Friday, September 26, 2014

The Hot Pursuit of the Hamster Swine with the Treadmill Spinning Blues.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

They call Hollywood, Tinsel Town. The image implies an electrified atmosphere, with shimmering confetti woven into it. It's an illusion factory. Quite often, the events and abilities displayed are an impossibility in real life; whatever that is. Increasingly, these days, Hollywood has become a propaganda mill and also a showcase for some of the most blatant and embarrassing shilling for exceptionalism that I have ever seen through that medium.

These days it seems that it is not permissible to make a film where the words Bar Mitzvah is not mentioned at least once. In every film, no matter the time zone and location, there has to be a sympathetic portrayal of at least one Jewish character and the amount of movies being pumped out that play with historical realities; whatever that means, looks like an immense prairie of flyblown carcasses stinking in the sun. It's like Buffalo Bill Cody came through there with the railroad.

Obviously, the people who control, Hollywood are getting desperate. They know they are on the wrong side of history; wherever that is. They may or may not believe in Mr. Apocalypse but it is a certainty he believes in them. If one looks at recent and not so recent events over the last couple of decades, supposing the mind were capable of a time lapse ability, with rewind and fast forward as options, one would notice some astonishing progressions. One would see certain cosmic villains, who had previously kept to the shadows, moving expeditiously into the spotlight, exposing themselves, getting caught out at all kinds of criminal activity. Of course, there have been few penalties. Not a single Wall Street firm or gangster bank has been called into the dock but... the world knows and the world sees. It is true that many of those watching are unaware of what they are seeing but there is that within them that sees and every damning image is being changed into a depth charge that is set to go off at a particular time.

I've been watching a film called, “Million Dollar Arm”. It's a quirky offbeat film, a little too formulaic to be very memorable but the main character, who isn't even Semitic is playing one of those Semitic characters who, themselves, aren't Semitic to begin with. There's more. In one pointless segment they are in a restaurant where one of the characters is eating a chicken salad. It has no relevance. It is only there so that the name Shapiro can be spoken. Earlier I was watching (trying to watch), “The Angriest Man in Brooklyn”. It was so full of Tribe references that I had to turn it off. It stank of desperation and there was nothing funny at any point as far as I got in it. Even scenes that might have once been moderately funny, were not funny.

If one had that time lapse capacity, one would be fairly surprised at how orchestrated all of these incipient and incremental exposures are. If one were able to add in a panorama perspective, one might begin to get a comprehensive picture of it all and even acquire some amount of confidence that what seems at time to be so substantial and unstoppable, are actually no more than cartoons on highly flammable paper.

Surviving in this world at this time requires more than money and influential circumstance. These things can well be fatal liabilities, when viewed in a cosmic sense. Surviving, in a real sense, requires a mindset that knows; the stage upon which ones existence is acting out is temporary. This is a critical awareness to have. Trust me on this, it can save you major grief later on and if you are already in that later on phase, perhaps you know what I mean. Knowing what is temporary and of importance, only in a relative and passing sense, makes it possible to appreciate what has a more lasting value. Getting stuck in a rotating rut; the hot pursuit of the hamster swine with the treadmill spinning blues is a mugs game. It's the chosen venue of the majority of most and it ends up with you as a hungry ghost. If appetites are mastered, certain valuable abilities come into play, eventually. If it is the other way around and they run you, you are in more trouble than you know and the whole world is set up to maximize the attractions and intensify the resulting confinement of ones essential freedom. This is why no one comes out with a smiley face on the other end of the line.

Hollywood makes movies. Movies weave a spell on the mind. Sometimes they titillate. Sometimes they terrify. Sometimes they amuse. Most often they disappoint and at increasingly rare intervals, they educate. These days, mostly, they indoctrinate. Life is a movie and we are all actors. There is nothing you can do to change that while you are here. You play your part. You play it well, you play it badly, or inconsistently and what defines your role, as any of these, is dependent on what turns out to be real and what turns out to be no more than shooting craps in a ghost casino. It's the Overlook Hotel again.

There are people with real casinos, like Sheldon Adelson and others. These seem like substantial things. A lot of money falls out of a lot of pockets. There are people who command armies and people who print literal tons of money, or possess tons of gold. They seem to be very powerful and no doubt they believe themselves to be. Some of them are actors who want to look like they are on the side of the angels, while living in diametric opposition to the standards they are seeking to instill in others. There is the light thrown by the sun. There is artificial light. There are all kinds of light and depending on the light you see something in, on that depends what sort of glamour outlines the item. There is another light these days and it is slowly intensifying as it gears up to be rapidly intensifying. That is the light of Mr. Apocalypse. Think about it. You know when you are seeing something in that light. It happens every day.

A large portion of the public are wearing sunglasses/filters that are the opposite of what you saw in “They Live.” For the moment these are effective against Broad Daylight Awareness but the light of Mr. Apocalypse will not be denied and no glasses, no filters, nothing will stand against the force of that light, as this drama, we are players in, moves inexorably to it's various thundering crescendos of climactic denouements. Ask yourself what is important to you, more important than anything else and live accordingly. Most people flinch at this imperative because it means they can no longer make convenient compromises. There is nothing convenient about deferred inevitability, just as there is no easy road. There are only appearances and appearances are the essential deception. There is the singular and inexplicable behind the profusion of multiplicity. This can be found to be a mathematical truth AND... so far as established beliefs may go, Mr. Apocalypse is busy with those too.

The outrageous sense of privilege, entitlement and grasping greed among 'the self chosen' and their similar numbers is presently measureless. How can it not be possible that this is not all arranged for the purpose of demonstration? Look at their faces! They say it all. It is amazing is it not? At the same time as this 'Treasure of Sierra Madre Flu makes the rounds, human health and well being are under serious attack from all sides and not the least of the concerns is this one. For decades I have been saying those exact words. I recommend a truly insightful book by the actress, Gloria Swanson called “Sugar Blues”; ought to be online as a free download somewhere.

Juxtaposing all of this is the Tribe educated law enforcement madness. They simply murder at will. The level of national stress must be palpable at this point. It makes me wonder at migrating back, even if it is to the furthest outpost of the realm. I keep looking, in a casual way for something similar in various of the world's once beautiful waters; Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Pacific, pretty much anywhere. I will have permanent European residence in a couple of months. For the moment, here in the zeit punkte, for some reason, despite appearances, my present choice seems sound. Two things I will do, besides everything else on the menu (grin); learn about all the edible and useful things growing in Lady Nature's garden and planting a garden of special items I have discovered in my travels. A garden is a wonderful place for working meditation, given the assistive entities.

Well, what else can one do, here on the lip of the precipice, of the fall of empire, of the world wide dis-assembly of a departing age, under the spectre of looming war and catastrophe? One must carry on with the simple things. One must secure themselves in ordinary (and extraordinary) positive efforts, as a counterpoint to all that surrounding ignorance, indifference and insanity of appetite. The world is not my affair. My affair is to live according to a timeless awareness of what is the essential truth of being, insofar as I am capable of being aware of it. My affair is not to occupy my mind with what dark and depraved people have done to me but rather to focus on what I do to others. I am not judged by offenses committed against me. I am judged by the manner in which I react and the purpose and conviction of my continuance; not so much the actual achievement of any station or goal but the degree of passion and attention given to them.

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