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The Waffen SS of Ignorance, getting Fat on Diet Soda Music.

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(This quote was at the top of the page at What Really Happened a couple of days ago;

"I am strongly in favor of using poisoned gas against uncivilized tribes. The moral effect should be good...and it would spread a lively terror..."

-- Winston Churchill commenting on the British use of poison gas against the Iraqis after World War I. Good Grief!!! Do we need any further proof of what a demonic sonofabitch this man was? Consider those in present time at the helm of that same country; the home of the bankers who pull the strings on the rest of the world.)

I don’t know what propaganda this film is:

(not judging, just saying I don’t know what the intention is yet) but... you can watch it free only today. There’s one funny comment from a hysterical Vegan (below the film proper) toward the beginning; a Tribe bot of some sort, if the term ‘meh’ applies. In the film itself the strange guy whispering in the beginning, probably works for the golf channel during the season.

Along the lines of what the film delves into, comes this bit of information that most of us already know to be true but for those who don’t. Uh huh ...AND... in line with what you have been hearing at these sites for some time, here is confirmation from another source. Meanwhile AND beginning to snowball all over the place;
Mr. Apocalypse is Coming (he's here). The Cosby cold case has gone into the melt zone. It’s defrosting; one of the examples of ‘real’ global warming. This is what is really heating up and it is definitely not man made. I do believe it is somehow tied in with the general twist and turn of Age Change Imperative. Humanity is coming into that phase of the process, where it is like woodland wildlife, as the first surges of a new Spring begin to break across the wild. Everything is intoxicating and bewildering and that means you have to pay extra attention because it is a matter of life and death. In ‘ageless wisdom’, focus and concentration, or the lacks thereof, are associated with, ‘Life and Death’. This is the result of paying attention and not paying attention.

It is always best to let the atmosphere of great change stabilize in your consciousness BEFORE you go tripping around in it. Here’s the thing, we are intimately connected to the world around us, in ways we may not be aware of. Holisticism is a real dynamic, when it comes to us and ‘it’ (and ‘everyone’ else), whatever ‘it’ is. Gestalt is a real dynamic. Neither of these terms is fully understood in a general sense, among the general population, because it is very difficult to see the truth of what you are, or are not operating in accordance with; if that makes any sense. Words are power but not when they are misunderstood. Ideas and concepts are power, both in terms of action and possibility ...but have little power where there is little meaning. A meaning is attributed to terms and then the meaning is morphed to accommodate the market place, the same way the meaning of law is adjusted to the profit of the rich and powerful ...through the agency of amoral lawyers.

Life is unfair, not because life is essentially unfair but because it is made unfair by those seeking more than their fair share of the pie. In times of material darkness, it is a prevailing mental illness, among a certain segment of the population, that they MUST have more than they will ever be capable of spending or consuming and it doesn't matter what the cost is to everyone else. It simply doesn’t matter. How many of you knew who Anderson Cooper’s mommy is? That sure explains something I don't have to say out loud.

If you could get behind the name changes in Hollywood, you would find the whole environment to be rotten with Nepotism and anyone else who is allowed to succeed in a big and immediate way, or by increments, is manufactured for pliability, or watched as they go. There is little difference between most any of them and packaged fast food. They vary from each other the way cellphones vary from each other.

The full on Satanic push of vile and violent rap across the airwaves; on TV, in movies, on radio and anywhere there are devices to manifest it, has one purpose, with a few different heads bobbing up and down on the alien cable-neck and that is the promotion of violence, the degradation of women and human relationships and a general corruption of the public heart and mind. Not everyone is going to be able to stand being in the same room with it so... for them, there is Diet Soda Music, with no controversial lyrics allowed; meaning any sort of attacks on materialism or the government. The thrust of the message is invariably banal. In all cases the quality of the lyrics is about as bad as it is possible for them to be and all of this is designed; along with all the other entertainments, the quality of education, literature and art ...are all designed to make you superficial and stupid. These are the new, Waffen SS of Ignorance AND... who owns and operates every one of these mediums? Who is responsible for the ‘quality’ or rather lack thereof in all of this? Duh.

There is only one reason that so much time and expense is being invested in anti-criticism/hate law and historical fantasy promotion and that is because they are actually doing what they are making it against the law for you to point out and identify. This is also the reason that they routinely engineer assaults against themselves because of their much greater relentless assaults against others. THEY CRY OUT IN PAIN WHEN THEY STRIKE YOU!

Things have changed and this is where you need to be watchful, just like those woodland creatures, when the powerful surge of Spring begins to run in their blood. Things have changed and now... everything the villains get up to is being turned against them. Because it is taking place on such a large canvas and across a fairly wide stretch of time (in human terms), (especially given the general capacity for an attention span) it can be hard to see how comprehensively this is occurring; best to find yourself a perch and a perspective, both of which are capable of weathering rapid and significant change. You need to be operating out of something that is real. You need to be rooted in it and your actions based on it.

Hah! The narrator just said EXACTLY what I say about meditation. A lot of what I am hearing is near word for word what gets said here. It’s not surprising, what is, is and around the world, those of us in possession of the same information come to the same conclusions.

As this film, “Origins” plays along side this scattered redundancy of a post, one thing keeps making itself clear to me. You keep hearing all this talk about the need to go back into the past and learn from ancient cultures. You hear about how we need to learn from the bushman and indigenous tribes. It makes me laugh when I hear this sort of thing. You ARE NOT a bush (person?) man or a member of an indigenous tribe, unless you are and if you are, you are probably not reading this, nor do you need to, except maybe as far as that reference to Spring and the intoxication effect.

You are not from these cultures. You are, like it or not, offspring of western civilization, except when you are an offspring of the eastern version of the same thing, which is actually, over time, more and more an expression of the west. You can’t go back and doing peyote ceremonies does not make you into a Native American. I admire those cultures and believe it is a fine thing to be someone who is of those cultures and understands them and has that special relationship with Lady Nature that is most rare among people in these times but... we must address what we are and where we are inside of what we have created; artificial as it may be ...and come to a solution, an upgrade, a refinement that gleans the best of the failed promises of our legacy and find a living accord with our world and each other upon it. That is set to occur, since this is the Age of Aquarius, symbolized by the awareness of ‘brotherhood’. We have to become civilized instead of just calling ourselves civilized and acting as the very worst of barbarians.

Heh heh...Hermes Trimessgus is what the narrator just called Hermes Trismegistus. I bring this up because I am hearing all kinds of things in this film that don’t sound as precise, accurate or workable as I might wish, but that’s just me. I’m still watching it though and that’s a plus. Then again, I am hearing much that is bullseye; ping! Ping! Ping!

There’s been no decision by the Ferguson grand jury and that is definitely out of the ordinary. Whether it applies or not, I can see glaring evidence all over the place that the intentions of the Satanic Elite are not working according to plan and I’ve been seeing this for awhile. Sudden and dramatic change and events are very likely now. The possibility of grave error from miscalculation and bad judgment is highly likely at any moment.

Heh heh... he was just talking about thresholds concerning the obesity epidemic and I could swear he said fleshholds and you know? That’s what’s happening. Due to the overwhelming onslaught of sensation, coupled with apprehension, due to both ignorance and uncertainty, is causing people to hold flesh as a form of insulation against everything impacting on them. They can’t assimilate or process it all and so they are creating these thick casings for protection. They are desensitizing themselves and as a result making themselves less safe.

Interestingly, yesterday I saw, “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”, a quite inspirational movie and it hums synchronistically with much of what is being said in “Origins”. If I have one criticism of “Origins” it is the complete lack of mention in respect of our collective enemies and what they are up to. Okay... they are finally doing that. I retract that criticism. Damn!!! That was an informative film. Don't miss it!

Any time now... any time now... Have a wonderful day!

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