of us, that small demographic of souls in partial stages of awakening have our responsibilities to ourselves and to each other. In the end it doesn't matter what the world does. What matters is what you do and... don't do. I'm giving that my best shot. Of course it's not easy because the world as it seems to be wants all of us under harness; puppets of the 15th Trump. No matter how it may look, we are stronger than any external force directed at us, depending on what we base our strength and resourcefulness on to begin with.

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Fully intending to get a radio broadcast together for this weekend.

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