Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Doing the Backstroke in a Swamp of Neutered Nutrias

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I walked out into the early morning today and I saw, metaphorically that... the hawk is on the wing. I could hear, just on the periphery of hearing, the howl of the wolf and I knew that a few months hence the tearing of the wind at your door would be the allegorical claws of that same wolf. Like they say in that 'extremely popular' swords and sorcery, fantasy series, where the author takes some kind of pathological satisfaction in killing off just about all of the main players; “winter is coming” metaphorically AND literally. Winter is coming and so is sticker shock. Food prices are going to rise along with heating costs. Nature is in no mood to cooperate. The governments are owned by the people who own the banks and the people who own the banks are blood sucking vampires. Do not expect them to behave like kitty cats and fluffy puppies. It is in their nature to drink the blood of others. It is what they do. It's like the story of the scorpion and the frog. The frog wanted to know why the scorpion stung him halfway across the river, dooming both of them; “It's my nature.”

A fearful epidemic of ubiquitous bad health is sweeping the world. This is because the health and medical industries are owned by the same people who own the large agribusinesses and who manufacture the processed foods. They are the same monsters who own all that stock in Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow and Dupont. They pay the men and women who make the laws, so that the very word, 'law' has become a travesty upon itself.

The state of Idiocracy is upon us. It's barrelling down the highway. It's mooning itself in the Event Horizon. Here is a clip from a (snicker) prestigious university. Not only is it a prestigious and totally CIA/NSA infiltrated swamp of neutered Nutrias, it is in the very location, due to proximity and curriculum where one would expect those residents to know the answers to the questions presented. It's Foggy Bottomland and that dark and rich looking loam is not earth. With one tiny exception they had no answers whatsoever. Was it a selectively arranged presentation that omitted everyone who did know the answers? I don't know. You hear all kinds of things riding out here but 'they ain't necessarily so'.

Stupid is the new smart. It's now hip to not know anything about anything except appetite satisfaction. When you marvel at the transparency of the lies coming at you from the Crass Media, you must recognize that the people these lies are directed at are really, yes, really that stupid. Use your Broad Daylight Awareness and Miner's Lamp Logic. The lies are demonstrably lies and they are all a reworking of previous lies, many of which are today, proven lies and yet... people are so incredibly stupid that they will continue to believe each newly reworked old lie that has been already proven to be a lie. The same arguments used about Saddam Hussein are now used against whoever else the Israeli Bankers and International Satanists wish to eliminate.

Is it possible that something like this could be true? Did someone put a hit on one of the nastiest bags of rat shit to ever walk the face of the Earth? Here is a woman who has devoted her life to being more disgusting than Harris Glenn Milstead and Robert Maplethorpe put together. Oh right, I forgot, they were artistes.

I don't know what is or is not true about Zsa Zsa Gabors dark side sister. What I do know is that anything on the dark side of Zsa Zsa is dark indeed. Given how tight the skin on her face is, she really ought to be doing commercials for Tama Silverstar. Regardless of any of that; once again we notice Mr. Apocalypse and that ingenious sense of humor, concerning Zio-Joan and her vocal chords. Expect more of the same. As I was told some years ago... Mr Apocalypse is going to be be devilishly inventive about how he handles the various destinies of life's greatest oppressors.

As the walls tighten and compress... as survival becomes something more than a word or a vague concept... as the manufactured shortages manifest and Rockefellerian Eugenics marches hand in hand along side the ghost of Malthus, the thin veneer of civilization is going to peel away from the face of the beast beneath. Those who are meant to survive the coming world wide calamity of ignorance and appetite, in competition for the attention of the world, are those who have been at work upon their own humanity. They are the ones who have sought for more than the satisfaction of base self interest at the expense of their fellows. The system is crashing and those who have manipulated it to such a state know full well what that presages. This is why the airwaves are filled with rumors of war and revolution and why militancy and martial law, as well a violent and robotic police presence, are to be seen or suspected on all sides.

Human consciousness is being moulded like clay on a potters wheel. The masses have given up on self inquiry and the performance of those virtues that are most important for their survival as a human being and only a beast is satisfied with surviving as a beast.

There are various perspectives and mindsets available; various lens through which one can see things according to any particular preference or taste. There is a guiding consciousness. There is no guiding consciousness. It's all random math. It's Darwinian. It's irreversible destruction; eat drink and be merry or seek shelter below ground. There are all sorts of new philosophies and trends one can follow and there are ancient courses of thought one can adopt or adapt to. It's all a personal affair or it's non la me storia.

It seems an inescapable truth that push will come to shove in coming months. The situation in the Ukraine is being driven by demonic fiends like Victoria Neuland who works for the Satanists who rule the last empire. The Last Empire is in tatters. Ignorance and appetite are playing tennis and the eyes of the world go left, then right, left then right. The stomach rumbles in concert with genital manipulation. At some point the ball lands in the stands and turns into a grenade.

In lockstep, Revealing and Uncovering march alongside the ranks of the blind and indifferent. Awareness is burbling in the subconscious. Like compressed magma, it will eventually burst through the weakest wall. Those who live in fear will react in fear, regardless of whether what they are being shown is true of the world around them or true of themselves. Those who are not in fear and subsequently not generators of fear will not act in fear. They will adapt or they will depart.

One thing has always been true; ones greatest strength and security are an internal reality. Such a stability of being is not achieved through a dependence upon external forces. Kingdoms rise and fall, armies come and go. The Earth is a graveyard of mortal ambitions. There are many things that will kill you and ambition is one of them. “Let me have men about me that are fat, sleek headed men and such as sleep a nights. Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much” In the ranks of the deceivers, the power brokers, the predators and all of the agents and servants of evil, there is a great contention. It is this competition for similar but different conditions of manifest evil that is the cause of the destruction of evil at its own hands. It is the most natural thing in the world for ambition to trample on common sense.

When one is swathed in power, it never seems likely or even possible that anything could threaten ones state. It seems highly unlikely that the disorganized rabble could ever mount a serious challenge against the forces of the elite. In the Ukraine it was an accepted fait accompli that neither Russia, nor the canaille of the East could mount any kind of a serious challenge against the western backed Kiev government. Yet... yet... now government soldiers are defecting by the hundreds every day. Government planes and helicopters are being shot from the skies. Government ruses with Hungarian tanks are being exposed. The lying media tells obvious lies and the ignorant swallow them whole but still... still their plans collapse in every area of their employment. At one time it seemed impossible that a rag tag collection of little men in black pyjamas could defeat the most powerful military in the world but... it happened.

Very little is what it seems and we are not what we think or imagine ourselves to be, as trauma and calamity have shown us more than a time or two. The hawk is on the wing and the wolf is at the door. Nothing is worse for a nation on the verge of epidemic hunger than not to know what it is best to eat in the first place. Nothing is more ineffective and futile in heath and healing than an army of doctors who are no more than paid agents of pharmaceutical corporations. Nothing is more certainly an assured disaster than a nation ruled by whores and criminals. Able dealing and fair play are the hallmarks of a successful society. Without them, destruction is inevitable.

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Anyone with any insights on locations for living on The Big Island (or any of those islands)... I would appreciate hearing from you.

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