Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Satanic Conning Towers of Subliminal Hellfire.

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Let me address a serious problem. It has come up at another blog and I sense it regardless. Yes... the world is a mess and it is getting messier. This recent emergence of Ebola and other expressions of material darkness being generated by the Satanic elite is/can be very troubling. Along with this growing menace there are all the other looming catastrophes. America, owned by bankers and Satanists (they are synonymous), is being steered into conflicts all over the world and domestically a police state is emergent. One can easily see that this Ebola menace is being generated by the people who run the governments in order to be able to apply martial law. It's a good angle because people are susceptible to going along with evil policies if it appears they are being set into place to protect them. NOTHING could be further from the truth.

Okay then. Yes, it is/can be very depressing. Regardless of this, attitude is the whole ball game. Though there may be millions trapped in difficult living situations and engaged in pointless enterprises along with trashy amusements and lethal food, there are also a certain portion of everyone else who exhibits 'confidence' in the way they go about their life. It's a known truth that worry fixes nothing. It's also a known truth that confidence impacts on one's existence. People naturally gravitate toward confident personalities and shy away from negative types with a rain cloud over their heads AND did I say, “worry fixes nothing?”

One has to assess their mental framework. One needs study themselves to see how much they are cooperating with the problem that they call their life. If one is honest it should not be difficult at all to discover if you are an accessory to your own unfortunate existence. Here are a few problems that can seriously impact on ones fortunes; not liking yourself, not believing in yourself, not going about with the conscious thought that the universe is potentially quite benevolent toward you; should you manage to put yourself into the right frame of mind.

Alright, so people have heard this before and no doubt a lot of people have tried one version or another along the lines of the power of positive thinking. If this is a legitimate course then all should be well from then on, right? Not necessarily; one has to overcome their subconscious resistance to things going well for them. See... we have, over time, allowed patterns of negative thinking to take root in our consciousness and whether we are aware of it or not, these patterns exercise a powerful influence over our lives and what happens with us. This propensity for negativity usually begins in childhood where unconscious or uncaring parents injected their negative world view into our minds at a time when we were unable to defend ourselves. I've posted the Philip Larkin poem some number of times; it is always relevant. Look! This conditions is a matter of fact and it's not just our parents that mess us up. The world around us has a real impact also.

A person has to take responsibility for changing the way they think. Why is this so hard to accomplish? Many of us have a defeatist perspective and due to the instant gratification syndrome of the times, many of us want it 'now', whatever 'it' is. Let me compare the changing of one's consciousness and mindset to changing ones diet. It takes a minimum of ten days for your taste buds to change. Before that it can be an unpleasant experience and the lure of former enjoyments can grow increasingly strong as one attempts to alter a form of behavior. In these times many people lack the necessary persistence to see things through to the end. The easier course is always waving its hands in the air like a circus ringmaster and it is a circus, a carnival, a smorgasbord of an endless variety of tastes and other sensations. Never before has the world been so sensation saturate as it is now. Never before have so many seeming delights been so close at hand; provided you can afford them and many people devote their lives to putting themselves into position to be able to afford these things. Others create a mountain of debt for themselves, wishing and hoping that something will come along and wipe out this nagging condition.

We... at this site have been warning the reader for a long time about the incremental march of the deep uglies into everyday life. We have pointed out that the most problematic locations are the most populous locations. Most people don't realize how deeply dependent they are on 'the system' and its infrastructure of utilities and employment options. Consider the dilemma once the switch gets thrown or some natural disaster brings down the electrical grid. It won't mean much at all to those living off the grid but how many people do that?

Take a look around you at the epidemic cellphone addiction. It's everywhere. People are walking down the street endlessly thumbhumping their phones. You can't go anywhere where you don't see it taking place. People are doing it while eating lunch. I'm guessing they wake up in the middle of the night, their fingers twitching and reaching for that phone. It has literally become the center of their existence for many people. Personally, I bought a phone that is a phone and it's there should reason appear for it needing to be used. This cellphone phenomena is not benign. It operates in an atmosphere of danger beyond what most people imagine. I'm not going to delineate any of this. Use your imagination.

If you are living in a state of dependence on the continuance of the system then you are relying on the good graces of sociopaths. Does this strike you as intelligent policy? I know... I know getting out of this is not easy and I'm not saying you have to. It may not come to that but you need to be aware of what is going on around you and you need to be able to generate consistent confidence in yourself because the government, the media, the Satanic conning towers of subliminal Hellfire are all generating, on purpose, definitely on purpose, wave after wave of negativity.

When you study this Ebola problem you notice many clumsy, ignorant and unprofessional kinds of behavior taking place. The thoroughly corrupt CDC is behaving like FEMA at Katrina. Sure, you might think, well, they are incompetent. No... that's not it. This is all by design. If they wanted it efficient and capably handled that is definitely possible. That's not on the menu though. You have to keep in mind that confusion, uncertainty, paranoia, fear and helplessness are all products of the ones that have brought the world to this pass. They have been assisted in this tragedy by a cast of millions and millions. That is a powerful environment for little you to negotiate. It's not unlike being adrift on a large ocean and subject to the kinds of weather that comes and goes there. Some boats are equal to the task and some are not and, obviously, a lot depends of the abilities of the captain.

I do not know how far these monsters are going to be allowed to take it all before it comes down on their heads. How may times have you told yourself that you should have moved on, or... not moved in, or something that you either then didn't do or did do and then you were allowed to repent and regret at your leisure. As you look back with that 20-20 hindsight you can see where the errors of your way occurred and how it might all have been different if you had been more thoughtful, more proactive, less impulsive, or whatever your problem was.

Are you somewhere you don't want to be, doing things you don't want to do? It doesn't have to be that way. You either need a new world or you need new eyes. You need something. The good news is that you already have it. The problem, if there is one, is like the muscular system. It needs to be exercised. It has to be brought into performance shape and if it is then it is equal to any challenge or task it comes up against. If it isn't then one hasn't put the effort into it that it needs and it won't get that effort unless you love doing it. Every successful person seriously enjoys what they are doing, even if it is wrong. Right or wrong don't enter into the equation. Passion is the all important key. Passion is generated by inspiration and inspiration comes about by putting yourself in the way of it. One can't be hindered in their understanding by studying the lives of successful people.

Success, real success, is not a matter of large finances. Surely that will attend in different cases but true success is not dependent on material fortune. True success is loving what you do. The effect of that will be felt everywhere you go. Once it reaches a certain level you will influence your environment simply by being in it, without having to do or say anything at all. It is as incremental as the evil in this world. The force for good is always stronger than the opposite, regardless of appearances. You have to believe. You have to get past the point where your taste buds change and it's like it never was different. You forget about the past. It's no longer relevant but... on the other hand, now you are.

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