Monday, February 23, 2015

Dancing with the Lizards on the way to Kansas City.

Dog Poet Transposing.......

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”

Four in the morning. This part of the world sleeps. Then again, they sleep everywhere but... with the exception of few things, not forever. It's coming folks. We've been talking about it for awhile. Yes indeedy, Mother McCreedy! We've been talking about that here for some time. We've been talking about Mr. Apocalypse and his walking stick. We've been talking about the march of programmed circumstance that leads, inevitably, to the sum total of itself. Programmed how? The taste and virtue of a soup is determined by its contents and the process of its manufacture. It tastes like what it is. Because of planetary interplay, the forces expressing themselves in and around us, manifest accordingly. Think of this interplay as the vibrationary soundtrack for the time. It goes through movements, just like a symphony. Music is something you feel. I give it an 88 cause it has a good beat and you can dance to it; intended for humor and irony, not truth. I do not equate Dick Clark with Soren Kierkegaard.

Today, as a posting companion, we are watching a steaming pile of catshit called, Jupiter Ascending. It's like one of those contemporary fashion shows but with a little less depth. I have no idea what is supposed to be going on. I'm being told a few things but as for cohesion, it's similar to when you buy inferior duct tape. It's a lot like our society at the moment; mindless and without purpose; vanity paramount above dignity and believe me, what suffers most from vanity is dignity. They seem to have discovered the secret of eternal youth but... really, would such a thing be conferred on beings like these? Of course, there are the token lizard creatures, which the controllers of the medium have, I think, patterned after themselves and they don't want you to ever forget them either. They're saying the American public is furious over the QVC Queen's exclusion from the Oscar memorials but... the comments don't say that at all; not even close. This is a phenomenon that has become more and more a dominating aspect of the culture; Rupert Murdoch leads the field with that. Just put out a sensational headline. The story following doesn't have to reflect it at all.

Truth is cosmic vitriol; an important component of solve et coagula. People drive themselves mad with the obsession over turning lead into gold; seeking that Ponce de Leon thing, aspiring to acquire any or all of the most desirable elements of existence that by association tend to bring along with any of them, the rest of them... fame, fortune, charismatic appearance, power, position, tediously... etcetera. The most consistent feature of life is change. Change is evident in every aspect of life and it is what so many resist, even though it is the cornerstone of eternity. They especially resist, those who have any of these aforementioned components of social status and; what is it that those who lack these components seek more than anything else? They seek change. Man! This film is really, really bad. I now find myself seeking change and this is all the time I am willing to give this fruit of the impacted colon. Arrivedirtnap! We be taking liberties with our Italian.

One can see why truth is such an unwelcome guest in these times. Nothing is more consistently violated than the truth. The truth lies beaten, bleeding and alone. It's sprawled in the alley where winos piss on it. You can see it that way but the truth is inviolate. You can't harm it. You can't touch it unless it wants you to. Most of the time, given the nature of Truth, it is truth that touches you, not the other way around. It can touch you in all kinds of way. Some of them are undesirable but... people bring it upon themselves. They might not think they do but they do. You want to go to Ponce de Leon Island? You want those components, upon which the already mentioned false components, are no more than mean substitutes? Seek the truth.

There is a broad view that comes out of Broad Daylight Awareness. It is the extreme panorama view. It allows you to see where what we got came from and the steps taken along the way. This is only one of the valuable assets that comes out of Broad Daylight Awareness and you get it by seeking the truth. Another perspective that comes out of it is the ability to see motive. You get to understand WHY people get together to make things the way they are and you understand WHY most everyone else allows this to happen and suffers the brutal consequences of those who prey upon them. Against all reason and logic, somehow... somehow they think some of it is going to trickle down to them. It's what makes it possible for them to believe all kinds of patently transparent lies. Hope can be a wonderful thing when it is based on reasonable possibility. It is a terrible thing when it is totally irrational. It is as if one were to believe that a jungle scavenger is naturally inclined to offer to buy them lunch, or that a hippo would come to their door with a fruit basket to welcome them to the neighborhood, after they purchased a house on some river in the Congo. It goes against the nature of the species. The same applies to the human expressions of the same type of lifeform.

Here is where one really needs a grasp of the wider reach of history and where one needs to be free of agenda or motive, besides the desire to see the truth of anything toward which their attention is directed. Without this motivation and perspective, one can only see what they are being shown by those whose intentions for them are the maximum of possible harm. This is the world where Fifty Shades of Gray is considered to be literature and where they brag that it's sold one hundred million copies. I see where it is a trilogy. I didn't know that. I guess that makes me uninformed. How could I not have known that there were three different same books? Can you imagine what kind of flood gates this opens in that sphere of creative expression? Uh huh.

The good news is the direction 'they' are headed in. This includes all those other players that exemplify the hatred certain cabals have for the human race. To the extent that you are 'wedded' to the whole affair, to that extent you are joined in the destiny of it. This is simple math. This is of the two and two is four variety. Remember that quote about Babylon? Now there are many who will say, “Oh that's just the raving of a mushroom drenched mystic on the Island of Patmos and besides, they were talking about a historical Babylon, that's long gone.” Everything changes but it changes according to the nature of its composition and intent. I've used this image before. If you drive to Kansas City, if you take a plane, if you walk, it's all the same, you get to Kansas City because that is where you are headed. Sure... something could happen on the way but in the usual course of events, you get to Kansas City or wherever it is you are headed. You got to ask yourself, or let us say, you should ask yourself, “Why am I going to Kansas City?” We're hoping you are considering the metaphorical aspect here. It doesn't have to be Kansas City. It could be anywhere. Everything is somewhere and some things are nowhere; meaning at no location and in no direction you can arrive at or go in. Some things can only be found inside yourself and that discovery could happen anywhere.

It could not be simpler. If you are a stockbroker or a banker or anyone in that line of work, chances are you could make considerable money. If you are a politician, deals will be the essence of your activities AND- you could make a whole lot of money. Whatever it is that you do, the product of your efforts will be right in line with nature of your work. If what that provides is what you are after, well, there you are. If you write what those paying you want you to write, you'll get paid. If you act according to a script written by someone else, you'll get paid by whoever is producing it. If you make the kind of music that suits the format the people financing it want, you'll get paid. If you put on a uniform and head out to kill some people, it is ultimately bankers who will pay you for this. Yeah... there are the necessary middlemen who are there to obscure the source but... that's how it is, if you yourself get killed. That comes with the territory. Are you going to get paid well for this? No... you will not, so, the convincing argument is an appeal to your honor and patriotism. This argument is based on the most egregious of lies. No part of it is true. It is simply a business, the profit of which will not come to you, except for those few who are able to see the potential for entrepreneurial opportunities. This might be productive if you don't get caught by the big fish who are doing the same thing and don't appreciate the competition.

What do you want from life? These days, given the globally pervasive press of Materialism, the world is now a big marketplace. Is what you want located there? Okay then. Is whatever it is going to satisfy all of your longing? Will it turn out to be what you thought it was before you got it.You'll find that out once you get it.

We make our friends based on mutual interests and a sometimes mysterious sympatico. We choose our professions according to abilities, interests and sometimes simply from availability, along the lines of, “they're hiring down at the mill.” There are compelling motives for the necessity of employment; the need to eat, the need for shelter, the need to care for a family. The people who think they run the movie know all about this. They rely on it and they manipulate the conditions in the economy to keep you never more than a few steps from desperation; most of you that is. This gives them control and... they do it for their amusement as well as for all the other reasons. They do evil for the sheer joy of it. For some reason, Henry Kissinger always comes to mind when I use that phrase. I have no idea why that is.

When a plane crashes, first class hits first, after the pilots that is.

You can be sure you will get some things in this life, although life is surprising in both directions. It may not be as much as some and it may be more than most. Only you will know if it was worth it; what you went through to get and keep it. Only you will know, as the final breath escapes your body, whether you departed at peace with yourself. Only you will know what it was that passed through your mind in those times you awakened late at night and late in life, unless of course, you told someone but... no matter how deeply empathetic they may be, they'll never get the whole of it quite like you. There are some things you are going to have to experience and go through all by yourself. You're the one who's going to feel it. You're the one who's going to remember it and you are the one that is going to place the final value on all of it.

I have no doubt that there are those who consider me mad. I wouldn't argue with them about that, despite the fact that I consider most people to be mad, if for no other reason than the priorities they set and the things they pursue. They think me mad because I pursue the invisible. Of course, we will all be invisible soon enough. I base my life on intangibles and that which cannot be seen. Others, most others, do the reverse of that. Who's right? Time will tell and we shall see, when the glass is no longer dark.

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