Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Invocation of the Beast Nature and the Unnatural Course of Empire.

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I am hugely entertained by Mr. Apocalypse. I have conferred personhood on him and for all I know he’s sitting in a control room somewhere, mixing and mastering. You see examples of his work every day and here is one of those, seriously ingenious examples of; as you read it, your mind (my mind anyway but... there’s only one mind) starts to consider; “Does this writer realize in his scoffing and adjective, laden disinfo offering that he is detailing what the truth of the matter is?” His scorn for Putin and Co. is over the top, yet he painstakingly adds in all information of value to be had; by a reporter anyway. The writer is presently IN Moscow so apparently Putin is good to go with freedom of the press.

The great clock of cosmic time ticks relentlessly on and the hands move according to the rubbing together of the planets in their courses. You might say that this is the real soundtrack to the movie of our lives. In accord with this rubbing together, there comes the expected stupid, blundering and dangerous incompetence of stuffed and curmudgeonly walruses, barking and honking in the corridors of power and leaving hissing radioactive, orange snail tracks as they go. Of course, Stupid is the new Smart in the American Congress; there is nothing more fatal than uninformed dickheads, whose reach exceed their grasp. As was stated long ago, “Pride goes before a fall.” Empires are arrogant; that is one of the dependable attributes that you never fail to see in the personality and behavior of Empire and all the more so when that Empire is in decline. Empires operate according to predictable patterns. They are nearly always large and ungainly beasts, by comparison with other governments going on elsewhere. This particular Empire (and maybe that is the case with all of them) has been hijacked by Banker Vermin who are not only looting the country right down to the ground under its feet but also directing it to engage in wars for the sole purpose of Banker Profits.

The Empire has no moral compass because the creatures that hijacked the Empire have no moral compass. One should never underestimate the level of venality and depravity that can be exercised by these hijackers. They would shame even the Pirates of the Barbary Coast, with their vicious disregard for lives other than their own. The permissions for this are written right into their holy books, which read like pornography of a particularly debased sort. The word has been out on these Shit Golems for some time I call them that because of their fascination with fecal matter. Still... it stands to reason, given that they traffic in and wallow in that substance every day. There are all kinds of waste products, some of them appear on paper or appear electronically and one can be forgiven for not immediately noticing that they are similar in every way to the original item and only differ in appearance.

Looking at the world situation with a true and impartial objective perspective, it is 21 different kinds of ridiculous and shameful. The leaders are mostly pigs and the people are mostly sheep. The pigs feed the sheep to the wolves and the wolves, most of the time, leave the pigs alone.

The embarrassment side of the equation is off the charts. The level of cluelessness in the Pop Tart Celebrity circles is excruciating to behold. There are some seriously strange things going on with the celebrities of the moment; it makes you wonder, just as does all the Tribe members who change their names in order to appear other than. When I look into their eyes, in a matter of speaking, on the pages of that website, I cringe and thank my lucky stars that I am not compelled to move among them in their preening and self absorbed courses of existence. People pose and pose until they become the pose. That is an unfortunate situation to be in but... they don’t know that.

The phenomenon of people becoming the pose is widespread these days as the worship of the superficial and banal reaches ever new lows. In an age of Materialism, becoming the pose is considered the hip thing and it is about as successful as hanging on metal skewers in search of an epiphany. This is as comical as it gets though I shouldn’t say that. I shouldn’t say that, given what I have seen come to pass, progressively over time. It’s a tough call to know how to see the things going on every day. Are they horrific? Are they humorous examples of the human state? The thing is that people are becoming less and less human all the time. This is one of the products of Materialism. Ultimately... and off to the side, so as not to be directly noticed, Materialism is all about The Invocation of the Beast Nature. Beast Nature, or Beast Mode, is fine for beasts or for Marshawn Lynch ...but not a positive destiny for a human being. It qualifies as a dog returning to its vomit. It qualifies as devolution. There’s an old quote I remember that deals with this;

"I say unto you: one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. I say unto you: you still have chaos in yourselves.
Alas, the time is coming when man will no longer give birth to a star. Alas, the time of the most despicable man is coming, he that is no longer able to despise himself. Behold, I show you the last man.
'What is love? What is creation? What is longing? What is a star?' thus asks the last man, and blinks."

Yeah... okay then. This is what a focus on Materialism results in, eventually... humanity drops down on all fours like a beast. It can happen a deal more quickly than one might reasonably expect. There’s another feature of Materialism and that is; the deeper you go into it, the hotter and more compressed it becomes, just as when you move out of it, the freer and more clear you are and the wider the space. That area of existence is the least crowded at this time. That is the royal highway, the highway of the truly royal being, who can walk independent of the riptides and undertows of the manifest world. All too few of us are capable of such independence of thought and feeling. One who is not conforming to the status quo is automatically seen as a pariah and an outcast. This is programmed into the system by the overlords, whose final intent is the enslavement of all humanity; those whom they do not simply extinguish.

It takes a lot of sacrifice and disciplined intensity to walk the high road. You’re not likely to be permitted any kind of privileged status. Oh... they have their tame rebels and philosophical malcontents, their pretend adversaries to the system but to be someone like that for real? They do not approve. Thankfully this is not in their hands. It may look like it is but it is not. It is the mistaken belief that it is, which dissuades many who might take that road. The world as we know it, is not actually known in its essential state. In times of Materialism, the degree and proliferation of artifice is everywhere around. Out of this crazy quilt pattern of temporary rubbish, come tens of millions of different views upon the theme. Most of them stay within the official parameters of seeing and that is what makes the telling of the truth a revolutionary act. Heh heh... now we are talking about hearing. “Knock, knock! Hello! Hello! Anyone in there?” So it goes.

We have all read the tales of those who lived and moved outside the system, or in spite of the system or in opposition to the system and we have learned that they were often the best our kind had to offer, from John Muir to Henry David Thoreau, to Gautama Buddha. They became our heroes; for those of us who are inclined to admire those who are actually admirable instead of contemptible. Everything is upside down, backwards and sideways these days. We elevate and emulate the dregs of our kind, when we consider the lack of their integrity, positive industry and possession of a sense of service; it is a travesty upon the very concept of heroism. These days so many people have no fear of being seen as selfish and despicable. Their frenzy for position, power and gain is frightening. It is like watching starving hyenas eat. How is it possible for the majority of humanity not to see what whores their leaders are; not to see what monsters the Israelis are? That is coming, courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse and his walking stick. Mr Apocalypse is hard at work, working hard.

We must endeavor to be better than the herd, while evading any attitude of personal exceptionalism. It seems futile that any one of us could make any difference at all but that is a perception that is generated by the swine who think they run the place. One person can make a huge difference AND when aligned with even a few of their fellows, all manner of things presumed impossible or improbable become possible. Live it and see.

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