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Dinner with the Devil and the Patanjai Method

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The power of the obvious is as great or as muted as the mind of the perceiver. You see what you see based on what you permit yourself to realize, to the degree that that realization puts you in danger of estrangement from your colleagues and the world around you. The world is sick and you are sick, to the extent that you accommodate it, for the purpose of the sensation and appearance of operational harmony and a security in the freedom to maintain your place in it.

England and principally London and more specifically, The City, is the financial center of the planet. Decisions of life and death the world over are made in The City and the will of The City dictates the policy of the House of Lords, the House of Commons and #10 Downing Street. MI5 and MI6 are the leashed and unleashed Doberman Pinchers of Commerce. The Black Nobility of the Royal Family and the debauched aristocrats who use the Magna Carta for toilet paper every day, are with loving and fearful fealty, bent low to osculate, possibly in the manner of the French, the central locus of the devil’s rear end. It’s a religious experience. The first line of offense is the international bankers. Chief among them is the Satanic Rothschild dynasty, whose main focus is the spread of dissension, discord and the promulgation of wars for the purpose of financial profit and geopolitical advantage in the pursuit of financial profit. Until the primary source of world wide oppression and discontent is rendered impotent, there can be NO JUSTICE AND NO PEACE.

The idea that any other cause might be the source of planetary ills is pure delusion. The bankers ARE the problem. In the legend of Jesus Christ, his moment of greatest wrath and outrage was directed at the moneychangers and these were the origin of the plot to crucify him. They controlled the Sanhedrin and every manifest religion, except for the occasional schism niche here and there is simply another arm of the Globoctopus Banking creature. The comparison is apt; given their tendency to finance and spread an inky darkness of lies as their defense in the process of literally sucking the life from the public, as well as their strangling grip on the fortunes and welfare of humanity.

When terror by any name and under any flag raises its head, Bankers are financing it. When children starve in war torn countries, Bankers are financing it. When esoteric efforts at reversing the Kundalini potential in everyone as well as false teachings and bogus techniques, are initiated through the camouflage of free sexual expression, or any other medium, Bankers are financing it. When a depression occurs, Bankers have financed it. When inflation comes, Bankers have engineered it. When famine comes, Bankers have orchestrated the policies that led to it. When truly absurd laws go on to the books, lawyers who work for bankers have written them. Shakespeare was precise; “first we kill all the lawyers.” Without lawyers, Bankers could not conduct their business. When are lawyers of the greatest importance? It is in the time when the rule of law has been subverted to serve the interests of the rich and powerful, to the detriment of the people. Then you need lawyers to fold, spindle and mutilate whatever stands in the way of their free enterprise and performance of personhood, which, dripping with irony means, the enslavement of the populace.

The number one banking family are, consciously devout Satanists and they are joined by the other 12, 13 being the number for a coven. Rumor has it that there is always an extra seat at the dining room table for Satan. This and just about anything else of a depraved and perverted nature is certainly 100% true because; “By their works ye shall know them.”

Do you want to insure that your life results in the highest possible benefit to you? Make that quote your motto and leave good footprints.

Let us now turn to elementary logic which... is inarguable. Everyone believes in the devil, despite that popular polemic that the greatest whatever that he ever did was convincing people that he didn’t exist. I am not here to argue whether there is an individual entity that is red and has horns and rules over the Inferior Kingdom. I am not here to argue whether there is a luminous force that rules over the supernal superior kingdom. What is indisputable is that we live in a world of opposites. Without that there could be no magic, white or black. Without that there would be no lies crafted for the purpose of confusion and control. Ergo; one opposite, logically and mathematically confirms the other. This is a no brainer. Query just about any atheist and they will ultimatly reveal that their reasons for such a posture has to do with the temporal side of the equation; the international churches whose preposterous interpretations and legacy of offenses against humanity is also inarguable. The only thing that proves is that (in Kali Yuga) the lord of the inferior realm controls the policy of organized religions; “BY THEIR WORKS YE SHALL KNOW THEM!” Ball... basket... swish... nothing but net, which I might add, doesn’t catch anything and that is a deep metaphor for what is under discussion.

You can learn all that it is possible to know, simply by utilizing The Patanjali Method, subsequently bypassing The Peter Principle. Cosmic mediocrity can be measured fairly precisely by the degree to which one is influenced by lies. The success of the 1% is due to their cleverness in manufacturing and disseminating lies. Human nature is not all that complex and depending on the age, the general population is either more, or less, stupid. The manipulators do not have to control the entire bulk of humanity. All they need is a certain percent, who are, to a workable degree, influenced by ignorance, fear and the prospect of personal gain. Imagine a carrot on a stick attached to a horse’s neck. This is an exact metaphor... or a hamster on a treadmill and this is all made possible by debt and the pursuit of things that are very often elusive and sometimes hard to acquire. By the control of a particular percent, the other percent is set against that percent and there are, seemingly some number of other percents; indifference would certainly be one but this is just the appearance of it and the main weapon of the banker elite and all their fellow travelers is... appearances. That is why this symbolic representation is associated with... the eye.

Though occasionally interspersed with faulty reasoning and erroneous thought, you can’t do much better in terms of back and forth than this, when it comes to getting some idea of the archetypes that control the human experience. The difference between those who are aware of ‘the reality’ of these forces and one who is not, is that they are in a position to work in accord with them, instead of being bounced around by them with the obvious result.

If you want to step out of the control pattern of those who exert their control over the masses, you have only to comprehend the nature of the various archetypes and their interplay ...because those manipulating humanity simply reverse the natural intent of the archetypes and that’s permissible because of the age. Every so often and certainly not often, a time comes when most individuals in the world are given the opportunity to make a quantum leap in consciousness and Karma. Set against this, is the force and power of the deceiver in whatever form. The beauty of your situation and the initiator of the confidence to go forward and endure at all points, is that you are not accomplishing this yourself. As a matter of fact, you only accomplish as much and go as far as you permit what has already accomplished it to accomplish it within you. That takes away all the heavy lifting.

I suppose I could be hung out to dry by the forces of this world but that could only happen if it were allowed to happen and it would only be allowed for the purpose of demonstration AND... in consideration of this, the outcome hinges on my routine and daily presentation of intention and values in the course of living. I will be summed up by this as will you. Yes, there are some other powerful arbiters of your fate but there’s no need to list them because you can intuit them if you are, ‘of a mind’ to and if you’re not; why should I let my fingers do your walking for you when you have no interest in walking that way to begin with? Cogito ergo sum... Cogito ergo sum.

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