Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Snake Handling Tent Revival with the Gaboon Vipers of Zion

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You think you have the measure of the Gaboon Vipers of Zion. You kind of know that Bill Gates is a bloodsucking vampire bat but you probably didn't measure him for a screaming child murder headline; meaning many, many children, dead... or worse. You probably know that all these so called philanthropists are not philanthropists, that George Soros is an epic serial killer; that most of these people giving away the stray nickels from their bottomless pockets are employers of torture squads, death squads and even cheerleader squads of PR whores that they dress up for whatever lies they want told. It don’t matter. If the money is right we can talk all night.

Now that the Republicans; the party that starts wars, as opposed to the party that fights wars, are sitting center stage and dreaming about strap-on action over at the Mayflower Hotel, well... As we know, generally The Republicans are alcoholics and The Democrats, although they have plenty of drunks on their side of the isle, are the ones most likely to be behind marijuana reform. Now that the other guys are ‘seemingly’ in power, you’ll see more of this kind of hysteria. The level of hype is so great you can outright feel it.

Of course, the Republicans are not in charge and neither are the Democrats. The Bankers are in charge. When Holy Wars get launched, it’s The Bankers doing it. When Race Wars get instigated it’s The Bankers doing it. When The Shmoos at the media circus start howling about the Russians, it’s the Bankers that are paying for it and all of it is managed distraction because their mismanagement of the economy has gotten so bad that they are torturing perceptions in a non stop frenzy to protect themselves from public rage and their theory is... if they create the impression that someone else is the problem then they can take the heat off of themselves for the moment but... the problem is... The Bankers. The Bankers are the problem.

When Zio-Ogre, Poroshenko, greenlights the massacre of Eastern Ukrainians, being front end loaded into anonymous mass graves, it’s the Bankers that are behind it. Until the Bankers are brought to heel and rendered powerless in all of their activities, there will be no justice and no peace. Monsanto does nothing without Banker authority. Monsanto was founded by Banker Kindred. Presidents, lawmakers, highly placed members of the judiciary, military brass, intelligence agencies; none of these do anything without Banker go ahead.

Public perception is everything. What the public is convinced of becomes the atmosphere of reality. It isn’t real, of course, but it appears to be real. Perception sends thousands of deluded men into bloody trenches. Perception is the cause of men hanging on the wire at arbitrary border lines. Perception sets everyone against their neighbor. Perception turns those entrusted ‘to serve and protect’ into those who plunder and abuse. As long as people can be convinced that they have the law on their side then there is no law, there is only the triumph of material gain over the needs of humanity. There ceases to be humanity. Humanity is adjudged to be against the law; feeding the homeless.

The level of corruption and abuse in operation, from coast to coast in the first world, is truly impressive. Bankers, operating through government agencies, like the IRS, can literally steal the resources of small business. They’re doing it AND where does this money wind up? It winds up in banks. Government is nothing more than the enforcement arm of the banking industry. Everyone serving in government has been vetted for their position by The Bankers.

When Palestinians are set on fire with white phosphorus, or herded into buildings at gunpoint and are then blown up by IDF munitions, it is The Bankers who give the orders. When legislation comes on the table to give out mandatory sentences of 20 years for throwing stones, it is The Bankers who set that in motion.

The founding of the Central Banks was the number one goal of The Bankers. They set that in motion early. They lost it and then they forced it back into existence. Presidents have been threatened and also assassinated over it. Powerful men and women in important positions tremble when bankers speak. They know what might happen; what will happen, if they do not follow orders.

Out there... out there on the surface... the high rollers in the high life gather at those exclusive and expensive watering holes. They talk a whole lot of shit, while they preen and pose in their imagined importance. They wine and dine. They copulate with the soulless husks for hire. They turn on each other. They plot and strategize but none of it means anything without Banker Imprimatur.. Banker Imprimatur comes down on the spiritual being of the damned like a branding iron. The spirit is seared. It is the indelible imprint of the hijacked spirit informing matter.

If it were simply a matter of what people could be convinced of, it would be, ‘game over’ but... The Archetypes have the last word. When the cosmic clock turns, the automatic changes flower into reality and they take no mind of Bankers or Armies. They take no mind of wealth or temporary power. The times in which these things flourished, to the advantage of those empowered to milk the system, are passing and no one and nothing can compel the times to stay and continue as they were. That time is on its way out the door and with it goes all that the once mighty depended on. They will find themselves alone in an empty field with no one but Saturn to keep them company.

If you are distraught by the heaviness and confusion of the times, do not be alarmed. Do NOT let the power of appearances act upon your belief of what is real. None of this is. It has pumped itself up into a bombastic creature of empty sound and fury and in the end it will, truly, signify... nothing. All of this has been a long time coming. Those whose fierce and taloned grasp of the public's perceptions; their resources, their sense of well being, their hopes and fears, which has been, for so long, a fabricated illusion now in tatters. The cosmic clock ticks inexorably toward that destined denouement. Try as they might they cannot hold back the tide of change. A new world is coming and an old world is going and both of these are attended by the faithful who have put their trust in either.

The Gates of Hell have opened wide, to suck the Bankers down inside. The Bankers and their demented kin are walking in. Across the vastness of history, barely a footnote remains as evidence that any of the long forgotten empires ever were here. Hundreds and thousands of years of power and glory are now nothing more than compressed coal, frozen in the dark places of the world. A handful of books remain that speak of civilizations of which no physical evidence remains. Gone... all gone. It’s a mystery to all of those who are a mystery to themselves and it is no mystery at all to those who understand the nature of cycles and the natural order of coming and going. Like The Prophet said; “to every time there is a purpose under Heaven... yadda yadda yadda.

Have a wonderful day.

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