Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Sad, Sad Inactive Epiphany of the Doomed Lab Rat.

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In early times at the house in Italy (now gone), I planted a diverse succulents garden. I am extremely fond of succulents. That winter there was a big snowfall for the first time in fifty years. That was it for my succulents. Some of them I had had for years. I tried again and the highest temperatures this century came in the summer and fried my next effort. There's a message in there somewhere. I'll be in the perfect location soon to try again. By now I have figured out that that is what I'm all about, trying again so... the conditions manifest. I'm thinking that's apropos of nothing but... you never know.

In the grand tradition of Mr. Apocalypse, the hits just keep on coming. It looks like all the other evil infrastructures have finally got a clue as to the mad dog in their midst. The profit loss factor in the relationship has entered the realm of negative return and the bottom line in all relationships between the bottom feeders at the top is that the bottom line is sacred. Some may claim patriotism as their highest love and some may claim Jesus is, if they happen to be collecting large sums of money in his name but... their highest love, fealty and devotion is to their bottom line, that is, when it isn't also directed to a relatively unformed bottom.

When you're crazy, you constantly do irrational shit that proves to people that you are what awakened people say you are. When you are crazy, you act out in public and you punctuate your insanity while practicing genocide on helpless people whose land you stole. Because you are crazy, you can't help yourself. Because you are crazy and internationally connected to a cabal of other crazies, while residing in a country teeming with the psychopathically insane, it is a given, it is an inescapable conclusion that you will destroy yourself. That hotbed of twisted psyches will soon be no more. Next year? Five years from now? It's going to happen.

Other things are going to happen in tandem with this. The control of the currency that has been going on for so long, that's going to be exposed but not only that. Oh no... much more than that. Mr. Apocalypse is nothing if not comprehensive in a last jot and tittle kind of a way. Mr. Apocalypse works for The Big Kahuna. I work for Mr. Apocalypse. Mr. Apocalypse has quite a few employees. Some know they are so employed. Some do not. If it were a modern day corporation, it might not be one of the big guys but it wouldn't be one of the small guys either. Then again... it might be bigger than all of them because everyone is working for him one way or another. There isn't anyone more powerful than Mr. Apocalypse; reason being that this is his time and place. Whenever an archetype is in its time and place, it is more powerful than any other archetype and all of the other archetypes serve it. It illuminates the whole environment. It casts a specific light that silhouettes everything in a certain way. It adds a particular amount of light and shadow to everything. It is the real life expression of what Hollywood is a mockery of. Strangely enough, I am watching a film called “Horns” at the moment... pretty cool... heh heh. It must have come out in one of those periods when I was terrestrially incommunicado. There have been stretches of that sort of thing.

During the time of Mr. Apocalypse, insanity and high humor march arm in arm. Governmental bodies are reduced to a state of ridiculous. This is why they spend 3 million dollars trying to discover why 3/4th of Lesbians are obese. Obviously, it is because they eat out so much. Then again people seek comfort and legitimacy to the degree that they make accommodations and operate as what they are not. Money is being sucked out of the system in huge gouts from all sides. The American Empire is like a a giraffe on the Serengeti that went lame and is struggling to outrun a pack of Hyenas. The giraffe got such a long neck from sticking it out. It's a classic example of grasp exceeding reach. The giraffe is not really a giraffe, nor is the Serengeti really the Serengeti or the hyenas, hyenas. The hyenas are dressed in suits but... truthfully, the hyenas really are hyenas.

Paul Thoreau wrote an engrossing book about Africa and there's a section where he talks about a city in Ethiopia where the hyenas wander in packs through the town at night. There's a hyena man who goes outside the city and feeds the hyenas. I believe you can find him doing it on youtube but I can't be bothered to look. Sometimes he puts a slab of meat in his mouth and a hyena picks it off. Ironically, back in the day, great white safari guides and hunters knew that you did not sit down beneath a shady tree on the veldt to take an afternoon snooze without being conscious of your circumstances. It is a tactic favored by hyenas that they slip up on you and bite your face off then they run away. They let Nature do the rest with the flies and what not. They follow the hunter as he goes. Maybe you get the picture. Well... as you probably know, the hyenas going at this giraffe are much, much worse than any ordinary hyena. There are some things even a hyena won't do. These other hyenas have no such restrictions. They are the result of what happens when the beast takes supremacy in a formerly human mind.

These hyenas have insatiable appetites, they will eat just about anything and you can be assured that once this happens they will inevitably turn the end product into shit. You can rely on this. You could create a hedge fund on this single commodity and make yourself an enormous fortune. What do you know? Some entrepreneurial souls already have. They won't be happy until they own everything. Interestingly enough, they won't be happy then either.

If you like to read like I do. If you've waded through thousands and thousands of books, you probably have some idea of the different versions of history and you've also seen all kinds of examples of things that later came to be, as if the writers were some kind of prescient being... or something. I'm guessing they were trend spotters like myself. Some better. Some more imaginative and some, of course, as it later turned out, off the mark.

Interesting enough, there are those who know all about what's going on. They knew thousands of years ago how it was going to turn out. Most of us haven't ever met any of them and if we did we didn't know it. Ageless wisdom says that the interior of our being is like a vast ocean filled with sunken treasure chests. You have to know where to look and you have to have access to the proper equipment that makes it possible for you to take advantage of all these wonders. It's like anything else, it's real simple once you understand what is involved. Approached from outside, viewed from outside, it can seem an impenetrable mystery. It doesn't have to be.

I come around to report on trends and the implications they portend. That's part of it. There are other reasons but … they are obvious or they are not. It is important to realize that among the bad guys, there are only a few of them that realize the magnitude of their acts. Those are the fully participant. Everyone else is operated like a drone or a remote controlled car. They gave up a critical facility within themselves for the right to engage in particular acts. The trade off was worth it and off they went.

Marijuana is now officially an enemy of the state. It doesn't matter that alcohol is measurably many, many times worse in multiple ways. People who take drugs do not usually manifest the level of guilt they achieve with alcohol and are therefore less pliant to official control. Sure, you can mix up your meth and vodka tonics and shoot heroin but for some reason the overpowering desire for more is greater than the necessary guilt generation which is a USDA requirement in all legal comestibles.

At NFL com it's breast cancer awareness month, where this vampire consortium generates money for its shareholders. Don't worry, one way or another there are shareholders. They have no intention whatsoever of curing cancer and if you catch such a thing best stay far away from these characters. It is to be presumed that the corporations generating the toxic and inefficient remedies for various diseases are also deeply involved in their proliferation and perpetuation. You can't do cynical better than that.

It's on that I heard about cheese and bacon baked into the pizza crust. They got some down home, country singer type of red neck retard doing the commercial and now I take a stroll through news trivia central and I find this. I'm guessing that bacon is not a natural Ebola preventative. I know it is the actual material taste of corruption. All foods replicate a certain state insofar as body recognition goes. The reason that the most pervasive and intense prohibitions are applied to pork from across various major religions is not because of trichinosis or such. In one particular belief system it is tantamount to cannibalism and in others, for reasons easily discovered, by the performance of a particular discipline of reasoning. There is a comprehensive intent behind the direction of contemporary cuisine. There is comprehensive intent behind the corruption of the educational system and the application of electronic technology to the concerted purpose of dumbing down. There is a malign intelligence behind every facet of corporate intent going. If you are too stupid to get this then you are the chief beneficiary of the anything but beneficial outcome. You are basically nothing but doomed lab rats. One can presume that the lifespan of a doomed lab rat is not a comfortable one.

Remember my mentioning exploding hog lagoons any number of times?

On and on it goes and Mr. Apocalypse is modulating into a jog. The walking stick is now a baton.

End Transmission.......

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