Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Narcotic Humming of the Planetary Sleep Machine

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Don’t know what’s going on. I had to leave school early today because I was so uneasy. The thing with intuitive flashes is that you often don’t know what it’s in reference to. It could have something to do with you. It could have something to do with someone you know. It could have something to do with the wider world.

I've got this personal qualifying process, where I access a combination of trends, logic and intuition in separate lanes and then I merge the traffic in the roundabout. Once I come off the roundabout, I take whatever exit is headed into the wild (outside the false construct of the artificial world) and I look for a place to pull over to where I can give some thought to it all. Subjective introspection comes into play and I have this method where I ping pong my thoughts off of the presumed absolute and that trampolines on the subconscious, the way unruly children cavort in a bounce house. What this accomplishes is that it shakes the image making device and that causes all kinds of graphics to Rolodex across the mindscreen. It sounds like a system (is dis a system?) but there’s no guarantee of it making sense. It’s more of a food for thought generator. I expect this is all about as clear as mud but... it works for me.

It’s a couple of days later now and the whole atmosphere has shifted again. I don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors; cue Charlie Rich but... Well, never mind the but; I don’t know and I’m pretty sure I know that.

If you look carefully at the news in different parts of the west, you might notice a trend that has been developing over time. Here’s an example of what I mean; the first person appointed to head up their in house proctology team. I suggest you tap into the picture of the woman being referenced in the article, with your inner phrenologist. Does she not look exactly like the kind of person who would be standing around a sacrificial altar in a medieval cloak with an upside down crucifix tattooed on her breast bone? Well, you probably wouldn't see that until the orgy following the ritual disembodiment... or whatever it is they get into these days. I’m sorry if I seem to cast a bit of aspersion on this finely aged thoroughbred from the titled aristocracy but... man! She looks the part.

Now... you scroll down to the next player. By this time we just assume they’re all in on it and that you don’t get to where they are unless you are in on it. Maybe I’m being unkind and overly cynical; I could have used that cynicism in my life this past year (grin) but... rather than call it cynicism, let us simply play by their rules of presuming guilt until innocence is proven and... as is the case with people like ourselves in their hands, the guilt is manufactured to begin with so... get the picture?

Moving along with the graphics version of onomonapia; or should I call that onomonapedophilia? In any case, when you scroll down on this link you get a profile picture of the guy who’s got this look on his face. I feel like I don’t even have to say what I think that looks like do I? This kind of thing has been going on for awhile now and given the appearance of firm control that this cabal of evil creatures has over due process, you’d think they would be more than capable of managing the whole affair. Are they only throwing a few of their members under the double decker bus? That begs the question of; who is responsible for it coming out in the first place? It ain't them; it has to be Mr. Apocalypse.

What this means is that there is a force on this planet that is actively going against the will of these corrupt monsters. Let’s do that logic thing again. If there is some force that is acting counter to the forces of darkness, that have been working in concealment and which are now being pressed into the light of day, it has to have sufficient power to do this or it doesn't get done. Obviously, these maldoers know that something is going on that is not a part of their blueprint for world domination. This implies that unless they can curtail the power of this force, they are going to be in ever increasingly greater degrees of trouble. If they would have been able to curtail it they would have curtailed it.

On other fronts they are meeting with all kinds of opposition to their global chess game. Now they’re turning a more focused eye to the internet. Maybe they see that as their big problem. My guess is that what they see as their chief problem is going to keep changing. Presently they are working overtime to head off they know not what at the pass. They’re tossing distractions right and left. They just orchestrated some sort of a botched train wreck in Canada; if it was botched. That the odious prime minister of that oppressed country came to no harm seems to suggest it wasn't the work of the good guys. Of course the argument can be made that there are no good guys and this is all just what happens in these times, where assorted bad guys in different club jackets go after each other and some large portion of the public gets sucked into the proceeding mêlée.

It appears to me that what we have is, imperious and arrogant denial, juxtaposed with incipient creeping fear, leading me to believe that behind the mask they are ‘running scared’; cue Roy Orbison.

Yeah... it takes me awhile to get around to what I want to say, because the country traveled in the process, serves as an environment to present the particular thoughts being arranged for view. Call it stage scenery. I find that this tactic on my part is imperative because the overall impact of appearances is frighteningly negative and many wander bewildered in these times and many are pressed in against circumstance; up against it economically, emotionally and not knowing where to turn. Basically, you might say, the dissonant tenor of the times is overwhelming. It’s a chaotic caterwauling of unfortunate souls in torment and a supporting choir of millions led astray. It’s not as bad as contemporary rap music but it’s a great deal more authentic.

In concert with this posting, we are watching, “Deliver us from Evil’. It’s supposed to be an account of real events in New York City. Given the way Hollywood operates, it is certain that creative license has been taken but... the theory that there are ancient forces of evil at work among the human herd is not a theory as far as I am concerned. Nothing else accounts for the terrible acts being committed world wide every day. Things like this are common. Without a doubt, archetypal evil walks this Earth. Once again, you can use simple linking logic to come to all kinds of inescapable conclusions.

So... here we are. We have these irrefutable expressions of evil and we have something more mysterious, moving through and alongside them, which seems to hamper the progress of evil intent. Are things only the way they seem or... is there more to what’s going on? If there is more to what is going on, then it’s possible that is good news because most of the other news is bad.

We are all responsible in this world, for what we have done, for what we are doing and for what we will do. We are responsible for the world around us as a direct impact of our acts upon it in our every day. If you are going about as an unconscious automaton with no other motivations beyond the satisfaction of basic functions, you are in a great deal of trouble. If you are a conscious automaton, serving the will of the darkness in its assault against humanity then you are in even greater trouble. If you are among the few who struggle mightily against the narcotic humming of the planetary sleep machine then you must remain confident. You must align your life and your will with that force that is working counter to the machinations of the damned and the possessed. You must believe that you are aided and that help will come. Better to go down with the knowledge that you did your best than to go down and down and down, as is the nature of it.

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