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Lies, More Lies and the Temporary Profit of Falsehood.

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Greetings! Good morning to you all. It is 5:00 AM and this is the time that I now arise, as part of a newly instituted program of giving the first three to four hours each day to those practices important to my life and most likely to the life of anyone who engages in something similar. This includes everything from meditation to guitar and keyboard practice. The early returns tell me that this is going to prove to be a very good idea. Now... on with the posting-

The faecal media has come out with some early statistics concerning the presidential election, due to begin this year. It's already begun actually. Here is some jive monkey information that is meaningful only to those paying to have it put out for your attention. Just to show you how jive this is, among those mentioned is Colonel Sanders and Jack Webb and both of them are, I'm pretty sure, dead. “Dum de dum dum. Dum de dum dum dum dum” By example of how fraudulent their numbers are, they specify Ms. Lindsey Graham is a front runner simply because he is leading the polls in his home state. He's not doing much else anywhere else. However... when you are in the business of manufacturing lies for the purpose of promoting liars into positions where their lies can influence the desired policy of (drum roll) Bankers for the purpose of financial PROFIT, the truth is incidental to the needs of the moment.

Nothing is going to change in any positive way for the populations of this world until The Bankers and those in their employ, due to an aspiration for personal profit, blackmail or fear for their lives, or the lives of their families, are reined in by any means necessary. As so often happens in this world, the vibrationary control frequencies that manifest and maintain the appearance of reality as it is presented to us, changes according to the movement of planetary forces due to changes in their interplay. We are on the doorstep of major changes, brought about by major changes in this interplay. These changes are inevitable. No human effort, individual or collective, can affect this; no more than they can affect the direction of a tidal wave or rumblings in the Earth. Yes, they have the technology to create these things but they do not have the technology to affect the effects of these phenomena. In other words, sometimes you can make something happen but... to precisely control the action itself or the aftermath; that is something else. What I mean to say by this is that, very often, things are set into motion by those who later come to regret the consequences of it. This is one of the ways that Evil comes to destroy itself.

Here's an interesting little feature of the latest effort by The Mossad, or one of their affiliates. Because Israel, created by Bankers for the purposes of Bankers, is responsible, directly or indirectly, for a lot of the chaos and misery on this planet and because the force of the Information Age is exposing their chicanery to the attention of anyone curious enough to wonder about why things are the way they are, Israel needs to play their Victim Card, so as to give them some kind of a defense, as pathetic as it is, against the irrefutable evidence of their crimes. This brings me to that interesting feature that is associated with the hotlink in this paragraph. Jews living in Europe and anywhere that such orchestrated events are taking place are getting nervous about their security in these countries and are migrating to Israel. This is precisely the desired effect being sought by Nitwityahoo and the Morlocks with whom he is associated. Their reason for this is to get as many Jews as possible in this single location and so they foment events designed to send them packing from wherever that might be to Banker Nation for their own security. Do you see what the essential flaw in this might be?

If you look below the article you will see related links of Banker spun intrigues and one of them refers to Auschwitz. When the tale of six million began to be artfully manufactured by those seeking to create it for the purpose of re-bar enhanced Victimhood and given that it hadn't worked the first time they tried it in World War 1, they initially publicized the number of 4.5 million dead. Apparently they came to understand that this was an absurdly inflated number and so they lowered the count from 4.5 million to 1.5 million, effectively reducing the claim of 6 million to 3 million and this done by their own hand. However... however, the number six million was not reduced and it is a crime in many countries to call into question this number, even though they themselves were responsible for the reduction. You would not expect this kind of math from Bankers who, essentially, work with numbers but wait a minute! Isn't this how they got so rich in the first place? Hmmm...

World Almanac figures state that the Jewish population increased by 584,589 during the period from 1941 to 1948. The world wide population in 1938 was 15, 500,000. It stands to reason that the population should have been reduced to nine million and something, according to their claims but... this is not the case in ANY historical record. Now, of course, I'm not saying it's all a lie. That's against the law. What I am saying is that obviously, I am not very good at math and as hard as I try, I can't come up with anything like the figures they have for this whole affair. It is patently obvious that I am really stupid and possibly even retarded. I don't know what I can do about that. Here is just one example of how powerful these New Math scholars are. The fear and extortion that attends their creation of this bizarre event, continues to this day. They will go to ANY length they can to preserve this cash cow and political/social lever. It is a colossal money machine and a significant force in world affairs.

The same people who are behind the perpetuation of this story are also the people behind Political Correctness, the gay political agenda, and scores of related efforts. They are in a fraternal relationship with the International Fellowship of Satanists and the worldwide pedophile consortium, which crosses all borders and in present day is flourishing around the world, most especially in those countries where Bankers are most deeply entrenched and from where their worldwide influence is generated and maintained, such a England. As we know, the majority of news concerning this continues to be publicized and the other location where events of this sort have been made public for decades now is (drum roll) Belgium and we all know what else goes on in Belgium. Let's keep in mind that other center of depravity and intrigue; The Vatican and... we all know about the global boy buggering thing that coils out of the darkness of that iniquitous cabal of twisted Brahmacharyas who are not Brahmacharyas any more than the Osho sanyasins are sanyasins. What is it that we are seeing from all of this?

What are we to extract from the planet wide corruption of governments, religions and cultures? We are obviously looking at the death of an age. Cultures, religions and governments die, just as everyone we know (with some notable, alleged exceptions). They might endure for considerable longer than any human life but... eventually they die and we are the witness of that in these times. What is it that we should take away from this? Something is going to be replacing these constructs. In some cases that is going to be chaos, out of which some sort of order will be born, over the course of some amount of time. In some cases, new templates are going to be replacing the old. This is inevitable. What is not inevitable is how you are going to wind up in the mix.

Living for the truth can be dangerous. Look what happened to the journalist Gary Webb; blackballed from the newspaper business and then, allegedly a suicide. This is remarkable considering that he shot himself twice in the head. That's faster than Michael Tyson's jab used to be when he was at his best. One might say that such an act is impossible but not when you are dealing with a vibratory plane of ubiquitous corruption. Fear of the same thing probably keeps a whole lot of people as far away from the truth as they need to be to avoid the same thing happening to them. It doesn't happen to everyone. What happened to Danny Casolaro, Hunter Thompson and quite a few others does not happen to everyone but it is a risk you have to take or else you sacrifice the most important part of yourself for the uneasy comfort of living in a state of persistent fear; something like you might see in any town or city around the world, where people have given up their dignity and integrity in order to slink by in their unexamined lives, or temporarily live out their lives of privilege in the continuing fear of losing it.

That's not my style. I've got my flaws but that ain't one of them. What I KNOW, beyond a shadow of doubt is that my life is not in their hands. I'm 'purpose of demonstration' just like everyone else. It's your own fault what you choose to demonstrate or not demonstrate. It's up to you what you do with your talents. I'd like to personally thank all of you who have chosen to support me in my efforts in all the various ways that you have. It is much appreciated!

On a possibly related note. Most of you know that for some years I have been linked on Rense. I sent the notice of my postings into a fellow who works at that site. I was informed by readers that since October, my section; Dog Poet Transmitting has not been updated and I do not get listed in the headlines any more. My book has been pulled from the Rense Books and DVDs section up top. I attempted to reach the fellow who preciously took my links and posted them. He would not answer. I wrote Jeff from several email addresses and he has chosen not to answer either. Over the course of the years, I heard on two occasions about undesirable headings for my postings and about my seeming negative mention of another writer featured there. In both cases this worked out. I've never previously had a problem communicating with Jeff. On some occasions we exchanged a number of emails about one subject or another. Now there is only a deafening silence. An informed friend said to me, "I hate to sound cynical but he has probably been advised to limit your exposure.” It's not limited. It's shut down. I find it hard to believe that I am important enough to be handled in this manner but I have been AND... not being responded to at all is... VERY interesting. Well... I'm not affected by it and I assure you the proliferation of my work won't be either. “Nature abhors a vacuum.” I don't work for any of these people anyway. I work for someone else and in those hands I place my fate and fortune.

Finally... apropos of nothing. I suppose we can expect the intelligence community run guild that votes for the academy awards to give that piece of shit movie, American Sniper the awards but the best film of the year and the most worthy is Nightcrawler and most certainly Jake Gyllenhaal deserves Best Actor. I'd throw in Best Director for this effort too. It stuns me that crap like Birdman and other garbage is even under consideration; such is the war happy state of our world. This is all going to change, for the better in some locations and for the worse in others. Time will tell and we shall see.

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