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Turkish Taffy Dancing Girls and Sugar Plum Fairies Melting in Macarthur Park.

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Karma and seeming coincidence and other imponderables can be fair surprising. This is why I recommend one leave good footprints; keeping in mind that none of us have been totally consistent about this but that NOW is always a good time to make that house policy. I know many a tale about people thousands of miles from where you might expect them to be, who ran into someone they never expected to run into and which might have been the reason they were thousands of miles away from where you might have expected them to be in the first place.

The point is, you can’t run from what’s coming for you. All you can do is change who you are and that might change the shape and potential of whatever is coming for you. It’s kind of like throwing a ball at a wall. The ball has left your hand. You can’t bring it back. What you can do is race toward the wall and catch it as quick as possible; given that each bounce is a mark of Karma on return.

Yesterday I wrote a posting about forgiveness. For some reason, people got the idea that this was somehow connected to Michael Vick. People do this sort of thing. If they have a strong opinion about something they will conspire in their own minds to find a way, any way to tie events and people together to suit their outrage about something. My posting was completely independent of Michael Vick other than him being a member of a certain football team. It was inspired by the spittle flecked venom (metaphorically speaking) of a commenter who is filled with hatred, not just for Michael Vick but for all kinds of things; at least that is how it looked to me, while using my intuition in the experience of reading the comment.

I guess I can see why people might have tied Michael Vick into the mix. He was the object of the fellow’s anger but… it would be obvious to any objective mind that his hatred wasn’t just about Vick. It was fueled by all sorts of things unspoken. What I was attempting to address was this person’s general state of mind, of which Vick was only a symptom. I wanted people to understand that all of the resentments and rage they carry with them is a circulating poison that will eventually prove fatal. I’m not asking people to forgive Michael Vick. I’m asking them to dig themselves and see if it might not be more healthy for them to release all this pent up rage and tension that is running around looking for a face to put to their anger; they don’t know why they are angry; not really and that is because they don’t know who they are.

I’m not angry. I don’t know how I got to this point. Certainly I was very angry some years ago; angry about things that happened to me that made no kind of sense. A lot of bad things that happened to me came about because I trusted the wrong people, or helped the wrong people. It’s always been a natural portion of my repertoire to help. In this sense I lacked discrimination. I have some amount of discrimination now. It came at a cost but… everything of lasting value does. It is my belief that I was able to release my anger from the hold it had on me by exercising forgiveness.

It isn’t my job to forgive Michael Vick. It isn’t me that he injured but… truth be told, I can forgive people for much worse than that. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean I condone what they did, or that I find their crimes insignificant. Forgiveness for me is exercising a portion of the compassion that has been exercised on me. I believe what Lao Tzu said; “compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead.”

Every one of you is welcome to hold on to your memories of past offenses and injuries; your resentments and suspicions. These things are your business. They are not my business. You are welcome to believe what you like about me or anyone, for that matter. If what you believe is true, Whoomph! They it is. If it is not, what has it got to do with me or anyone else? It has only to do with you. I don’t want any part of moving through this world with a writhing bag of snakes in my heart. I’ll learn as I go and you will learn as you go… or you won’t and sure as night follows day, you will be delivered to that place where you WILL BE informed about what is what. Perhaps that will be right where you are now and perhaps it will be thousands of miles away at a place you never expected it to happen in. Regardless of the location, it WILL happen.

Mr. Apocalypse keeps right on rocking. You know that things like this were never meant to see the light of day. Can you imagine what those moving through the corridors of power must be thinking as they get advance notice (and they are getting advance notice) about what is coming for them? Can you imagine their panic as they scramble to secure both their reputations and their safety, as their minds are flushed with the knowing that this is not in their hands?

Opportunistic fools just can’t help themselves in their search for personal grandeur. Mr. Apocalypse has no problem helping them get there though. Of course, then you get conflicting tales which is what always happens when both sides are lying. The search for personal grandeur completely blinds people to how transparent they look as they wriggle and squirm, never knowing if they are going to pee or orgasm first, while they leave those all too telling snail tracks of ambition on the way.

Those snail tracks are like a hissing radioactive slime to the eyes of The Lords of Karma. What these fools see is Turkish Taffy Dancing Girls and Sugar Plum Fairies pirouetting in their minds with visions of a reality TV show; maybe an invite to Dancing with the Stars; a book deal, possibly some touching fluff and puff piece like this... this odious putrescent piece of slime. Whatever it will be, you may be sure the script will possess dialogue worse than the lyrics to Macarthur Park. retch)

It seems to me; course, that might only be me …that when people like this nurse and Mr. Strong and Not so Articulate get all hot and bothered about their fifteen minutes in the spotlight, they are not headed where they think they are and what is worse …AND this happens to a lot of people, who are more concerned about getting on stage than they are about what they will do once they get there- AND subsequently embarrassing themselves in front of the whole world, instead of just the few people who already know them for what they are, well… the possible downside never occurs to them. They’re like the monkey with his hand in the vase, gripping the avocado or mango. The monkey refuses to let go and it costs him his life.

Finer minds will spend their lives honing their craft, just in case they do get an opportunity to display it. Never were wannabes, have no such restraint. Eventually, I’m guessing they get on stage somewhere or in front of a camera somewhere …and get transmitted to an audience as clueless as themselves. Imagine the sort of fans you attract. You have to live with that and for some… it is enough because there definitely is no accounting for taste. Surely it is not politically correct of me to use this as an example. Political Correctness means that this is going to be the babysitter for your world view. Political Correctness is a bent kaleidoscope used under the influence of PCP. You find yourself getting angrier and angrier in the process but don't know why. Finally it leads to a situation where it takes six cops to bring you down.

Given, I don’t know much but there are a few things I know and one of them is that somewhere in the past, however distant (grin), I was like these people in one way or another and I should not let my present, great good fortune go to my head that I am not like them now. This is why Pity and Compassion and Forgiveness are more and more a greater part of my makeup. Like the American Express card (which I don’t have), I don’t leave home without (it) them, nor do I have a home anyway. I might be temporarily stationed somewhere but only for so long as needs be. That bouncing ball and all that seeming coincidence relates to something that remains a mystery to most people who are here and in most cases it is a mystery because, if it were not, they would have to change all kinds of things they are unwilling to change.

I should have expected the reactions. It’s an unfortunate part of human nature. What surprised me was how people associated the mere mention of a name with a plea for forgiveness. That was never on the table. People are all so ready to condemn and judge; though they cannot possibly know all of what was involved in whatever brought anyone to so many of the unfortunate moments we hear about every day. Certainly, I still fail at this sort of thing; not like I did in former times though. Heck, the evidence of my judgmental nature is right here in this posting but I implore you, for your own sake… move forward expeditiously and catch that ball.

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