Monday, December 22, 2014

To be the Right Kind of Investment Banker.

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(I am going to be in transit this coming week so... let us make this the last posting, until I am relocated. It might be a week or more and there will be no radio broadcasts tonight or next week. All ‘should be’ resolved somewhere in the week after this one coming).

I’ve been exchanging some communications with an old friend over recent days. I had the idea that I would drop in to see him on my way where I am going. In the process, I am hearing from him about how evil Assad is and Putin as well; not a word did I hear about Howdy Doody Obama and his Zionist, Murder Incorporated handlers. This guy considers himself well informed. For some reason he got the idea I was a fan of Bullhorn Jones, which I am not. He’s familiar enough with Bullhorn to consider him disinfo but... where does he get the strange ideas he has about the Syrian and Russian governments, to the exclusion of any actual knowledge to the contrary, which most definitely clarifies why some things happen? He absolutely doesn’t want to hear about the Zionists and is incapable of seeing the difference between a certain portion of a certain demographic being evil and all of them being evil, which is what he thinks I think; which I do not. Now... I understand WHY he has his fingers in his ears over this. It is because he is working on a film and he doesn’t want ANYONE to think he holds any radical ideas about the people running Hollywood, or their close relatives, the Central Bankers. I can understand that. I can’t behave in similar fashion because my conscience would kick my ass. I am unable to lie to myself about what is transparently so. This is not so difficult for many other people, if I am to judge by general patterns of behavior that I observe.

The incredible level of insanity that is going on these days, were it not so often contemptible and self seeking, would be humorous and oft times, very funny. Here we see both sides exhibiting classic neurotic behaviors. On the one hand we have the thoroughly compromised Greenpeace that has been serving the dark side for quite some time and on the other side we have the antiquity whiners, going on and on about the ruination of yet one more madness infused attachment to, religious site, raised to some high level of WTF, only matched by their lack of any knowledge besides speculation AND... it’s not like I don’t see value in the things of the past. It’s just that so many people overrate it all and raise it to a level of frenzied hysteria ( I am referring only to the language used; more PC poppycock) and it applies to religious relics and bankrupt traditions, old ruins eaten by jungle and no longer relevant to anything and not much going on at the moment is relevant to anything useful. Meanwhile they don’t learn the lessons of the past so what good are the reminders?

All of this deluded and murderous attachment to shit which, really... has no lasting value and which crazed refugees from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre wage wars over, scam over, seek to profit from and yadda yadda... it means nothing to me. I look at The Pope and I see a ridiculous, sexually dysfunctional, cartoon character who runs an empire of deception, which milks the bloody nickels of third world Hells and lies and lies and lies about all kinds of things.

This is something that doesn’t get enough consideration and which is generally not known in any wider sense and that is that most of the world’s religions are under the day to day control of Satanists. Most of the big hair mucky mucks of the Protestant evangelical money mongers are servants of the dark side. That is who they work for. Most of the New Age prophets, with their fat bank accounts, work for the same. Who else do you work for when you shill yourself as a servant of the people and you got a big bank account? I’m not talking about a few hundred grand in the bank or even a million. I’m not talking about a good salary or flying first class. Some people deserve these things and I have no quarrel with it. I have no quarrel with being rich. Some people deserve to be rich. They worked for it. They were inventive. They are owed this from another time; whatever. I’m talking about UNREASONABLE wealth and Yes! We are our brother’s keeper. Over a certain point people should give the rest away and if they don’t they have my contempt and not only my contempt, which probably doesn’t amount to much but another sector they really ought to be more concerned with. Money is essentially a tool along with being a medium for the exchange of goods. There’s nothing wrong with possessing money, except when the money possesses you. So many times in this life I have heard someone say, “When I get my money, I’m not going to be like all those other people. I’m going to be generous and giving.” Then they promptly turned in to all those people as soon as the money arrived.

It is a strange irony of life how cheap people with a lot of money can be and how generous those with much less can be. If you aren't using your money in a good way, your money will not use you in a good way and you will turn into the kind of person who is unable to enjoy their life and who possesses none of the features that would make them genuinely attractive to others; except for the money, which then dictates the quality and class of the people it attracts. You wind up with ashes in your mouth and you wind up paying for everything in all the ways you thought the money would save you from.

You may rest (not a good choice of word) assured that in this day and age, any big operation, be it religious, or wacko, like Scientology, or New Age like Marianne Williamson, Dr. Wayne Dwyer and sooooooo many others, are all in the thralls of Mammon. I've met some of these people and their vibe says it all; for those of us with the capacity to sense and interpret these things.

When I was in India, I went to the Ramana Maharshi ashram. I have been a big fan of Ramana all my life. It took me little time, in the process of walking around there, to sense that something was very wrong. I turned to Abdul, who had taken me there and I said, “there is something really dark going on here. Something is seriously off.” He said to me, “Well, the Jesuits have been running the place for a long time.” You could feel it in the air. I guess most people don’t have these senses activated but... then again, we have all had hunches, premonitions; “something seemed to say to me....” experiences”. It’s a gut thing, since it comes out of the subconscious and it can be a feature of intuition. One of the important things to realize about the Hermetic Sciences and traveling in the occult world; ‘occult’ means hidden and that is how I am using it here, is that there is often more than one way that things do and can happen.

I have noticed this material culture, all about the money thing, at just about every ashram I have visited. True wisdom has retreated to the Himalayas, or somewhere like them. Running around looking for succor or salvation in any of these places is a fool’s game. The truth is that most of us cut deals with ourselves about what will permit in our behavior; what we will allow and agree to, so that what is actually our self interest, can prosper. I KNOW for a fact and some numbers of you do too; living on the line, keeping your integrity intact, is (can seem) costly and unpredictable. It can give rise to all kinds of negative head space, which one must overcome and which is there precisely for that reason anyway. Of special note, once again, is the reality of the age we live in and the strong, strong force it exerts upon human behavior, human aspiration, human intention et al. You can’t manage the whole fustercluck on your own. I realize it is hard to hew to the line. I realize that it is one tough job to walk the talk and to live according to the principles you espouse and the tests can be brutal in that regard ...because the rewards are conversely commensurate.

It doesn’t matter what others think of you, nearly as much as what you think of yourself. One’s primary concern has to be, to be in accord with what one believes to be true and to live accordingly. Other people, most of the time, do not judge you objectively, they project their own propensities upon you; basically that means, “Well, if that were me I would be a certain way (not in a good way), so therefore this fellow must be too.” Of course, usually one doesn’t have this actual conversation. There is a transference from the subconscious about what we know ourselves as.

There is no way that a person, operating with an open heart and staying on course, can avoid slander and betrayal. Mysterious agendas from the invisible actually often set this kind of thing up; cause people to behave badly. All of it, as we have said here so many, many time, is for the purpose of demonstration and what we take away from the demonstrations and how we act following them is the what is of what is what. If you let the barking dogs and catcalling get to you, you might want to investigate your level of commitment. Three pillars of true Islam are; faith, certitude and determination; don’t leave home without them. Secure possession of these things guarantees ultimate success in any endeavor and it’s not about religion or some moral stricture of a culture. Anyone, in pursuit of anything, will have success with these priceless possessions.

We have to realize that, although we are alone, we are not alone. We have to realize that even if we cannot see where we are going all the time, we can see where we are. We have to realize that no matter what situation we are in, there is a way out and invariably it presents itself, or one remains still and it presents itself. We must realize that as long as we are seeking to intensify our Love, Love will be our passport. A good study to engage in is, once again a part of self inquiry, to look at what happens when your love departs, for whatever reason and what it is that temporarily (we hope-grin) replaces it.

Communications from this point will be sporadic for the next ten days. Enjoy your holiday seasons and in this season of the spirit of giving; give yourself away, each and every day... insofar as you can manage that from the place where nothing negative will come out of the activity or... should I say... where nothing negative can have any lasting impact. The world is the world is the world, after all. Much love.......

Here is Brother Ken O'Keefe's latest 9/11 film. He is one of our more elegant and powerful spokesmen of the times.

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