Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bobbing Nodwells and the Singing Sirens of Sensation

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May your noses always sniff out the truth.

If you close your eyes you can feel it. You can feel the hot hissing breath rolling off of the forked tongues of Central Bankers as they lean on the poor fools, whose body and soul they own at 7% and compounded daily. You can see them in their dining rooms; all dark wood and even darker servants, moving soundlessly through the room. They don’t smile and they don’t laugh. One might see that their tongues had been removed at some point earlier in time. The Bankers laugh though. They cackle and they chortle. They look at the awkward slithers of their various Prime Ministers of localized and relative evil, dancing to a tune that only they hear through the Grima Wormtongue implant...

When someone is trying to do the right thing, the surrounding weasels group together and look for a weak spot. When something happens like what just happened in The Land of Oz... you know... you know that an ill wind is blowing across the wide wastes. On the other hand,those who are Prime Evil can do whatever and the worst it can transform into is, “so what?”

Just as there are stock indicators and real estate indicators and all kinds of other indicators, there are social indicators. Here’s one that makes a whole lot of sense. It explains a lot. It explains a great deal. That’s only one part of a very large equation that also includes a pharmaceutical Twilight Zone of bobbing Nodwells, going up and down like dysfunctional hood ornaments on a downhill car headed for the reservoir. Some maniacal, glue sniffing teenagers are pushing it there. They want to watch it hit the water, way down below.

There are fluid waves of indifference and apathy. There are companion waves of self interest and larger than all of them are the waves of anger at the outrageous injustice being played out by the monsters of our times. There’s so much going on behind the scenes. There is so much that is dark and dreadful that has been kept under wraps and carried out under wraps or in spite of whoever might know or not know because ‘they’ are so secure in their freedom to do whatever they please, or WERE secure. However... as day follows day, Mr. Apocalypse is tearing the concealments away. You can see it happening! You can see it; can’t you? I can.

Let me point out one of possibly the most important things going that hardly ever gets mentioned and which far too many people are unaware of and which is most especially a feature of the apocalypse. It’s operational at all times but it goes turbo in times like these. We can, maybe, be forgiven for being unaware of this in others and in ourselves. That’s where it is located, within all of us and it is at various degrees of sleep.

It’s that thing that hasn't happened yet. It’s that thing that hasn't been turned on yet. The electricity hasn't been sent through the wires to it. We may be completely unaware of it, although we have struggled and striven for it all of our lives. It’s that place we've seen in special dreams or states of heightened awareness. It is piercingly real at the time but the memory fades very quickly after, as life goes back to shades of gray. Some of us have been working our whole lives to this end and in other times, quite often, one life is not enough but... in these times there is no telling what may come to the industrious and sincere.

Suddenly, like a flash of light; like the most inexplicable and seemingly improbable event, something you might have only dreamed of and never expected to actually materialize comes about. Deep in the most secret corridors and recesses of our being all kinds of things may or may not be afoot; that all depends on us. These are extraordinary times. How extraordinary are we? That’s not such a difficult question to answer and you can certainly get an idea by measuring the quality of what is important to you against the general trending of your fellows. How do you spend your time? What are you after?

This is the single largest and most mysterious X factor going. I’ll give an illustration that displays the ‘underneath technology’ of the affair. Our conscious, every day waking minds, are nothing more than small islands on a vast ocean; at all points connected to itself. That vast ocean is the interlinking subconscious. People who know how to access this location, have at their disposal so many options and treasures that I won’t even attempt to list them and there are metaphysical technologies that have been around for a long time that WILL put you into a working relationship with it.

Let us look at the world at large. It is in a state of ubiquitous turmoil at the moment. Let us consider the conscious mind of both the nasties, with their stir sticks and the general serf mind, whose majority (big majority) focus is on pedestrian appetites and superficial sensation satisfaction, matched up with incipient fear; creaking the cellar steps and undefined rumbling in the attic. These factors of intensity on the one hand ...and mass on the other, are having a big impact on the uncertain waters of the subconscious. Next, check out the terrestrial upwellings of Lady Nature around the world with earthquakes, volcanoes, weird weather and factor in the relentless messing with stability; fracking and otherwise; THE COLLECTIVE IMPACT OF AGGREGATE HUMANITY UPON THE OVERALL CONDITIONS OF LIFE IS SIGNIFICANT. However... however... the X FACTOR, the unknown, is the critical arbiter of result because, irrespective of aggregate humanity, it is a matter of where the real power resides and that is going to be directly relevant to each particular little island, insofar as what it subscribes to; what it populates it with as operational importance, working on the level of details. The devil is not the only thing in the details and any physicist will tell you about the interplay of seeming opposites.

A horse, a bear, an elephant and many other creatures are far stronger than any human being. A chimpanzee, which is smaller than most people (especially these days) can overpower a human being with no trouble at all. However... however, a trained and focused human being can direct the force of any of these animals in all kinds of ways, overcoming whatever will to do otherwise which any of these creatures possesses. Keep this in mind when considering the negativity stir sticks and the galloping insanity of badly harnessed horses, veering off of the paved highway into the deep ditches of destruction; lured there by the singing sirens of sensation and appetite.

Like I never tire of saying, it all depends on who or what you rely on. It further depends on what you value, where your focus lies and what your intentions are; if you are consciously aware of these things and committed from the heart, in all respects, you will arrive at wherever and whatever, despite any and all opposition to the contrary. That’s just how it is. You can bank on it and some do. Some are willing to invest their very survival on what they feel assured to be true. Heh heh (not really laughing)... all kinds of people invest their very survival on things they know are not true but have talked themselves into. After all... there are always exceptions; n’est pas? Be an exception in the truest sense. Be exceptional. What do you rely on?

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There will be a radio show this Sunday evening.


I got a strange email from someone telling me that; something along the lines of “Wow! You sure do attract some weird people. It was in respect of  some mention made of me at some website called “The Shouter”. I’ve no idea of what that is and no attraction to go and look. Apparently it was critical of me. I observe everything that comes in and out of here and the negative comments run at about 1%. That’s been consistent overall. I know that my draw in the wider population is limited because I don’t have mass appeal. If anything, I depend too much of the unseen. I noted a posting yesterday by one annirgifan or whatever it’s called that listed a host of websites but mine wasn't there. Given who was there, I should have been. I've noticed the occasional censure that comes at me from that site; on rare occasions. Most of the time... most of the time, the censure and rejection is nearly always dependent on my consistent mention of the divine. It affects  my readership in the alternative sphere JUST AS MUCH as anywhere else. So what? I didn't come here hoping that Coca Cola would petition me for advertising space. How it is that a single comment translates into my attracting weird people; I couldn’t guess. Of course, there are more weird people than ever so...

While there is breath in my being I will forever refer to the ineffable and criticism be damned. In this one area, I KNOW what's what, as far as something being real or not. Just as soon as I am capable or 'allowed' to, I'm depositing ALL my marbles there and should I lose my marbles, that's where I want to lose them. I don't care what success may or may not come 'here'. I don't care whether I am marginalized or if, on occasion, some troubled soul seeks to set me up for whatever the reason. I've made my bed; not that I intend on sleeping in it (grin).

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