Saturday, October 4, 2014

Into the Suffocating Matrix of Flesh for the Sake of Flesh.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I know that many of you are experiencing difficult times at the moment. I believe I have a solution where you can bring in 7,000 dollars a month. There are some expenses involved but you should be able to gross a tidy sum and live well. Here is how you do it. There is all kinds of housing going begging for residents. You might not like the idea of how you are making your money but someone is going to have to do this and a well organized mind can do very well at it. Don't say I never gave you anything.

I have been studying the times from many angles; reading about things like half the animals no longer being around, reading about the poisoned oceans, the polluted drinking water, the toxic environments, the awful diets, the spread of disease, the rising militancy festering out of all of the 'orthodox' and 'fundie' mindsets, the ignorance, the insanity, the cold blooded indifference, the cheap sensation seeking. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. Some larger portion of the human race appears to be doomed and the population continues to increase astronomically and nearly all of that among the poorest among us.

I don't think all of us are doomed. This is one of those things that tends to come around in times of Apocalypse. It's out with the old and in with the new and... of course... you will follow in the wake of whatever you are magnetized to. You can see this already in operation. You can see large columns of the sleep walking dead walking into the suffocating matrix of flesh, for the sake of flesh. Such is the nature of materialism. It's a state of mind.

Some of us are aware of the truth concerning much of what is going on in the world. Some of you have some awareness of what cannot be seen. These are two different forms of awareness, yet... it is all one thing, simply different frequencies of the same thing. Any functioning metaphysician knows this. Even the Zelators among us know about, “as above, so below”.

It's a trend among the self assumed brightest minds among us that life is a product of chaos theory. The more arrogantly pretentiously intellectual these people are, the more nihilistic they are AND because, for them, everything can be reduced to random sequences, cycling patterns and behavioral probability junk science, they lack most any form of human compassion, when it comes to the welfare of others. This is how you get stone cold sonofabitches like Paul Bulcke over at Nestles and the rest of the operational pond scum listed here.

They've got a token Asian female and a Hispanic, if Lopez means what I think it does. These creatures were all moulded in those education foundries like Wharton, The Ivy League, prep schools and what have you, where all human qualities were sucked out of them, or voluntarily surrendered because they interfered with sound business practices. Of course, it doesn't say that in the commercials and it isn't phrased that way in the companies procedure codes but that is what you get when you strip away all the phony protocols, mission statements and apologias. What you get is Bhopal. What you get is virulent vaccines. What you get is Post Bushligula Iraq. What you get is corporations with personhood, Ebola disseminated for population control and corruption as the fastest growing phenomena on the planet.

What is to be done... tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...? What is to be done here... tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...? That's a good question visible. For myself I am working on increasing my reliance on what has brought me to the moment I presently occupy. That's not going to work for everyone simply because not everyone is so inclined. My primary visceral leading is to go with what is timeless and eternal, even if that is only a conceptual thing. Isn't everything around you just a projection to begin with?

The circus continues; ridiculously expensive watch owner, the Salvador Dali Lama, thinks Putin is too full of himself yet... I haven't heard word one from this clown about Howdy Doody, Israel or any of the real trouble makers and now the Mossad Spies who got nailed by the Iranians are waltzing around the US masquerading as pro public activists AND... on top of that, one of the most absolutely sold out whores in American politics, Log Cabin, Republican Tinker Bell, Lindsey Graham is talking about maybe a run for president, awesome dude! Awesome!!! What? CEO for GLAAD wasn't available? Of course, you've seen one Anti-Defamation League, you've seen them all and they are all Zionist operations.

Oh... it's getting really flaky. The usual government operatives are back working another fear scam, this time the focus is an Ivy League college and what day could possibly be complete without something like this. This is fall down and hurt your ribs laughing out loud stuff. Check out the conclusions reached by these, 'cough cough' scientific experts. I suppose it's all in a days work after they pressure washed the Ebola vomit off of the Dallas sidewalk.

Of course, by now we know that the government is using the Ebola scare as a preliminary chess piece for world wide public manipulation. If it weren't so tragic it would be hilarious. The one percent is looking to seriously clamp down on freedoms formerly enjoyed by everyone else, or used to be enjoyed back when they still existed. Day by day, you tell yourself, “it can't get any more absurd! It can't possibly become more of a cartoon.” But it does... and it does... I'm still waiting on Michelle Obama's surprising message to the tranny cotillion. Where is it?

Truthfully, I don't know what Michelle Obama is or is not sexually. What I do know is that the lion's share of individuals pushing this story are generally nutjobs. If you make the effort to study the claims and the people making them, you find there is a common similarity that seems to run through the mix and you also find that most of the locations that are publicizing this, are known for the occasional and more that occasional outrageous claims now and again or... more than now and again.

The two people I trust these days are Slim and None. I'm beginning to think that things which have happened in my own life in recent times were cosmically designed to get me to ditch my Pollyanna perspective that resulted in my naturally trusting people in general. The vast and immeasurable expanse of lies is breathtaking! Unbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelievable!

It is most definitely all falling apart. Sooner or later, the whole massive construct is going to tumble back down upon itself. I am reminded of the garbage heap in “Idiocracy”. I find it impossible to predict in what way any of this is going to sort itself out or not sort itself out. It's like looking into high powered halogen headlights except it's not light we are talking about.

“Oh mercy mercy me... Things ain't what they used to be.” Ain't that the truth. I suppose the avatar for the times would be a graphic of scavenger dogs digging up Ebola carcasses and eating them, thereby transforming themselves into automatic Ebola transmission devices. How cool is that? Now... that is an art project worthy of the illustrious S. Clay Wilson. Where are Captain Pissgums and Ruby the Dyke when you need them? One of them is a senator from South Carolina and the other is the managing head of the IMF. Together again! Like you've never seen them before! Live! On our stage! Zombies to the left of them, Necrophiliacs to the right, into the Valley of Gog and Magog marched the 6 million; right out of the 3D printer! Created out of nothing but fog and thin air, just like the currency!!!

Not a day goes by when I don't tell myself, “Get on that plane right now and head into the South Pacific!” However, this particular Nimrod has learned some valuable lessons in recent times and is not nearly so precipitate as once he was. As fast as the dominoes can tumble when they get in the mood, nothing worldwide happens that fast. It took a long time for all this compacted elephant shit to go up the scaffolds and it will take more than a day or two for it to crash to the ground. Anyway, I still got to sell my car; one of the things I won't be entirely happy to let go of, given I found a really good one.

I'd like to close with a small mention to those ET's that I know happen to come around these blogs. If you are thinking about getting involved in this train wreck down here, would you please, please (cue James Brown) get around to it soon? And you! Yeah you, the Rip Van Winkle of the invisible plane. Time to wake up and smell the chaos. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong but I get the definite feeling you got something to do with all this. Get it in gear!

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I neglected this week to link to Sunday's radio broadcast. Now... I have.

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