Friday, February 20, 2015

Like Butchered Sheep, Hanging on Hooks in the Slaughterhouse of History.

Dog Poet Transcendentalizing.......

“If there are no dogs in Heaven then, when I die, I want to go where they went”

My friends... I have been waiting for something like this for some while. I've seen a lot of commentary in recent and former times. Some seemed to have a portion of truth in them and some were just the same woo woo with no real substance, except for the kind of projections you see when someone comes around and says silver is going to go into the stratosphere, or gold is going to hit 5,000 an ounce; not that that would have much bearing on my state because I don't even have any gold and silver... heh heh.

In any case, that article hits at a level where it's hard to argue with it and there are some chilling statements like this one which basically says that the loathsome fracking industry 'has accumulated twice the amount of subprime debt the real estate market ran up before the crash of 2008'. There's plenty more. It's stated succinctly and simply with credible facts, figures and theoretical certitude to the degree that anything theoretical can be certain.

How do I express the way that this hit me? First of all, I have been very aware of the fracking industry in respect of different viewing windows. It was definitely an ugly phenomena. It was a motivator in a lot of nasty behavior because it gave out the false promise that it was going to provide a whole lot of economic well being that would and did, feed directly into poisoning at home and mass murder abroad. It gave indications of energy independence, while observably being a dangerous and dirty technology that messed with the environment, people's health and... well, the list of negatives is long. Basically in the simplest terms from my perspective, it's some sick shit.

I watched the Satanic Saudis and other ZOG captive gulf states, conspire together in their ZOG agenda to war though oil price manipulation against Syria, Iran, Russia and others, cause others are coming; Greece, Egypt and various countries, I can see them gravitating toward this alliance because they know they are going to get short shrift otherwise, or be butchered, sacrificial sheep, hanging on the hooks of torment and pain in the slaughterhouse of history.

I am beginning to see it more and more clearly, WHY things are being allowed to go on as they do. Simplistically put, it is about 'the purpose of demonstration'. Let's explore that in a little detail. As has been stated many times here, in every obvious sense and in many ways that are concealed behind the barrier of appearances, this is a movie. Most are entranced by what is happening on the screen and unaware of the projector that is streaming the images on to the screen. You can get captured by the hoopla of hallucinations and forget it is just a production, set up to process out Karma that was set in motion a long time ago. I see now that everything we are presently witnessing, is put together as it is to grant Evil the opportunity to show the whole world exactly where it is at in the most excruciating detail and laboriously across a tedious and unpleasant stretch of time. They move from absurdity to absurdity so that the time will come when it is, 'signed, sealed and delivered'.

Witness the engineered and forced migration of Jews from every country where the Zio-Ogres are fomenting fear and paranoia, with orchestrated, so called Anti Semitic offenses. This results in putting them all in one place for... the purpose of demonstration. As anyone who has been following the trend of recent years, immigration to Israel has fallen off and people were actually leaving in numbers disturbing to the architects of Banker Nation. As far as they are concerned this is not permissible and when they want something, they want it and they don't really care how anyone else feels about it, or what they have to do to make it happen.

Those following the trends also note the awful spectacle of want, confusion and grief that is being intentionally generated by the Banker Bondage and Discipline consortium that has a few basic drives. One of them is to own and run the world, via the enslavement of nations through debt and manufactured disorder for the sake of profit, as well as the ruination of any other effort that they don't own or cannot influence. Another is to kill or crucify through slander everyone who opposes them and to ride roughshod over everyone in their way. Yet another is to make the planet an inhospitable place through environmental destruction, perpetual war and a host of ills that are actually too numerous to mention. The amount of bad that they are up to is horrific.

It's not often that I run into two seriously important works of courageous journalism on the same day. Here is the other. Can there be any doubt about the tale that is being told in these articles? Are they not both indicative of what was said here earlier about why it's all going on the way it is for as long as it has? It's about complete exposure. This also explains to me why I was banished from that news gathering site and why I am unable to get any explanation. That is the explanation. It's about no doubt about it. It is what it is and we can see it for what it is because it is doing it over and over, with ever more transparency and this is all due to the efforts of Mr. Apocalypse. In tandem with him... regardless of all of their subterfuges and attempts to conceal themselves, they are being revealed as what they are by the cosmic imperative of this apocalypse. There is nothing they can do about this. It is not in their hands.

If you are uneasy about what is coming; fearful and uncertain... take it off your mind. You can't do anything about it. The only thing you have any control over is your own reactive mind and, in many cases, not even that but... what is in our power is considerable. All too few of us know the impact and force of a single individual who is self contained and focused on that single and most salient feature of existence; the drive to know oneself. Accomplishing this, we can know everyone else to a remarkable degree. We can also place ourselves under the protection of archetypal entities. Rather, I should say that that will come automatically with the territory. As has been stated, “the proper study of mankind is man”. I apologize for using a term that does not include the feminine side of the equation. You don't have to worry about that in coming time because the power of the feminine is in the ascendant.

One of the reasons that there is such a proliferation of homosexuality across the planet, even though it is much smaller than it is made out to be, is due to the increasing impact of the feminine force upon the male psyche. The reason it is taking the turn that it takes, is because of the state of the culture, due to the strong, strong presence of Materialism. Materialism automatically acts to create reverse Kundalini in those who are unable to elevate it to where it naturally wants to manifest on the higher arc. As a result, the feminine seeks to express itself physically, instead of through the higher virtues, which is rather the cosmic intent of the Aquarian Age, as it presses forward into manifestation. Resistance to what it brings is futile.

I do not intend to here give the impression that I am in any position to judge anyone's sexual preference and proclivity. That's not my job but it is my job to see what I see. Am I wrong? Time will tell and we shall see. For whatever the reason (and it is usually Karma) people are born with tendencies and drives that are stronger than their ability to control them. I will say that for the most part, these people are being influenced and inclined in this direction. This is a very strong force and it accounts for the inability of many to resist it. Should they resist it? We shall see and time will tell. Is it perfectly okay? Is it normal? We shall see and time will tell.

I am on no kind of a crusade about this. It isn't any of my business. I have my own opinion about it all and I am very familiar with what happened to other cultures, where these practices became prominent and I am also familiar with what stage of the culture they occurred in, when they occurred. This is not something (this latest statement) that can be argued against. Oh sure, you can argue and attempt to manipulate when and how and what things were (nice sentence, visible) but history, regardless of it being mostly fabrication, written by the cynical manipulators of it, says what it says and even if a great deal of it is fabrication, real history can be accessed.

I'm not here to judge people's slink and kink, nor do I want anyone giving me their view of my own. I have had many gay friends and still do and most of them understand exactly what I've said here. Just because something may be an indication of a cosmic imbalance does not mean it's not supposed to be going on when it is going on. I believe that all of us are meant to have these desires and behaviors manifest in one life or another, the same way I think we are all meant to be a woman or a person with a certain color in one lifetime or another and in every lifetime, we experience the fruits of our past actions. It's for the purpose of experience.

I apologize if I have offended anyone by my use of logic and analysis to come to the conclusions I have. It is simply how it appears to me at this time. It is the manner in which it shows itself to me. I accept the possibility that I am wrong about this. It does not seem so to me but it is certainly possible.

Everything is about sex and the state of the culture can be understood according to the way it is practiced and performed. You can take the temperature of a culture by the measure of depravity being celebrated in it. I'm talking about other mediums of expression than those I have so far mentioned. When cabals are engaged in seeking to legalize every form of sexual practice, no matter how bizarre, you should know we are in the last gasp of a dying age. Plumbing is plumbing and the esoteric manipulations of it are coming as a furious statement from long entrenched forces of darkness who know that the avatar is is coming with his broom. Mr. Apocalypse ALWAYS precedes the arrival of the avatar. Time will tell and we shall see.

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